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9 Product Description Writing Examples to Steal in 2024

U.S. consumers will spend nearly $500 million on ecommerce purchases this year. As ecommerce sales continue to grow, online retailers have an incredible opportunity to boost sales and revenue.

But since 96% of people leave websites without purchasing, you need to make it easy for them to find the info they need to purchase. Writing clear, informative product descriptions that demonstrate the benefits of your products will help you sell more online and extend your product life cycle. In this post, we’ll take a look at how to write a product description that converts — and highlight nine killer product description examples you can steal for inspiration.

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1. Present product features as benefits

You’re proud of your product features — and for good reason. But listing off impressive features isn’t enough to make people buy. Instead, turn your product features into benefits, and show shoppers how your items make their lives easier.

Product description writing example: Backcountry

First on our list of product description examples — Backcountry sells chalk bags, chock-full of benefits for climbing enthusiasts.

creative product description Rather than listing off features in the product description, Backcountry shares exactly how each feature benefits users. backcountry product details Features:

  • Fleece-lined interior
  • Shockcord closure
  • Removable waist belt


  • Feels soft against battered hands
  • Prevents chalk from spilling
  • Saves space on your harness

Backcountry does a great job of enticing shoppers to buy with product features presented as benefits.

How you can do it: Think about how your product features add value for customers and add the benefits as bulleted lists in your product descriptions.

2. Anticipate pain points

Writing product descriptions that anticipate and solve buyer pain points combats purchase anxiety. By clearly explaining how product features address pain points, you demonstrate how your products make customers’ lives easier — and they’ll feel more confident in their purchase decisions.

Product description writing example: Nike

Nike does a good job of anticipating pain points and showcasing their products as ideal solutions. For instance, this product description example for their trail running shoes explains how product features help runners conquer “wet, rocky” conditions often experienced on trail runs.

product features and description Segmented rock plates help to “shield your foot on rough terrain,” and high-abrasion rubber provides “multi-surface traction and durability.” For trail runners, these features are must-haves — and explaining how the shoes combat pain points makes people more likely to enter their credit card digits.

How you can do it: Use your product descriptions to share how your products solve problems for customers and make their lives easier.

3. Show off your brand’s personality

Showing off your personality spices up your product description writing and helps customers connect with your brand. Creative copy increases your relatability and appeal — and it helps you stand out from competitors online.

Product description writing example: Dollar Shave Club

When it comes to incorporating personality in product copy, Dollar Shave Club keeps it fresher than their “nature-inspired scents.” writing product descriptions Dollar Shave Club’s lighthearted product descriptions give shoppers the details they need to purchase while clearly reflecting the brand’s style and tone.

How you can do it: Your brand’s signature style sets you apart online, so don’t be afraid to weave it into your product descriptions.

4. Incorporate reviews and social proof

Highlighting reviews and star ratings along with your product descriptions adds social proof that encourages people to buy — especially if they’re on the fence about purchasing. Since consumers trust online reviews 12x more than product descriptions, it’s a smart idea to add reviews to your product pages. And adding reviews boosts trustworthiness, conversions, and revenue for your online business.

Product description writing example: Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club checks another box on our list of product description examples.

Along with their creative product copy, they include product reviews that add a layer of social proof. product rating and reviews For on-the-fence shoppers, the star rating and recommendation score provide the extra assurance they need to buy.

How you can do it: Highlight reviews along with product descriptions to boost credibility and trust among shoppers.

5. Use emotive, sensory words

When writing product descriptions, you want to use sensory words that help shoppers envision themselves using your product or service. Using sensory words appeals to emotion — and it can enhance the consumer behavior process to inspire more purchases.

Product description writing example: Airbnb

This non-traditional product description example comes from Airbnb. Sensory words bring this experience listing to life and help visitors envision themselves in the space.

Phrases like “magical wintry landscape” and “spectacular dancing color” transport you to the scene and encourage browsers to learn more. service images promotion If “glamping under the northern lights” wasn’t on your bucket list, I bet it is now thanks to this awe-inspiring product description!

How you can do it: Incorporate sensory words that bring your product descriptions to life and connect with shoppers on an emotional level.

6. Make your descriptions scannable

Including easy-to-skim specs in your product descriptions helps shoppers pick out key information that impacts purchases. Use bullet points and graphics to highlight important features and show what makes your products the best on the market.

Product description writing example: REI

In addition to the “nitty gritty” product details, REI includes quick specs in product descriptions — like this one for a camping tent. product and services features The scannable highlights key information people want to know when buying a tent — like the sleeping capacity and number of doors.

If shoppers want more information about the tent, they can scroll down to check out additional specs and features.

How you can do it: Use bulleted lists and graphics to highlight product info and give visitors an easy-to-digest overview of your offerings.

7. Highlight unique selling points (USPs)

The next product description example — highlighting unique selling points (USPs) — helps your brand stand out online. You likely have numerous competitors vying for customers in the online retail space. So, you need to use product descriptions to share what makes your items unique and why people should purchase from you.

Product description writing example: Primally Pure

Primally Pure is a 100% natural skincare company — and they do a great job incorporating USPs of toxin-free products in their descriptions.

For example, their dry shampoo product description features the benefits of toxin-free, natural ingredients — benefits shoppers won’t find using other dry shampoos on the market. product benefits They even include a link to a blog post that details why you should swap your dry shampoo for a natural option.

How you can do it: Write product descriptions that demonstrate your USPs and share what makes your items better than others on the market.

8. Help shoppers envision using your products

If you want to sell more products, help shoppers envision themselves using your items. You might have the best products in the market, but if people can’t see themselves using your offerings, they won’t buy. Use your product descriptions to paint a picture for shoppers and show them what it’s like to own your products.

Product description writing example: Indy Brand Clothing

The next product description example comes from Indy Brand Clothing.

In addition to product details, Indy Brand shares photos of Instagram followers wearing their clothes. product customer images Shoppers click to view real-life photos of Indy Brand customers sporting the items they’re considering purchasing. Including user-generated content, along with your product descriptions, helps people envision themselves wearing or using your products.

A bonus — it adds a layer of social proof that encourages people to buy.

How you can do it: Encourage customers to share photos using your products — and incorporate user-generated content into your descriptions.

9. Use videos to show products in action

You can use more than text to describe your products — and creative photos and videos show your products in action.

Product description writing example: Patagonia

Patagonia — the final company on our list of product description writing examples — embeds YouTube videos in their product descriptions to highlight features and answer common questions. patagonia 1 Adding multimedia to your product descriptions helps you stand out online and give visitors an inside look at the items you sell. Videos are also a great way to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your products, so people feel more confident and informed about their purchase decisions.

How you can do it: Share informative, how-to videos that show your products in action — you don’t even need fancy equipment!

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Hopefully, you picked up some tips for how to write product a description that converts. If you need help leveling up your product descriptions, check out ecommerce SEO and content marketing services — and contact us to talk with an expert. We’d love to hear from you!

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