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With more than 3.9 million construction companies in the U.S., it’s more important than ever to invest in marketing strategies that help you stand out from competitors. From promoting your services to recruiting new talent, implementing a custom digital marketing strategy is the perfect way to grow your construction firm.

Not quite sure that digital marketing can grow your business? We’ve got the ultimate list of construction marketing statistics in 2024 just for you!

We’ll cover a range of construction marketing stats and general construction industry statistics to help you gain a better understanding of all things construction. Keep reading to learn more!

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Marketing statistics for construction

Explore our list of construction marketing statistics below:

1. Facebook is the most popular social media network for construction companies. (Source)

Facebook homepage for Kay Builders

2. The construction industry spends more than $10 billion on advertising each year. (Source)

3. There are 1.7 million online searches for independent contractors each month. (Source)

4. There are 9500 construction company profiles on LinkedIn. (Source)

5. $2.56 is the average search ad cost-per-click (CPC) for the construction industry. (Source)

6. $2 for every $1 spent is how much businesses can earn from PPC. (Source)

PPC advertisement for a construction company

7. $0.54 is the average display ad CPC for the construction industry. (Source)

8. 96% of people learn about local businesses, like construction companies, online. (Source)

9. 79% of marketers use content marketing to generate high-quality leads. (Source)

10. 63% of construction companies use video platforms to share content. (Source)

11. 63% of construction companies use strategies like social media and digital advertising to connect with young applicants. (Source)

12. 62% of customers will ignore a business without a web presence. (Source)

13. 56% of marketers say blogging is en effective tactic. (Source)

14. 55% of construction CEOs say the main barrier to creating business value with artificial intelligence (AI) is identifying the right use cases. (Source)

15. Content marketing generates 54% more leads than traditional marketing. (Source)

16. 35% of construction companies use YouTube to share content. (Source)

YouTube screengrab of a video about a person who owns a construction company

17. 33% of construction firms actively use Facebook. (Source)

18. On average, companies allocate 26% of their budget to content creation. (Source)

19. 17% of construction companies use custom audiences to improve social media campaign targeting. (Source)

20. 15% of construction companies use Vimeo to share content. (Source)

21. 9% of construction firms use LinkedIn Insights to learn about their audiences. (Source)

22. 9% is the average display ad conversion rate for the construction industry. (Source)

23. 6% of construction companies run ads on LinkedIn. (Source)

24. 5% is the average display ad CTR for the construction industry. (Source)

25. 3% is the average search ad click-through rate (CTR) for the construction industry. (Source)

26. The average conversion rate for construction advertising on Google is about 2.2%. (Source)

27. Four out of five projects at high-trust construction companies are for repeat clients, increasing revenue by 2% to 7%. (Source)

General construction industry stats

Check out this list of general construction industry statistics that provide insight into this sector.

Construction stats on industry spending and revenue

Check out these list of construction statistics around spending and revenue within the industry:

28. Global construction work will grow over $4.2 trillion in the next 15 years. (Source)

29. The U.S. construction sector is valued at $3 trillion. (Source)

30. Total construction spending in the U.S. was nearly $2 million by August 2023. (Source)

31. The construction industry needs to build 13,000 buildings each day until 2050 to accommodate an expected population of 7 billion people living in cities. (Source)

32. 66% of people feel optimistic about the direction of the construction market. (Source)

33. 54% of construction leaders are embracing the benefits of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles and are pursuing adopting these principles. (Source)

Construction stats on employment and workforce

Want to better understand who’s working in the construction industry? Check out these construction industry stats about employment:

34. There are over 760,00 construction workers employed in the U.S. (Source)

35. Construction managers earn an average of $52 per hour. (Source)

36. Electricians working at a construction site earn an average of $31 per hour. (Source)

37. Construction equipment operators earn an average of $30 per hour. (Source)

38. Construction carpenters earn an average of $28 per hour. (Source)

39. Construction laborers earn an average of $22 per hour. (Source)

40. The average construction worker is 38 years old. (Source)

41. 94% of construction workers are men. (Source)

42. 89% of construction workers are more likely to work for a private company than a public company. (Source)

43. 53% of construction workers are white. (Source)

44. 51% of construction workers have a high school diploma. (Source)

45. 44% of people who work in the construction industry work in construction. (Source)

46. 43% of companies are embracing robotics process automation in the construction industry. (Source)

47. 40% of companies are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) in the construction industry. (Source)

48. 41% of the construction workforce will retire by 2031. (Source)

49. 33% of construction workers stay at their job less than a year. (Source)

50. 30% of construction workers stay at their job for 1-2 years. (Source)

51. 28% of construction workers are Latino. (Source)

52. 19% of construction workers have a Bachelor’s. (Source)

53. 17% of people in the construction industry work in professional services. (Source)

54. 13% of construction workers stay at their job 3-4 years. (Source)

55. 11% of construction workers are Black. (Source)

56. 7% of people in the construction industry work in manufacturing. (Source)

57. 6% of construction workers are women. (Source)

Construction stats on the challenges and future of the industry

The construction sector isn’t immune to challenges that will affect the future of the industry. Here’s our list of construction stats that provide insight into the future:

58. The global construction industry is projected to grow to $24.7 billion by 2026. (Source)

59. 87% of construction owners say projects are under greater scrutiny now than before. (Source)

60. 85% of construction firms report having open positions they’re trying to fill –– 88% are having trouble filling some of those positions. (Source)

61. 84% of homeowners say living in a green home is important to them, and 64% would pay more to live in a green community –– this leads to a trend in more green housing construction. (Source)

62. 69% of owners say poor contractor performance is the single biggest reason for project underperformance. (Source)

63. 68% of construction companies report that applicants lack the skills to work in construction, hence the difficulty in filling positions. (Source)

64. 66% of people feel optimistic about the future of the construction market. (Source)

65. 65% of construction companies report their projects were delayed because of supply chain issues. (Source)

66. 61% of construction firms have had projects delayed because of labor shortages. (Source)

67. 50% of construction firms report that people have cancelled, postponed, or scaled back projects because of the increased costs. (Source)

68. 43% of construction firms are using robotics process automation to help with construction projects. (Source)

69. 41% of construction firms believe AI and robotics will improve the quality of construction jobs, make workers safer, and increase productivity. (Source)

70. 23% of firms are taking steps to improve job site performance through offsite prefabrication, BIM, and lean construction techniques. (Source)

71. The global construction industry output is expected to grow 3.7% per year from 2021 to 2025. (Source)

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