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Over 69% of U.S. adults use Facebook to connect with friends, families, and businesses, making it a viable platform for engaging prospects and turning them into customers. With Facebook management services, you can have a team of experts heading up your campaign to help you obtain more qualified leads and earn sales for your business.

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$3,000 / month

  • 10 social posts / month
  • 1 social media network
  • 1 personal social media consultation / month


$4,200 / month

  • 20 social posts / month
  • 2 social media networks
  • 2 personal social media consultations / month


$4,800 / month

  • 30 social posts / month
  • 3 social media networks
  • 4 personal social media consultations / month


Facebook Management Services That Help You Skyrocket Social Media Growth

With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a great place to reach prospects where they spend their time online. Having a Facebook marketing strategy in place is the perfect way to help you reach those qualified leads through the platform.

Managing your Facebook strategy is no small feat. It requires time, effort, and creative energy to run a successful Facebook campaign. If you’re running low on any of those, you can invest in Facebook management services from a company like WebFX.

As a Meta Business Partner, we know how to craft Facebook campaigns that drive revenue and bolster business growth.

Keep reading to learn more about our Facebook management services and find out why we’re the best choice for handling your Facebook campaigns!

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Our digital marketing campaigns impact the metrics that improve your bottom line.

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WebFX has driven the following results for clients:

$3 billion

In client revenue

7.8 million

Leads for our clients

5.2 million

Client phone calls

“I’ve had multiple marketing companies in the past 4 years. All didn’t last longer than 6-12 months. They were all filling my head with the dream and always failed to deliver results for a reasonable price. I can safely say Web FX is what I have been searching for all this time. Reasonable price, but more importantly, results are real, my target audience has been met and our lead generation is fantastic and high quality. We are booked two weeks out during our slowest months of the year! The communication their team gives you along the whole way is incredible. Only 2-3 months in with them and I’m beyond satisfied.”



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WebFX Facebook Management Services

Find the perfect Facebook management services plan for your business today!

Number of Posts per Month102030
Custom Images per Month81012
Number of Networks1Up to 2Up to 3
Social Media FuelFX Assets Included11.52
Vertical Content CreationAdd $1,200/monthAdd $1,200/monthAdd $1,200/month
Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Competitive Analysis
Social Media Brand Reputation Analysis
Social Media Audit + Recommendations
Dedicated Social Media Account Manager
Daily Monitoring of Included Social Assets
48 Business Hour or Less Customer Response Time
Personal Social Media Consultations per Month124
Access to WebFX editorial calendar & content publishing tools
Standard Monthly Reporting and Analysis
Network Setup & Optimization
Cover Photo & Profile Photo Design/Optimization
500+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Boosted Posts per Month246
Required Boosted Post Spend$100$200$300
Setup Fee$4,500$6,300$7,200
Ongoing Management Fee$3,000$4,200$4,800
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Facebook management services: What to expect from WebFX

When you’re handing off your Facebook marketing to our company, you want to know what to expect. At WebFX, we offer organic and paid Facebook plans to help you reach your leads wherever they are on the platform.

Here’s a breakdown of each service:

Organic Facebook marketing services

At WebFX, we offer organic Facebook marketing services to help you boost engagement with your audience and nudge them towards taking your desired action. Our team of experts will create a custom campaign that enables you to increase your return on investment (ROI) and spark growth.

Facebook post from Sideshow about their Rogue statue

Here’s what you’ll get with our Facebook services for business:

Our Facebook marketing services include everything you need to launch and maintain a successful organic Facebook strategy!


Paid Facebook marketing services

Want to reach people who haven’t discovered your business yet? With Facebook advertising services, you can market and promote your business to new prospects interested in your offer.

Sideshow Facebook ad featuring a Captain America statue

Our paid Facebook services for businesses include everything you need to grow, like:

  • Creation of a minimum of four unique ads
  • Audience campaign targeting
  • Ads optimized mobile
  • Installation of network pixels
  • Reporting of ad performance
  • Ad account setup and optimization
  • And more

Our paid Facebook services for businesses will help you create engagement-worthy ads that generate clicks and conversions.


Why choose Facebook management services from WebFX

Investing in Facebook business management services from the right company is crucial. If you’re looking for a company that can help you maximize your presence on Facebook, WebFX is the partner you need.

Here’s why you’ll want to partner with us:

We’re a Meta Business Partner

When you invest in Facebook services for your business, you want to receive them from a skilled partner. At WebFX, we’re a Meta Business Partner. That means we have extensive knowledge of crafting Facebook campaigns that help clients grow their businesses.

Meta Business Partner website

Our skilled experts can help you do anything from launching ads to creating organic posts to selling on Marketplace. You can feel confident you’re working with a team that knows how to leverage Facebook’s platform to maximize revenue for your business.

We know how to drive revenue that grows businesses

If you invest in Facebook management services, you want to ensure those services help you achieve your desired results. When you choose WebFX as your Facebook marketing company, you’ll work with a team of experts that knows how to drive results.

In the past five years, we’ve achieved the following for our clients:

  • Driven over $3 billion in revenue
  • Obtained over 7.8 million leads
  • Handled over 5.2 million phone calls
  • Managed over 12.9 million

Our team of experts has a proven track record of driving results that help clients grow their businesses.

We build custom campaigns for our clients

When you invest in Facebook business management services, you want to receive a strategy tailored to your business. Having a cookie-cutter strategy won’t produce your desired results. Many companies, however, rely on cookie-cutter strategies because they’re easy to implement.

At WebFX, we know our clients are unique, so we deliver a unique campaign for each. Our team takes the time to get to know your business and industry. We’ll analyze your market and competition to get a clearer picture of who you are and where you stand.

Armed with that information, we create a custom campaign built for your business to help you maximize leads and revenue with your strategy.

We’re a “do-it-for-me” agency

If there’s something there isn’t enough of, it’s time. Finding time to create, manage, and optimize campaigns is difficult, especially when you’re busy handling other business tasks.

With some marketing companies, you’ll get all the resources and information you need, but they’ll leave you to implement them yourself. So, when you’re busy running your business, you may not have the time to implement their suggestions.

That’s how WebFX is different. We’re a “do-it-for-me” agency, meaning we’ll implement optimization tactics, monitor your campaigns, and more. You’ll reap all the benefits of having a Facebook marketing strategy in place without lifting a finger!

We communicate openly

If you invest in Facebook services for your business, you’re outsourcing your strategy to a professional team of marketing experts. Even though you’re having trusted experts work on your campaign, you still want to be in the loop about what they’re doing with your marketing.

That’s why, at WebFX, we communicate openly with all our clients. We provide you with a dedicated account manager that will handle all communications about your marketing. They’re your go-to person to contact with questions, concerns, or suggestions about your campaign.

Your dedicated account manager will also provide you with monthly reporting of your campaign progress. They’ll break down your results and provide helpful insights on improving your campaigns and driving more revenue.

Invest in Facebook marketing services

If you want more from your Facebook strategy, it’s time to invest in Facebook business management services. With Facebook management services, you’ll have a team of experts running your campaigns and helping you maximize every dollar you invest to increase your ROI.

At WebFX, we have a team of over 500 marketing experts ready to help your business grow through Facebook.

With our Facebook marketing services, we’ll help you build an organic presence that boosts engagement and builds brand recognition.

Our Facebook advertising services will help new leads discover your business and turn prospects into customers.

Ready to ramp up your revenue? Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist!


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