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Our parents and grandparents turned to the phone book whenever they needed professional home repair help, but these days we turn to Google. When an emergency arises, we type in our location and our need to find the best option.

This is called online search, and it has become the most common way to find what we’re looking for.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a way to make those searches beneficial for your plumbing company. By employing proven plumber SEO strategies, an agency like WebFX can help your company rise to the top of those searches, providing you with the highest ROI and most customers possible.

If you’re looking to earn more business, SEO services from WebFX can help.

With our custom strategies, experienced team, and advanced marketing tech, we can help your plumbing company earn more leads and revenue online. Keep reading to learn more about the value of plumbing SEO. Or, contact us online or call us at 888-601-5359 to find out more about our SEO services!

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What is SEO for plumbers?

SEO for plumbers, or plumber SEO, is the practice of optimizing your website to appear in search results on places like Google and Bing. Plumber SEO includes tactics like researching keywords, writing content, improving page speed, and more.

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How does SEO for plumbers work?

Search engines are the online version of a popularity contest.

Search rankings are based on complex algorithms that look at dozens of different criteria. The sites that rise to the top of those rankings are those that get the most links from other sites and provide the most authoritative information on a subject.

The goal of plumber SEO is to make your plumbing company’s website stand out to these search engines. A website must be optimized (or improved) for off-pageon-page, and technical SEO in order to deliver the best search results.

The strategies for SEO are complicated and change frequently, because Google is always updating the algorithm that determines search results.

An SEO “best practice” can become outdated in a matter of months — a good SEO company will stay on top of these trends and keep optimizing your website to increase results.

SEO can include work done to your plumbing website, but it may also include work done on other sites.

For example, your SEO agency may help your company research keywords and create content for those keywords, plus conduct outreach to help your website attract relevant and authoritative links to improve your backlink profile.

What does plumbing SEO include?

Plumbing SEO features several components, including:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Keyword insertion
  3. Content creation
  4. Page speed optimization
  5. Local citation management
  6. Internal linking
  7. External link building
  8. And more

Whether you’re a small or large business, SEO requires time. That’s why, when it comes to plumber SEO, many companies hire an SEO agency. With an SEO company like WebFX, you gain an entire team that can handle your SEO, which gives you all the benefits of SEO without the time commitment.

What do WebFX plumbing SEO services include?

When you choose WebFX plumbing SEO services, you receive:

  1. Custom plumber SEO strategy
  2. Dedicated account manager
  3. Complete SEO audit
  4. In-depth competitor analysis
  5. Phone call, lead, and revenue tracking
  6. Keyword research and optimization
  7. Google My Business optimization
  8. Quarterly competitor reporting
  9. Quarterly keyword reporting
  10. Monthly ROI, traffic, and goal reporting
  11. Content promotion
  12. Optimized content creation
  13. And more!

If you’re looking to optimize your company’s online presence for local SEO specifically, we also offer local SEO services. These services build on our traditional SEO services, helping you maximize your presence in local search results.

How does plumber SEO help my business?

The Internet has become a central point in our world in recent years. This means plumbing companies need to change the way they have traditionally marketed themselves and embrace new methods. Plumber SEO is part of that change.

The higher in the search engine rankings your company appears, the better the chance someone will click on your website. The objective of SEO is to increase those chances, which can lead to large benefits. These include:

  1. An increase in traffic to your website
  2. More phone calls to your business
  3. A greater reach for your plumbing business
  4. The chance to connect with people who need your services

SEO is one way to accomplish these goals.

What if I don’t use plumber SEO?

You can have the most well-designed website, but without SEO strategies, nobody will be able to find it. This means that you won’t attract new customers, grow your plumbing business, or earn more revenue.

If you want to maintain high rankings in search engine results, you need to develop an ongoing plumbing SEO strategy. Without a solid SEO plan, competitors will likely outrank you in search results, and you will miss the opportunity to attract more traffic to your website.

SEO isn’t just a quick fix. And you need a trusted SEO partner, like WebFX, to ensure that your site continues to function at its prime.

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4 tips for a better plumbing SEO strategy

If you’re looking to get started with plumbing and HVAC SEO on your own, use these tips!

1. Target the right keywords

“Keywords” are the words or phrases that people use in their searches. If they are looking for a plumber, and they live in Denver, they might type in “plumber in Denver” or “Denver plumber.” It’s important that you use these keyword combinations on your website, so you can appear in the search results when someone does a search for these terms.

Google query for plumber in Denver

Think about what words someone might use to search for your business based on the services you offer and your location. You can even use tools like Keyword ToolKeywordsFX, and SEMrush to discover they keywords people search when looking for your business online and incorporate those words into your website copy.

An SEO company can also research the best keywords to target and naturally insert those words into already existing content on your site.

It’s always important to focus on natural, quality writing when you’re inserting keywords. No one will trust a website that sounds like it was written by robots with awkward keywords. Instead of using phrases like “find a good plumber Denver,” insert words such as “in” that will help your copy flow naturally.

2. Optimize for local plumber SEO

There are many ways people can find information about your plumbing company on the Internet, and those places are not just on your website.

The best place to start is with a free business listing on Google, which allows you to fill in your business’s name, address, phone number, hours, and even upload a photo. This will be one of the first results to show up in a Google search, so put time and effort into making your profile look professional.

Also fill out your listing on This is a popular site for looking up services such as plumbing.

Online review sites such as Yelp are also popular, where people can review your business.

Positive reviews can be a great way to bring in new business. Encourage satisfied customers to log on to Yelp and leave comments about your plumbing business. You might also add your listing to Foursquare and Swarm, so customers can “check in,” or say they have visited your business.

Another great way to optimize your site for local search is to include locations throughout your copy. When you mention your plumbing services, include the local towns you service. Google will pick up on your location and start to list you phrases such as “Denver plumber.”

3. Include social media in your plumber SEO strategy

Social media is a key part of any SEO efforts for plumber companies. Active social media accounts signal to Google that your business is responsive and thriving. That boosts your rankings in search results.

You should have, at the very least, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Share things with your fans and followers that can help them with their plumbing and pipe problems. You could include a link to your company’s blog post on winter weather care for pipes or a notice about an upcoming open house.

In addition to using these sites to improve your plumbing SEO, you can also increase incoming business from social media. You’ll find you get requests and questions from followers that help build a personal connection that is valuable to any small business.

4. Create great content

Part of optimizing your plumbing company’s website is creating content that other sites will want to link to—a key part of building your online profile. This SEO tactic requires creating new content regularly. Google favors sites with regularly updated content and links from other websites. Content creation strategies typically include:

  1. Starting a blog on your website
  2. Adding regular podcasts
  3. Posting photos tagged optimally for search
  4. Making new pages that discuss your services in-depth

If a potential customer finds a helpful piece of content you published online, they will be more likely to want to find out more about your plumbing business.

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If you’re looking for a little help putting what you’ve learned about SEO to work, trust WebFX. Our team has years of experience assisting plumbing companies with a wide range of SEO needs, including optimizing websites, starting local search campaigns, and identifying the right keywords.

If you need help with your plumber SEO, feel free to reach out to us for a no-obligation quote customized to meet your specific needs. We’d love to speak with you to find out how we can help!