Enterprise Web Development: The Complete Guide

Your enterprise needs a website. That’s simply a fact — without one, you won’t be able to market yourself online, meaning you won’t be able to drive enough conversions to stay in business. That’s why web development is so critical to your company. But what is enterprise web development, and how can it benefit you?

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Home Enterprise Web Development Agency: Partner with WebFX Does your website drive the revenue you desire? If not, you may need to revamp your website’s design structure to help you increase time spent on your website, sessions, and leads.

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What is enterprise web development?

Enterprise web development is the practice of developing a website for a business that’s of a larger scale. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” definition for an enterprise-level company, but generally speaking, enterprise-level businesses are bigger in scope than their counterparts.

Web development at the enterprise level seeks to address the unique challenges a larger company might face in implementing and maintaining a website.

A mid-to-large-sized business will have different web development needs from those of a small business site or a personal blog. Enterprises may operate with multiple departments, in multiple locations, or with multiple product lines or services.

While every aspect of an enterprise serves the ultimate function of continuing operations and creating revenue, different stakeholders in an enterprise will have different objectives.

For example, your sales team may be looking at your website as a source of leads, whereas your customer service team may be looking at your site as a means to address after-hours solutions for customers.

Your website doesn’t have to just be one thing — it can address the needs of your employees, customers, and investors. But as your business grows in scale, the complexities of creating a website that easily addresses the touchpoints of all people and organizations that interact with you online can become a daunting task.

3 reasons to invest in enterprise web development

Now that you know what enterprise web development is, the question becomes: Why do you need it?

Below are three ways web development can help your business:

1. Align the needs of your stakeholders

A good enterprise web development team can sit down with you and get a picture of what each stakeholder in your organization is looking for out of your website.

But a great enterprise development team can take that information and then build and maintain a website that creates a one-stop shop for every stakeholder.

Successful implementation results in a website that everyone is happy with, that meets the needs of each interested party, and that establishes a launchpad for future successes for your business and its website.

2. Create scalable growth for your business and website

When done properly, enterprise web development provides you with a means to tailor your business’ site to function as an extension of your business strategy.

You can adapt to the growth of different product lines and geographic areas of service as your business expands, implement site security updates with ease as you discover new threats, and publish content that attracts qualified leads to your site.

Foundationally, this opportunity requires a web development team with the knowledge and ability to implement a flexible framework for your site. However, it’s just as important that your web developers understand your business and what objectives you’re attempting to accomplish with your website.

When they do, you get a site that helps drive results for your business and endeavors to increase and scale your growth as part of your ongoing and future strategies.

3. Reinforce your brand image

Your website serves as the digital extension of your business’ image. A well-functioning, well-designed website reinforces your business’ authority and brand identity.

A site is another opportunity to help your customers and investors see the story of your business and understand the value of your products or services.

5 elements of a successful enterprise web development project

Want to know the ingredients of a successful enterprise web development project? Find out below!

1. Comprehensive project management

Behind every successful website design, there’s a successful process for implementing the building blocks and maintaining the site’s structural integrity.

For larger projects like an enterprise-scale website, it’s all but impossible to achieve a successful site without an effective project management tool that all parties involved are able to use for strategy and communication.

2. Flexible web development framework

The technical framework upon which you lay the groundwork of your website sets the stage for future changes and updates to the site. The choices you make for your content management systems (CMS), domain host, analytics tracking tools, and more all set the course for actions you can take in the future.

Truly successful projects feature a carefully tailored development framework specific to the needs of the business that also provides the most flexible foundation possible for future iterations and adjustments.

Web development projects always have to balance these considerations, but the tightrope becomes much longer and much higher up for enterprise projects due to the complexities involved in implementation at an increased scale.

3. Secure and compliant site

Successful web development at the enterprise level effectively manages site security and addresses the considerations of regulatory compliance for your business that may be unique to your industry or your online operation.

Enterprise website security is constantly evolving and requires a team with the ability to keep ahead of the curve and pivot in response to newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Cybercriminals see enterprise organizations as prime targets for cyberattacks — a bigger website is likely to have more security flaws, more employees to target with phishing attacks, and more money to give up during a ransomware attack.

Depending upon your industry or region of service, you may also need to consider securing the privately provided information of your customers, clients, and employees.

4. Evergreen and ongoing content strategy

The technical implementation and maintenance of a website are key factors in any successful web development project, but no website succeeds without a content strategy.

You need to include valuable information on your website — not only so people who visit your site can learn from it, but also so that you can attract further traffic to your site.

Whether your business model relies on funneling leads to your expert sales team or selling your products directly to businesses and consumers online, you have to create content that follows search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

Otherwise, your business is missing out on one of the biggest sources of leads and revenue online — search engine traffic!

5. User experience-focused project

For a truly successful enterprise web development project, content, design, and development must all come together to fashion a website that puts the user’s experience at the core of all project decisions and implementations.

It’s no secret that websites that prioritize user experience (UX) see better engagement, more leads, and more purchases, but it’s also true that Google now considers page experience when deciding where a page shows up in their search results.

What’s the demographic makeup of your user base? Are your users browsing your site on desktop or on mobile devices? What terms are site visitors searching for on your website that you don’t have existing content for them to view? Do you even have site search implemented on your website?

A seasoned web developer and designer team has the answers to all of these questions.

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