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50 Beautifully Dark Web Designs

Selecting colors for a site is one of the most crucial parts of web design. The color palette can evoke certain types of emotions in a user and sets the tone for the user’s experience while perusing the site. Websites with dark colors can represent “non-mainstream”, “elite”, and “unconventional”. The use of dark backgrounds also centers the attention towards the content, making it an effective theme for portfolios, image galleries, and design-centered sites. In this collection, you’ll find some of the best dark-themed web designs. This is the second part of the “Beautiful Web Designs” series that starts off at “30 Beautifully Blue Web Designs“.

Starbucks Coffee At Home

Starbucks Coffee At Home - screen shot.


electricurrent - screen shot.


Pikaboo - screen shot.


TAKE THE WALK - screen shot.

Bird Malaysia

Bird Malaysia - screen shot.

Elan Snowboards

Elan Snowboards - screen shot.

Eye Candy

Eye Candy - screen shot.

Mike Poss’ Rock Guitar Blog

Mike Poss' Rock Guitar Blog - screen shot.

The Statement

The Statement - screen shot.

Nile Inside

Nile Inside - screen shot.

Batman The Dark Knight in 3D

Batman The Dark Knight in 3D - screen shot.

Ordered List

Ordered List - screen shot.


LaRedoute - screen shot.


BootB - screen shot.


B.N.WEISS - screen shot.


MyCacties - screen shot.

Traffik CMS

Traffik CMS - screen shot.

Riffs Music Academy

Riffs Music Academy - screen shot.


cyan - screen shot.

Meet the BigMan

Meet the BigMan - screen shot.

Twelve Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Twelve Restaurant & Lounge Bar - screen shot.

AdaptD - screen shot.

Pixel Farm

Pixel Farm - screen shot.

Na vlastní nebezpe?í

Na vlastní nebezpe?í - screen shot.


FAST EDDIE CHAMBERS - screen shot.

Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot Jay Stocks - screen shot.


depthCORE - screen shot.


IDEO - screen shot.

Sascha Eggenberger

Sascha Eggenberger - screen shot.


2Pitch - screen shot.

JUXT Interactive

JUXT Interactive - screen shot.

Let It Bleed

Let It Bleed - screen shot.


okb - screen shot.


Viewzi - screen shot.


Rox - screen shot.

Training by Collective Idea

Training by Collective Idea - screen shot.

Level9 Design

Level9 Design - screen shot.


Rabotilnica - screen shot.

Hamish Macpherson

Hamish Macpherson - screen shot.

Timothy van Sas

Timothy van Sas - screen shot.


Incase - screen shot.

new {concept}

new {concept} - screen shot.


coda.coza - screen shot.

Dead Metropolis Recordings

Dead Metropolis Recordings - screen shot.

Mad Detective

Mad Detective - screen shot.


Chyrp - screen shot.


Backboard - screen shot.

Product Planner

Product Planner - screen shot.

Wacom Pen Collective

Wacom Pen Collective - screen shot.

Krista’s Creations

Kristas Creations - screen shot.

What do dark designs mean to you?

Why do you think a designer chooses a dark color scheme?

What emotions and messages do dark designs convey to the audience? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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