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14 Facebook Demographics You Need to Know in 2024

Social media is a powerful channel for helping you engage with prospects, build relationships, and boost conversions for your business. Facebook is one of the top platforms that allows you to achieve these goals and boost brand growth.

But before you dive into using Facebook, it’s important to understand Facebook demographics. With over one billion daily users, there’s much to learn about who’s on this platform.

On this page, we’ll go over 14 Facebook demographics you need to know spanning multiple categories, including:

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General Facebook demographics to know

First, let’s look at some general data to get an overview of the Facebook target audience.

1. Over 69% of U.S. adults use Facebook

Facebook is a global social platform, which may leave you wondering how prevalently it’s used in the United States. Over 69% of U.S. adults use the platform.

If your target market is primarily in the United States, you have a great chance of reaching prospects through Facebook.

2. 70% of U.S. adults say they use Facebook daily

If you invest the time in building a Facebook strategy, you need to know how often people use the platform. At least 70% of U.S. adults access Facebook daily.

That means you can share content frequently and feel confident your target audience will see it.

As for the rest of U.S. adults, 17% still access Facebook weekly. If your target audience doesn’t access Facebook daily, you may need to do some experimenting to figure out which days work best for reaching your Facebook target audience.

Facebook demographics: Age-related demographics

So, who uses Facebook the most in terms of age? Here’s a breakdown age demographic of Facebook users:

3. 77% of U.S. adults between 30-49 use Facebook

Facebook is a platform heavily used by people between the ages of 30-49. At least 77% of U.S. adults in that age range use the platform to connect with friends and family.

Comparatively, only 48% of people in this age range are on Instagram, and 27% are on Twitter. By far, Facebook is the best option to reach people between 30 and 49.

4. 73% of U.S. adults between 50-64 use Facebook

If your Facebook target audience is 50-64, you’ll reach 73% of people in that age range. Many people in this age range use this platform to connect with others.

For this age range, Facebook is the best place to reach these prospects. Only 29% of people in this age range use Instagram, and 18% use Twitter, making Facebook the perfect platform to reach this target audience.

5. 70% of U.S. adults between 18-29 use Facebook

If you’re targeting a younger demographic, you can do it on Facebook –– 70% of U.S. adults between 18-29 use the platform.

So how does this compare to other platforms?

Well, 71% of people in this age range use Instagram, while 42% use Twitter. That makes Facebook and Instagram great places for you to market your business and reach prospects interested in what you offer.

6. 50% of U.S. adults 65 or older use Facebook

When you look at the demographics of Facebook users, you’ll find a big chunk of them are in the older generation. At least 50% of U.S. adults that are 65 or over use Facebook.

That compares to only 13% of Instagram and 7% of Twitter users.

If you want to reach people over 65 with your products or services, Facebook is the place to do it.

Facebook demographics: Gender-related demographics

Ready to dive into some more Facebook user demographics? If you’re trying to find your Facebook target market, consider the gender distribution:

7. 55% of Facebook users are women

Regarding Facebook’s audience, you’ll find that 55% of users are women who range across different ages. It’s a heavily female-used platform, which is an excellent opportunity for your business if you’re targeting women with your marketing.

Women talking in the comments section on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular platform for women, too. Over 77% of women say they use Facebook, while only 44% use Instagram and 22% use Twitter. That means that Facebook is the dominant platform if you want to reach females.

8. 45% of Facebook users are male

With 55% of Facebook users being female, that means 45% of users are male. If you’re looking to reach men on social media, Facebook is the platform to do it.

Men talking in the comments on Facebook

In fact, 61% of U.S. male adults say they use Facebook. That compares to only 36% using Instagram and 25% using Twitter. If you want to reach males through social media, Facebook is your best bet.

Facebook demographics: Ethnic-related demographics

If you offer products that cater to a specific ethnic group, you want to know if you can find them on platforms like Facebook. Here’s a breakdown of the demographics in terms of ethnicity:

9. 67% of White people use Facebook

If you’re primary market targets White people, then Facebook’s audience is for you. 67% of White people use Facebook to connect with others on the platform. It’s an excellent place to connect with this audience if it’s who you’re targeting.

10. 74% of Black people use Facebook

Are you trying to connect with Black people on social media? If so, Facebook is a great place to do it. At least 74% of Black people are on Facebook.

Facebook is the primary platform to reach Black people. Only 49% of Black people are on Instagram, and even less are on Twitter (29%). Facebook is the platform to reach people in this demographic.

11. 72% of Hispanic people use Facebook

If your Facebook target market includes Hispanic people, you’re in luck. Over 72% of Hispanic people use Facebook to connect with others.

Facebook embodies the most prominent Hispanic population on social media. Only 52% of Hispanic people use Instagram, and 23% use Twitter.

Facebook demographics: Location-based demographics

The last set of demographics of Facebook users that we’ll cover is location-based demographics. Here’s a breakdown of location demographics:

12. Only 10% of Facebook’s users come from the United States or Canada

When you look at Facebook’s user base, you see that 69% of U.S. adults use Facebook. But what does that mean in the greater picture of location?

Well, only 10% of Facebook’s users come from the United States or Canada. So even though 69% of adults use Facebook in the U.S., that percentage of people is smaller in the grander view of Facebook.

If you’re looking for global reach on a social media platform, Facebook is the place to do it.

13. Europe has 446 million active users on Facebook

As I mentioned, if your Facebook target audience includes people in global markets, this platform is the best social platform to reach those prospects. In fact, 446 million people in Europe are active users on Facebook.

If you cater to a large European audience, you can use Facebook to reach them.

14. Asia-Pacific has over 1.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook

When you look at the Facebook demographics, you’ll find that the largest share of people come from Asia-Pacific. There are over 1.2 billion monthly active users that go on Facebook.

This platform is an excellent option if you want to sell products to people in Asia-Pacific.

Ready to find your Facebook target market?

Knowing the Facebook demographics allows you to determine if you can reach your target audience on the platform. If you need help launching your strategy to reach your Facebook target audience, WebFX can help.

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