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Screenshot of search engine ads for Wellington Fragrance Company featuring Gardenia, Rose, and Jasmine fragrance oils, highlighting the variety and pricing of the products.

Google Ad Customizers: What Are They and Why Use Them?

Want to create a more tailored experience for your audience when they see your search ads? Google ad customizers can help. With Google ad customizers, you can customize text ads based on searches, device, location, date, and more.

Want to display different ad text to viewers on mobile and desktop? Need to show discount prices for products? No problem!

Google ad customizers can do that and more. Read on to learn:

  • What Google ad customizers are
  • Types of Google ad customizers
  • Why you should use Google ad customizers

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What are Google ad customizers?

Google ad customizers use custom parameters to dynamically alter ad copy based on the context of a user’s search. Google ad customizers allow you to adjust your search ads based on attributes you define, such as:

  • Keywords your audience searches
  • Device
  • Location
  • Date and time
  • Item price, stock, category, etc.
  • And more

Why should I use them?

Adding Google ad customizers allows you to deliver custom ad experiences to unique segments of searchers. This feature is extremely powerful since 77% of people choose, recommend, and pay more for brands that deliver personalized experiences.

Types of Google ad customizers

You have two options with Google ad customizers:

1. Built-in Google ad customizers

Google has three search ad customizers that don’t require a data feed file. These ad customizers are already built into the Google Ads platform:

Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) customizers: DKI customizers dynamically insert keywords into your ads based on a searcher’s query.

For example, you may have an ad group that includes keywords related to “fragrance oil.” With DKI, you can show ads that display the exact keywords people search for online. If someone searches “organic fragrance oil,” they’ll see an ad with that text.

If someone else searches “rose fragrance oil,” they’ll see an ad with that text, and so on. dynamic keyword insertion google ad customizers 1

Countdown customizers: Countdown customizers allow you to set a countdown to a specific time.

With countdown customizers, your search ads will show customers the days, hours, or minutes left until a deadline. Countdown customizers work great for promotions, deals, and special events, such as Black Friday. ad count down google ad customizers

IF function customizers: IF function customizers work like IF functions in Excel — and you can define criteria for showing an alternate version of your ad.

There are two different IF functions you can use with ad customizers — device type or audience list.

With device type, you can show different ad versions to people using mobile and desktop devices. desktop vs mobile search ad google ad customizers 1With audiences, you can show different ad versions to people on your audience list (if you have an audience list of people who have purchased from you).

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2. Parameter Google ad customizers

The built-in ad customizers only allow you to adjust a single attribute predefined by Google Ads. For more customization in your search ads, you can take advantage of the parameter customizer ability, which uses data feed files to pull your defined attributes. With a data feed, you can define your own attributes and add multiple attributes — such as products, price, stock, and more — in a single ad.

Parameter customizers dynamically change your ads to show the most relevant values for the attributes you select. price ad google ad customizersBy uploading a business data feed file containing your attributes into Google Ads, you can insert custom parameters into your ads. These parameters draw your attributes from your data feed to dynamically change how your audience sees your ads in search results.

For example, if you have a product, say fragrance oil, that comes in different volumes with different prices, you could create attributes in your data feed for both volume and price. When creating your ads, you can place parameters that pull those attributes straight from your data feed into your ads. Parameters are placed in ads using braces (“{ }”) and use the name you used for your data feed within Google Ads and the attribute you target within the data feed.

The setup looks like this:


So, if you are targeting the volume and price attributes from a data feed named “Rose Oil Campaign,” you would place a parameter within your ad so that it would look something like this: Headline 1 Rose Fragrance Oil Headline 2 {=Rose Oil Campaign.Volume} for {=Rose Oil Campaign.Price} Google will dynamically pull those attributes from the same row within your data feed to create an ad like this rose fragrance oil ad: rose fragrance oil ad google ad customizers 4And if any of your attributes change, you can easily update your data feed file directly in Google Ads.

Why you should use Google ad customizers

Now that you know about the different types of search ad customizers, you’re probably wondering why you should use them. How will Google ad customizers benefit your advertising campaign?

Google ad customizers save you time

When you run paid advertising campaigns, you have to create multiple ads for each sale, price difference, and more. You have more work on your plate because you have to create multiple, individual campaigns to run for these different parameters.

If you use Google ad customizers, you don’t have to worry about creating multiple campaign ads to highlight different attributes. Google allows you to dynamically create multiple variations of an ad without putting in the extra work.

Google ad customizers personalize ads for better results

Another benefit of Google ad customizers is that you can tailor ad messages to individual searchers. Instead of creating generic Google Ads, you can customize ad content based on search criteria to deliver a more personalized ad experience, tailored to a searcher’s needs and interests.

A whopping 79% of people take advantage of personalized brand promotions. So, personalizing your ads with customizers will positively impact leads, conversions, and revenue.

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