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6 Market Segmentation Examples for Inspiration

Imagine receiving an email that isn’t relevant to your interests. Would you want to engage with it? Likely not.

That’s why marketing segmentation is critical for your business. Marketing segmentation enables you to send messages to your audience that interests them most to generate valuable leads and sales for your business.

On this page, we’ll cover the types of marketing segmentation you can use and give examples of marketing segmentation to show you how it’s done! Keep reading to learn more!

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4 types of marketing segmentation

There isn’t only one way to segment your target audience. You can take numerous approaches to group your audience together and even use different segmentation types.

You have four options for marketing segmentation:

  1. Demographic segmentation
  2. Geographic segmentation
  3. Psychographic segmentation
  4. Behavioral segmentation

Keep reading to learn more about these options!

1. Demographic segmentation

First on our list of the types of marketing segmentation is demographic segmentation. Demographic segmentation involves segmenting your audience based on characteristics like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Family status
  • Income
  • Education

Companies use this segmentation option when they cater to multiple niches of people. If you cater to a diverse audience, this segmentation is excellent for helping you break down who you’re targeting, so you can determine how to target them.

2. Geographic segmentation

Another option for segmenting your audience is to segment based on location, known as geographic segmentation. You can segment people’s locations based on their:

  • Zipcode
  • City
  • Region
  • State
  • Country

Geographic segmentation is one of the most valuable types of marketing segmentation because it enables you to tailor your message to locals in specific areas. It allows you to do something as simple as changing your language to fit your target region.

3. Psychographic segmentation

Another option for segmenting your audience is looking at the psychological aspects of your audience. With this segmentation, you focus on how your audience thinks and what appeals to them.

You can segment your audience based on:

  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Values
  • Lifestyle

This option is great if you want to target people based on how they think and behave. With psychographic segmentation, you can target people based on their interests and what matters most to them.

4. Behavioral segmentation

The last of the types of marketing segmentation you can use is behavioral targeting and segmentation. With this option, you look at how people interact with your business and website. You can segment your audience based on:

  • Buying habits
  • What they browse online
  • Interactions with brands
  • What they buy

Behavioral and psychographic segmentation is the most frequently used forms of marketing segmentation, as they allow companies to deliver personalized experiences for their audience.

6 market segmentation examples

Looking for some inspiration on how to do marketing segmentation? Here are six customer segmentation examples you can use for inspiration:

  1. Cole Haan
  2. Aesop
  3. Capital One
  4. Marvel Studios
  5. Amazon
  6. Allentown Fairgrounds

Keep reading to learn more about these examples!

1. Cole Haan –– Personalized picks

Marketing segmentation type: Behavioral

First on our list of market segmentation examples comes from Cole Haan. This fashion company sent an email to a subscriber based on their previous shopping behaviors.

Cole Haan email about their products

Cole Haan used these behaviors to send an email tailored to how the subscriber browsed. As a result, they saw an email filled with products related to previously viewed ones.

This marketing segmentation example is a great model of taking your audience’s browsing behavior on your website and tailoring your marketing message to them. It’s an excellent way to earn more conversions for your business.

2. Aesop –– Buying for Mother’s Day

Marketing segmentation type: Demographic

Next on our list of examples of marketing segmentation comes from Aesop. In this example, Aesop sent an email inviting these subscribers to check out their products to give to moms for Mother’s Day.

Aesop marketing email

The demographic segmentation focuses on multiple groups, from young adults looking for a gift for mom to husbands looking for a gift for their wives. Aesop provides recommendations they think mothers would love to help people find the best gift for mom.

This market segmentation example is a great model of how you can use demographics to send relevant emails to subscribers.

3. Capital One –– Targeting coupon collectors

Marketing segmentation type: Behavioral

If you’re looking for more examples of marketing segmentation, look at Capital One. They created an ad for their Capital One Shopping service. This service enables people to find coupons and apply them to orders.

Capital One Twitter ad for their coupon service

This Twitter ad uses behavioral marketing segmentation by targeting people who look for discounts and coupons online. Since these users already search for coupon codes online, Capital One can easily target those looking for discount codes.

4. Marvel Studios –– Targeting movie lovers

Marketing segmentation type: Psychographic

Next on our list of market segmentation examples is a Twitter ad from Marvel Studios. This ad promotes their movie, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.Twitter ad for Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Marvel Studios used psychographic targeting to promote their movie to people based on interests. They can target people based on their interests in film, Marvel, superheroes, or something similar.

5. Amazon –– Reaching dog lovers

Marketing segmentation type: Behavioral

Amazon offers many great customer segmentation examples to show how they target people based on how they shop on the platform. In this Instagram ad example, Amazon promotes dog products from their website.

Instagram ad for dog products from Amazon

This Instagram ad targets people who previously browsed pet products on their website. It provides those users with a gallery of products that may be relevant to them.

It’s a great example of targeting your audience through social media using their previous browsing behavior.

6. Allentown Fairgrounds –– Bringing locals to an event

Marketing segmentation type: Geographic

If you’re looking for customer segmentation examples targeted at someone’s location, check out this example from the Allentown Fairgrounds! They promoted their Super Gigantic Garage Sale event to locals in the area.

Advertisement for an Allentown yard sale

This local marketing promotion helps them reach people in their area who are likely to attend. It’s also great for attracting people in neighboring areas and getting them to check out their event.

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When it comes to marketing your business online, half of the battle is figuring out how to separate your target audience to send them the content that matters most to them. The other half is figuring out how to deliver that content.

Now that you’ve seen some market segmentation examples and see the type of content you can send, you’re ready to start sending tailored content.

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