5 Storytelling Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Strategy

Stories captivate your audience, leave them sitting on the edge of their seats, and make them want to learn more. Incorporating storytelling in your marketing can help you reach and convert more customers.

In this post, we’ll look at why storytelling is so important for marketing, as well as five storytelling marketing examples to inspire your strategy.

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6 Email Opt-In Strategies for Growing a Quality Subscriber List

Email marketing allows you to connect directly with potential customers — which is extremely important to your business, no matter your industry.  This strategy is one of the best in terms of ROI, too, since you can earn $44 for every $1 you spend.

The more email subscribers you have, the more revenue you will earn, right? Technically, yes. But when it comes to email subscribers, the quality of your email lists is just as important as the quantity of subscribers.

So how do you grow your email list with quality subscribers?

In this post, we’ll look at six email opt-in strategies for helping you grow a list of engaged subscribers.

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Is Google Analytics GDPR Compliant?

If you follow the latest developments in the world of data regulation, you have likely heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), set to take effect on May 25, 2018.

But what is exactly is GDPR, and what does it mean for your business if you use tools like Google Analytics?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the specifics of GDPR, as well as some tips for remaining GDPR compliant.

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