What Is PPC Management? Your All-Encompassing Guide to PPC

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Are you thinking about dabbling in online paid advertising?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the top methods for helping businesses drive leads and sales. If you’re interested in PPC advertising, you may be looking into PPC management for your campaign.

But what is PPC management?

On this page, we’ll answer all your burning questions, like:

  • What is PPC management?
  • What does PPC management involve?
  • How much does PPC management cost?
  • Should I hire a PPC management company?

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What is PPC management?

PPC management is the process of managing a company’s PPC strategy and budget. With PPC ad management, you manage your campaign in-house or use a PPC management company. No matter who works on your campaign, PPC management focuses on creating and optimizing your PPC campaign.

What does PPC management involve?

Now that you have the answer to “What is PPC management?” let’s look at what PPC advertising management involves.

Keyword analysis

An essential component of PPC campaign management is keyword analysis.

It involves choosing the right keywords for your ads.

Key terms and phrases trigger PPC ads to appear in search results. You need to choose the right keywords to help your ads appear in relevant search results. With PPC management, you’ll conduct keyword research to find related key terms for your ad.

Channel targeting

When you ask, “What is PPC management?” many people will say it’s the process of managing ads in Google search results.

While search ads are the main type of PPC ads, they aren’t the only ones.

Google offers not only search ads but also display ads.

With Google display ads, your ads appear on third-party sites.

Additionally, Google isn’t the only channel for running paid ads either.

Search engines like Bing and social media networks like Facebook are also part of PPC management.

When you do PPC management, you may manage multiple channels of advertising, depending on your business’s needs.

Competitive analysis

Whether you do your PPC campaign management in-house or partner with a PPC management company, you’ll perform a competitive analysis. Your competition will run PPC ads, so you must keep tabs on what they’re doing so you can outperform them.

The competitive analysis involves monitoring:

  • Bid amounts: Keep tabs on how much your competition bids on PPC ads to see if you can optimize your bids to get more from your budget.
  • Keyword selection: Your competition may target keywords you haven’t discovered yet. While you shouldn’t copy all your competition’s keywords, it can help you find new keyword ideas for your campaign.
  • Ad copy: Along with keywords and bid amounts, you’ll want to analyze ad copy. If you’re bidding on the same keyword, you can look at your competition’s ad copy to see if they’re doing something more effectively that allows them to get better placement and better results.

Competitive analysis is a critical component of PPC campaign management that allows you to drive success. It allows you to see how your competitors create successful PPC campaigns and use that information to build ads that are more relevant and get higher positioning.

Landing page creation

Your landing page is a core component of your PPC ad campaigns.

With PPC advertising management, you’ll focus on creating landing pages that keep leads engaged with your content.

When someone clicks on your PPC ad, it takes them to a landing page.

So, for example, if you’re selling bistro sets, sending leads to a landing page focused on bistro sets makes sense.

With proper PPC management, you can create a landing page that fits your advertisement and provides your audience with the information they need.


Another part of PPC management is monitoring.

When you launch a PPC campaign, you want to track it to ensure it’s driving results.

With PPC campaign management, you monitor your campaign’s performance to see if you need to optimize keyword targeting, update ad copy, or change your landing page. Monitoring helps you know if you’re getting the return on investment (ROI) you want from PPC.


Along with monitoring, PPC management also encompasses testing. When you run your advertising campaign, you need to test different parts of your ad so you can ensure you’re putting out the best version of your PPC ad.

When you conduct testing, you can test anything from your landing page title to your ad extensions.

Platforms like Google make it easy to test your ads.

With responsive ads, Google creates multiple versions of your ad copy and creatives to deliver the best version to audiences based on their searches. It helps you provide a better ad experience for your audience and get a better ROI from PPC.

How much does PPC management cost?

So, you’re interested in PPC management, but before you dive in, you want to know how much it costs.

Before exploring the different pricing models, take note that the average company spends $9,000 to $10,000 per month on PPC campaigns. This amount is the budget for running ads and doesn’t account for the costs to hire staff or an outside company.

So, let’s look at two PPC management cost models:

  • Doing your PPC campaign in-house
  • Hiring a PPC management company

In-house PPC

If you do your campaign in-house, your biggest costs come from maintaining staff.

Salaries are the most significant in-house expense.

If you have multiple people from your marketing team adding PPC to their to-do list, you must consider their salaries and any additional compensation, like benefits, as part of your cost.

Another cost factor is time.

If your team members are busy running your PPC campaign, it’s going to take up their time from working on other tasks. While this isn’t a monetary cost, it can affect tasks that have a financial impact on your business.

Should you decide you don’t want to take team members away from their tasks, it leads you to hire additional employees. Hiring more employees will add more salaries you’ll have to account for in your company’s expenses.

PPC management company

When you hire a PPC management company, the costs will depend on the type of package you get from your team. Some companies will have a set rate, while others will charge based on how much you’re spending on PPC ads.

With hiring a PPC management company, you can expect to pay anywhere from $350 to $5000 per month on top of your ad spend.

Should I hire a PPC management company?

You’re looking at everything PPC campaign management entails.

After considering all the information, you’re wondering: Should I hire a PPC management company?

A PPC management company can come at a great benefit to your business.

Let’s look at a few reasons to hire a PPC management company to handle your campaign:

  • You want to work with someone that specializes in PPC

If you and your team aren’t familiar with PPC, it can be a challenge to know how to run a campaign successfully. When you partner with a PPC management company, you’re partnering with experts that know how to create successful campaigns.

  • You want someone to monitor your campaign for you

You have a lot on your plate and don’t have the time to run and monitor your PPC campaign. Considering 72% of companies haven’t looked at ad campaigns in over a month, hiring a PPC management company is valuable because it can help you stay on top of your campaign.

  • You want to stay on top of your competition

When you have experts working on your PPC campaign, they’ll know how to optimize your campaign to get results. That means that you’ll compete better with other companies who run PPC ads, which means more leads and sales for your business.

  • You want to save time

If you hire a PPC management company, you have more time to focus on other projects. PPC management saves your team time because you don’t have to carve out the hours to run, manage, and monitor your campaign.

If you’re looking to partner with experts that will save you time and improve your PPC results, a PPC management company is right for you.

Invest in PPC campaign management today

PPC management is critical to driving success with your PPC campaign.

With the right PPC management strategy, you can generate leads and revenue for your business.

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