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How to Make Big Bucks From Your Business Blog

Creating and monetizing your business blog is the gift that keeps giving — allowing you to drive traffic to your site and maximize online revenue at the same time. While there’s no exact formula for monetizing a blog, you can experiment with a few strategies to find out which ones work best for your business.

In this post, we’ll cover:

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Can you make money from a business blog?

Starting a blog is one of the most lucrative methods to drive product sales, commissions, and ad revenue. Though it takes time to see results, you can make thousands of dollars monthly from a successful business blog.

Is it hard to monetize a blog?

Anyone can monetize a blog. You only need patience, persistence, and the right strategies to target your audience.

How do blogs make money?

How blogs make money will depend on your specific niche. The best tactics vary from business to business and may require trial and error. Making money with a blog often includes:

  • Lead generation: Creating blog content people want to read helps you rank in search results and attracts visitors to your website. Once you have their attention, you can guide qualified leads further down the sales funnel to boost conversions.
  • Product promotions: Highlighting specific products and services in your blog posts can help boost sales. For example, you can link to your products in a recipe or highlight your services in a list of solutions.
  • Brand partnerships and collaborations: By joining forces with other businesses, you can promote each other on your blogs to reach new audiences. You could also earn commission on sales by featuring their products or services in your blog posts.
  • Hosting virtual events: After growing a following on your blog, you can host paid webinars and other virtual events to demonstrate your expertise and earn extra revenue.
  • Online courses: Once you’ve established authority in your industry, you can build and sell online courses that offer unique value to your customers.
  • Subscription fees: Charging a membership or subscription fee to access a premium version of your blog creates a new revenue stream and helps you identify your most loyal customers.
  • Advertising and sponsored placements: You can host ads for other companies on your high-traffic blog posts for a monthly fee to earn passive revenue. Or, you can charge companies per click for ad placements.

7 ways to monetize a blog

Try these blog monetization strategies to boost your monthly revenue:

1. Drive leads and conversions

Conversions are key to making money with a blog. A website conversion occurs when visitors complete desired goals like purchasing products or downloading a free guide.

Helpful and educational content captures your audience’s attention and increases the number of visitors you can convert into leads and customers.

To guide readers through the sales funnel and increase conversions, think about what readers want and need from your company. Your content should position your product or service as a solution to a problem that the reader is trying to solve.

Encourage readers to take the next step in the buyer’s journey by including at least one call-to-action in every article. For example, invite the reader to request a free demo or place an order.

See how HelloFresh included a CTA at the end of a blog post to encourage people to sign up to get free meals.

hellofresh cta

Placing CTAs throughout your blog posts leads readers further down the sales funnel to boost conversion rates.

2. Promote your products and services

The primary goal of posting content on your blog is to attract and engage potential sales leads to increase your visibility in the search results. However, you can also drive sales by including subtle product or service promotions in your content.

Remember that blog articles should not sound like a sales pitch, but you can use them to highlight your brand.

For example, Yeti features their barware in this blog post about wilderness-inspired cocktails:

yeti blog example

When done correctly, this tactic helps increase brand awareness and drive sales for years to come. To achieve these long-term benefits, mention your brand sparingly when it’s relevant and makes sense.

3. Partnering with other brands

Though it might seem counterintuitive to feature another brand on your blog, it can help you reach new customers and boost revenue. You can collaborate on a new product or piece of content that you can showcase on both company blogs.

Or, you can link to their products or services on your blog and earn commission from any sales you initiate.

4. Host webinars and virtual events

Once you’ve established a following and developed authority in your industry, you can make money by hosting webinars and other virtual events.

Webinars are an opportunity to answer burning questions, cover topics relevant to your industry, and highlight your expertise. You can include panel discussions, Q&As, guest speakers, tutorials, and interviews.

Hosting these events attracts old and new readers to grow your community and nurture relationships with your target audience.

You can make money by charging admission to your webinars and converting attendees into customers.

5. Sell online courses

After demonstrating your industry knowledge and expertise on your business blog, consider creating and selling online courses.

Good online courses include video tutorials, lectures, and printable worksheets explaining popular topics in your industry.

Charging enrollment fees on your online courses boosts revenue from your blog.

6.  Offer subscriptions for a premium experience

Another way to monetize your blog is by offering a paid membership or subscription program for a monthly fee.

Premium subscriptions often include access to exclusive content, live events, newsletters, giveaways, and early access to sales and product launches.

Your business makes money from membership fees and nurtures a community of loyal customers.

7. Sell ad space on high-traffic articles

Once you have a mature blog with high-ranking pages that attract a lot of traffic, you can monetize your blog by selling advertising space on your site.

Joining an ad network makes it easy to sell ad space on your website and charge advertisers per click.

Or you can contact advertisers directly and charge a flat rate for running ads on your site.

You get to choose what type of ads you want to feature on your site, the location of the ads, and you can block ads you don’t like.

Optimize your blog to start driving more revenue

Hopefully, this post gave you a good idea of how to monetize a blog for your business.

Before monetizing your blog, though, you must earn traffic and establish authority with SEO-optimized content. Researching, writing, and implementing exciting blog content for your business is a big undertaking. Many business owners lack the time and insight to create compelling articles.

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