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The Beginner’s Guide to SEO Project Management

Did you know that 95% of website traffic comes from users clicking on links on the first page of search results? Organically getting on the first page of Google search results requires an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Because the checklist of available SEO strategies is extensive and advanced technology continues to improve, many companies dedicate their efforts toward SEO project management methods to make the processes easier.

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What is SEO project management?

SEO project management refers to any planning relating to SEO. Businesses may create a task hierarchy to identify the most critical factors of a project, with an order of steps for employees to complete. Some forms of this coordinated structure may include tasks, subtasks, and project milestones.

Why is project management necessary for SEO?

SEO tasks often involve long timelines. Seeing effective results after researching, analyzing, and implementing new strategies varies per business and industry. On average, a marketing team may not see SEO results until 4-6 months or longer after a campaign begins.

Project management helps you organize your SEO techniques and plan accordingly. Making a list of goals with projected timelines helps a team stay on track.

This process may involve identifying risks and using resources, budgeting, and clear communication to help a company appear higher in Google search rankings than its competition.

What should you include in an SEO project management strategy?

Opportunities for improving SEO appear limitless. Some companies streamline the processes using tools and software to power up their rankings or hire outside professionals to research, plan, implement, and analyze data.

To stay on track and ensure quality results, you should include the following in your SEO project management:

  • Topic ideation: Brands need an ongoing list of topics and themes with ranking keywords to prepare new material and update existing content.
  • Content calendars: Factors like keyword popularity and seasonal trends provide ways to determine when to publish or update content.
  • Support and recommendations: Recommendations help content creators make informed decisions about keyword usage in meta descriptions, title tags, headers, on-page titles, body content, alt text, and social copy.
  • Traffic projections: Decisions about keyword strategies come from monthly search volume, estimated organic traffic, and predicted eventual rank.

website traffic data in a graph

  • Copy review: Copy evaluation ensures the keywords are used optimally to match the search intent of the target audience for your brand, with a suitable volume of topics and supporting subject matter.
  • Content publication: Implementation of SEO strategies involves making the content on your website easy to find, scannable, and searchable for an easy user experience.
  • Reporting: Data allows your marketing team to see click-through rates (CTR), website visibility, organic traffic, and conversions.
  • Content optimization: Analysis provides insight into how your brand can improve preexisting material, so you don’t spend more time and effort producing new content.

3 top tips for optimizing your SEO project management

For a more detailed look at how to optimize your SEO management and get the most from this process, check out these three tips:

1. Use SEO tools

Numerous SEO tools allow you to improve your strategies. Hundreds of free options provide ways to perform tasks more efficiently, so you can allocate your time and money toward other business goals. Search for a function you want to optimize, and browse the available possibilities.

For example, if you want to research the most high-value keywords to target for your content, you can use a free keyword research tool like KeywordsFX.

KeywordsFX keyword research tool

To decide which SEO tool you want to implement, look at the description from the provider to ensure it matches your intended goals. You’ll want to use a tested and proven method with credible reviews. Incorporate more than one resource for optimizing your success in increasing traffic to your site.

Looking for an all-in-one SEO audit tool? You’ve found it.

SEO Checker provides data on key metrics to give you:

  • Complete SEO score
  • Content Grade
  • Site Speed Analysis
  • and more.
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2. Invest in project management software

Instead of you independently managing different tools, a project management software platform may incorporate various or all of your intended SEO functions.

Logging into a comprehensive platform, like MarketingCloudFX, can allow you and your designated team to see everything you need from a single source. Some settings can enable you to authorize or deny employee access to certain aspects of the software by title, department, username, and more.

Software programs offer varying functions and layouts to serve your intended goals. When finding the perfect fit for your company, identify how a software platform should suit your research, data collection, and SEO analysis needs. Explore different price points for an option you plan to use long-term.

3. Outsource the work with SEO management services

As SEO technologies continue improving over time, knowing how to use analytical tools and software data requires patience and optimized skills. Staying up to date with trends and advancements can offer a challenge for many companies.

Experts specializing in SEO management services, like WebFX, help you continue implementing the latest techniques to increase your brand’s awareness and revenue.

Hiring professionals offers peace of mind and provides more availability to prioritize other aspects of your business. Knowledgeable strategists handle your brand’s SEO tactics and provide you with more insight rolled into one source than separate tools and software.

With WebFX, you’ll receive competitor data, machine learning insights, return on investment (ROI) reporting, and more. Many businesses incorporate SEO outsourcing into their quarterly and annual budgets to produce satisfying results.

These are real SEO results driven for a WebFX client.

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