6 Project Management Tools for Your Business

When you’re busy overseeing multiple projects, it’s difficult to keep tabs on everyone’s progress and to make sure people are completing tasks in a timely fashion. On top of that, you have to manage the budget, set goals, and plan everything out for your team. This is an overwhelming task, but with project management tools, it’s much easier to handle.

On this page, we’ll go in-depth into project management tools and give you seven reasons why project management tools are crucial to your business’s success. Call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about managing your marketing plan projects, or keep reading to learn more about project management tools.

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What are project management tools?

When people are working on multiple projects at a time, it’s hard to keep tabs on everyone. Project management tools are tools that help you plan, execute, and control your projects to ensure they are completed on time.

These tools help you and your team.

Project management tools enable you to balance the workload for your staff and ensure that your team is taking the necessary steps to complete a project. It also helps your staff know what they should be working on and when those tasks need completed.

Many project management tools allow for customization to fit your team’s needs. They work for any size business and any goal. This makes project management tools a viable option to help you organize your projects.

5 features of project management tools

project management tools graphic

So, what can you expect to get when you invest in a project management tool? Each tool varies, but generally, project management tools will offer one or more of the following features.

1. Planning/Scheduling

Most project management tools offer some kind of planning or scheduling feature. It’s an essential part of project management because you need to plan all the tasks that need to be completed and assign them to members of your team.

Project management tools allow you to organize tasks and assign them to members of your team. You can create subtasks for each task to help your team stay focused. It’s a great feature because it helps you stay organized and set your team up for success.

2. Collaboration

Collaboration is a big part of working on projects. Your team needs to work together to get projects done, but they aren’t always in the same room to discuss their projects. There are also issues, such as sharing documents, that make collaboration difficult.

Project management tools solve that problem. Many of these project management tools include collaboration features that make it easy for your team to work together and complete a project more quickly and efficiently.

These tools allow your team to share documents effortlessly. They can add comments, proof documents, and approve them without hassle. Your team can stay in the loop and communicate more effectively about projects.

By using project management tools, you’ll also provide valuable resources to your team. You can share resources in one place that all your team members can access when they need it.

3. Documentation

As stated previously, your team can easily comment on, proof, and approve documents. Project management tools create a seamless way for you to document your project’s progress. It’s easy to find documents, edit them, and revise them when needed.

Many businesses suffer from lost files or missing documentation. People simply forget where they saved things and struggle to find them. With project management tools, though, everything gets uploaded and organized in one place.

With all your files in one place, you won’t have to worry about losing or missing documents. It’s a feature that helps you keep your documentation in check.

4. Budget management

Whenever you work on a project, it’s vital that you know your money is being used correctly and if you’re going to exceed your budget. Many project management tools allow you to monitor your budget so that you don’t exceed your project expenses.

You can see how long people spend on a project and how much it costs you. These tools will also allow you to get monthly and weekly expense reports to monitor your spending. It’s a great way to keep track of your budget and adjust, if necessary.

5. Evaluation

Project management tools are great for evaluating your projects and your team. Since you can track the work that is completed, you can track how efficiently your team handles tasks.

It’s a great way to access productivity. You can see how long tasks take your team and figure out if there are ways to complete projects more efficiently.

Why are project management tools important?

Project management tools offer numerous benefits to your business. Here are seven reasons why project management tools are important to your business’s success.

1. Keep your business organized

When you have multiple projects running at once, it’s hard to keep track of all of them. With project management tools, you keep your business organized.

It helps you keep track of your team’s responsibilities so that you know exactly who is working on specific projects. You know who to go to if a project isn’t complete or if it is behind on schedule.

It also helps your team connect with the right team member. They don’t need to ask around to figure out who is working on a certain aspect of the project. With project management tools, they know who is assigned to tasks and can contact that person directly.

With project management tools, you’re also able to organize when projects should be completed. You can set an importance level to determine which projects should be completed first. Your team will stay organized and understand which projects need to be prioritized above others.

2. Help you set goals

Your team can use project management tools to set goals. This promotes focus among your team members and helps them work towards achieving something in a timely manner.

These tools enable you to set multiple types of goals. You can set larger goals as well as smaller goals that work up to achieving those larger goals. Doing this helps your team stay focused on completing their tasks.

Goals help your project progress and keep moving forward. Project management tools help you manage these goals to lead you on a path to successfully achieving them.

3. Provide clarity

When you have dozens of people working on different projects, communication can get muddled. Miscommunication leads to setbacks in your projects and can frustrate your team. You can keep communication clear using project management tools.

With project management tools, your team will understand what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed. They know which tasks are assigned to them, when they are due, and who to contact if they have questions or concerns.

This prevents frustration and miscommunication among your team. They are more informed about their roles and can complete tasks better.

4. Encourage team collaboration

In addition to knowing their role, your team can collaborate better through project management tools. These tools create a centralized location to store and share everything. Your team members are much more able to access this information.

They will work together better by using project management tools. They can access files easier, chat with one another, and ask questions. It’s easy to edit and contribute to documents quickly.

This nixes the need to email documents back and forth. You can simply update the file in your project management tool and notify the proper team member about the changes. Teams have easier access to the same documents, allowing for increased efficiency when they work on projects.

5. Monitor employee performance

It’s difficult to monitor everyone who is working on a project. When you have multiple projects running at once, it makes it even more challenging to keep track of your team’s performance. With project management tools, you can easily monitor your team’s performance in one place.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to see if any member of your team is taking on too much responsibility. You can see if team members are overwhelmed or overscheduled and work to lighten their load. They will be more productive a when their schedule isn’t loaded with too many tasks.

You can also see if people aren’t productive. If tasks are taking an unusually long time or remain incomplete, you can follow up with that team member to understand why.

It’s an efficient way for you to check your team’s progress in one place. You don’t need to go around and check that your team is completing tasks. Instead, you can rely on project management software to help you see how your team is doing.

6. Keep clients in the loop

When you’re working on projects for other clients, they want to see how you are progressing with their project. After all, they’re investing money in your company and want to know it’s being put to good use. Project management tools allow you to show your clients what you’re doing for them.

With these tools, you can easily show your clients how their project is progressing. It helps them stay informed about their project. This also provides the opportunity for them to provide your business with feedback and suggestions.

When your clients are informed, you keep them happy. They will feel better knowing what’s going on with their project. By keeping your clients happy, you keep them coming back to your business.

7. Help you see success and failures

When you work on various projects, it’s essential that you grow and learn from them. Project management tools help you evaluate projects once they are complete. Since everything is stored in one place, you can look at various aspects of the project and evaluate it.

This helps you see where you were successful and where your team fell short. You can use project management tools to evaluate and understand how you could do things differently for the next project.

This will help you be more efficient with projects down the line. It’s an opportunity to help your business break bad habits and prevent your team from making the same mistakes in the future.

6 examples of great project management tools

Now that you know the importance of project management tools, it’s time to find the right tool for your business. There are hundreds of project management tools your company can use to help you manage your projects more efficiently. Here are six project management tools you can use for your business.

1. Asana

Cost: $9.99 per month after 15 users

Asana is a great tool that helps you create to-do lists for your team. Every project needs organized to-do lists that denote what your team needs to do. Asana helps you create lists that organize all your information.

You can measure productivity by monitoring how lists change from the start of the day to the end of the day. Asana allows your team to share their to-do lists with other people at your business, which makes it easy to update other team members on their progress.

Asana project management software website screenshot

This project management tool allows you to create to-do lists that have a project hierarchy easily. Your team will be able to focus on projects that need to be completed first.

Within your lists, you can create subtasks and attach files to tasks. You can easily retrieve information in one place when the files associated to each project are within the same list.

Overall, this program is best for small teams. It will help your team work more efficiently and keep track of their assigned tasks.

2. Microsoft Project

Cost: $7/user per month (Essential); $30/user per month (Professional); $55/user per month (Premium)

Microsoft Project is a popular project management tool amongst businesses. It was designed for IT and government administration industries, but it’s a great tool that adapts to any industry.

Microsoft Project project management software website screenshot

This project management tool has a task management feature which allows you to set task priorities to emphasize what needs to be done first. It also allows you to group tasks for the same project.

Microsoft Project also features custom reporting. You can see your project data from different angles to understand your project’s success better. It also helps you to focus on a particular project area, so you can learn more about that process and how it got completed.

3. Basecamp

Cost: $99 per month for all types of businesses

Basecamp is a great task management tool to help your business stay more organized. Many marketing and IT businesses use this tool, but it’s suitable for all types of companies.

This tool enables you to create lists for your team. They can plan out their work week and assign themselves tasks to complete each day.

Basecamp project management software website screenshot

As you assign tasks, you can attach files or leave comments about the task, which allows you to communicate information to your team. They will also always have access to the information you send them and won’t need to rely on their memory.

When you access the dashboard, you will see an overview of discussions, tasks, files, and more. You can also access this project management tool through mobile devices.

Basecamp allows your team to see others’ to-do lists. If they’re waiting on someone else to complete a project, they will see when that person plans on completing it by looking at their list. Your team will plan better and see everyone’s progress by using this program.

4. Trello

Cost: Free (can pay for additional features)

Trello is a great workflow tool for your business. It’s a project management tool that helps you track projects as they go through the process. This tool helps you manage the process and monitor it effectively.

When you use Trello, you can design boards for your process. You can attach files, comments, and assign people to tasks using these boards. It makes it easy to organize your projects and assign people to complete projects.

Trello project management software website screenshot

If you need to start a new project, you just add another board. Doing this makes it easy and efficient for you to keep adding tasks to Trello.

Trello is simple and easy to use. It’s a great project management tool for creating to-do lists and keeping track of responsibilities within your team.

5. Aha!

Cost: $59/user per month

Aha! is one of the more expensive options for your business, but it is an excellent tool for complex projects or large teams. This tool helps you create a system to plan out your project timeline.

When you use Aha!, you can layout individual tasks and see how long they will take. This helps you get a better idea of how quickly tasks can be completed. You can create a realistic timeline for your team using this tool.

Aha! is great for connectivity, too, as you can connect to several teams at once. If you have a separate marketing, engineering, and maintenance team, you can connect them all through this tool.

Aha! project management software website screenshot

When you set up tasks, you can create a centralized idea as the focus. You can develop visions, goals, and initiatives that revolve around this idea. All of these elements should be relevant to your centralized idea.

Aha! makes it easy to move around tasks. You can drag and drop cards to change assignments for your team. It gives you more flexibility to make changes.

This project management tool also allows for customization. You can choose a custom navigation, layout, and workflow for your business. By using Aha!, you can choose a set-up that works best for your team.

As your team works on your projects, you can also monitor their progress and see how they are completing tasks. As the project manager, you can analyze information and make necessary changes. It’s an efficient project management tool that will help keep your team organized and focused on pertinent tasks.

6. Jira

Cost: $10 per month for up to 10 users, $7 per user per month for 11-100 users

Jira is a popular project management tool that helps your team complete projects more efficiently. It allows you to track your team’s work and prioritize tasks for them.

This project management tool gives you access to real-time performance data. You can help your team improve their performance by monitoring this data and providing feedback for them.

Jira project management software website screenshot

Jira lets you set a custom workflow that works best for your business. This makes it easy for you to create an efficient system that works best for your team.

When you use Jira, you have access to features like plan sprints and tracking bugs. You can use this software to get your projects up and running easily.

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