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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a cost-effective solution for increasing traffic and obtaining leads, resulting in new customers and increased sales. 

On this page, we’re exploring all things PPC for recreation companies, including how it can benefit your business and help you drive more revenue! So, just keep reading!

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What is PPC for recreation companies?

PPC for recreation companies is a form of digital advertising that requires the advertiser to pay a fee each time a person clicks on one of their ads. Using keywords as a target, PPC enables you to receive visits from viewers with higher intent levels than many other forms of advertising. When optimized, the fee becomes minimal because the benefits of landing new clients outweigh the campaign’s costs.

How does PPC advertising work?

Paid searches are one of the most popular types of PPC advertising, although there are other forms, like banner, video, or display ads that appear on third-party websites. The paid search process allows recreation companies and other businesses to bid for ad placement in the sponsored link section of a search engine results page (SERP). 

The bidding system revolves around keywords. By creating a list of keywords related to your product or service, you choose the specific searches for which you want your ads to appear.

Choosing the most effective keywords for recreation companies

Conducting keyword research is an essential part of any effective PPC campaign. This research helps you determine keywords and phrases your target audience might use when searching recreation companies or related topics. Two specific types of keyword strategies involve using long tail or short tail keywords:

  • Long tail keywords: Long tail keywords consisting of three or more words are often more effective for PPC campaigns because they cost less and drive more qualified traffic. So, it helps to include a specific product, service, or location in your keyword to attract users searching for recreation companies. For example, if water sports is one of your specialized areas, a good long tail keyword string could be “water sport recreation parks in Pennsylvania.”
  • Short tail keywords: Short tail keywords are only one or two words long and involve more generalized searches. People use short tail keywords for many reasons, from finding a local store to researching the industry. Because many large companies try to rank for shorter keyword strings, they often cost more when bidding.

The bidding system

The more competition there is for a specific keyword or string of keywords, the more it will cost per click. In most cases, you’ll bid against other recreation companies for keywords, so you need to outbid these other businesses to get optimal placement. Your maximum bid tells the search engine how much you are willing to spend each time a user searches for your keyword.

Your maximum bid and quality score determine where your ad appears on SERPs. Your quality score represents your website’s overall reliability, quality, and authority. Google calculates this score based on click-through rates, past campaigns, and other performance factors.

Ad copy and landing pages

Once you’ve determined where and when your ads will appear, you’re ready to start writing the copy. The ad copy contains the actual information viewers will see on the SERP. This copy consists of a headline, descriptive text, and optional extensions that could include a call to action (CTA). 

Choosing a CTA that best aligns with your recreation company’s business goals is critical, whether you’re guiding viewers toward a specific product or service or directing them to a particular store location.

It’s also vital to consider where your ad will navigate the viewer after they click on it. Suppose you’re trying to market a water park. In that case, it’s much more beneficial to guide your viewers to a specific page about water parks instead of navigating them to a homepage that summarizes your company.

PPC benefits for recreation companies

PPC marketing offers advantages that few other digital advertising methods can provide, including:

  • You only pay when people click on your ad: This concept is the foundation of the entire PPC strategy. Although many people can see your advertisement, you only pay a fee when a viewer clicks on your ad, so your name still receives exposure regardless.
  • A flexible budget: Another significant advantage of PPC advertising is that it gives you the luxury of setting a budget you can afford. Because your campaign ends when you hit your maximum budget, there’s no need to worry about hidden or additional costs. If your ad receives a high number of clicks, Google will lower your cost-per-click (CPC) rate, letting you receive extra clicks without increasing the ad fee.
  • Customizable campaigns: Unlike many digital marketing methods with specific parameters and requirements, PPC is much more flexible, allowing you to do everything from choosing the information in your ad to controlling how long the ad runs to selecting when your ad appears on Google. This freedom allows you to develop your strategy to target potential clients who are most likely online at a specific time. 
  • You receive more qualified traffic: Because a viewer takes the time to evaluate your ad and company information before clicking on it, you receive more qualified leads. These clicks typically come from people actively looking for your company’s specific services or products. In addition, your sales leads will be more local to business, allowing you to connect with potential clients inside your servicing or shipping range.

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