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Running a cleaning service centers on forming lasting relationships with your clients. Whether you focus on cleaning services for residential, commercial, or a combination of both, having professional web design for cleaning services will go a long way in attracting leads and generating conversions.

Digital marketing for cleaning services is an essential avenue whether you have two clients or 200. And because Google processes 8.5 billion online searches per day — that’s around 99,000 searches per second — having a well-designed website will go far in capturing your audience’s attention. 

Your online presence can make a huge difference in whether a prospect decides to convert. Keep reading for six tips on optimizing your website design for your cleaning service to convert leads and build your client base. 

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Elements of good web design for cleaning services

Before you roll your sleeves up and start changing your website, you should create a plan to help you decide on the most impactful updates. While some pages or sections may require a complete overhaul, you likely have plenty of valuable information and content you want to preserve. With your plan in mind, you can focus on the areas you need to improve the most.

If you find that users visit your website but don’t hang around, you have what marketers call a high bounce rate. While bounce rates aren’t always negative, they might indicate your website doesn’t meet your audience’s standards, so they don’t linger on your page. 

There are many reasons you may have a high bounce rate, such as slow loading times, confusing navigation, or outdated design. To reduce your bounce rate, evaluate your site based on these core elements of good website design:

  • Navigation: Poor navigation means users aren’t sure where to click to find what they need due to issues like a poorly displayed navigation menu or misleading page titles. Menus and other clear navigation tools help users find what they need more easily, making it more likely they’ll stay on your site.
  • White space: In the world of website design, less is more, and you can achieve the best results by maintaining some white space. This negative space also places more emphasis on the content you decide to keep, making it more impactful.
  • Visuals: A page with no images or other visual elements may seem outdated and underdeveloped. Photos and infographics draw the eye and make your website look more polished.
  • Content: Your content can also have an impact on your website design. If users see you provide helpful, authoritative content on all your site pages, they’ll be more likely to stick around.
  • Interactive elements: Elements that require user interaction can also keep your bounce rates low. Pop-ups advertising current discounts and deals or graphics that change when the user moves their mouse over them help your website seem more curated and professional.
  • Accessibility: Having an accessible website also ensures people with disabilities can navigate your site without issue. Since one in four Americans has some kind of disability, accessible web design is vital
  • Branding: Your cleaning service website should also have personality, representing your brand in a unique and interesting way.

Optimizing your website

You can enhance your website design with two types of optimization strategies — mobile and search engine optimization (SEO).


Having a mobile website improves the opinion of your business for 60% of users, and it might even be why they end up scheduling your services.

As you look to upgrade your website, ensure all of your changes work in a mobile format, too. Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to double-check your website’s mobile-friendliness over time. In general, your mobile version will look more minimalistic than your desktop website, but not much else will change.


Another crucial factor in improving your cleaning service website design is on-page optimization. Marketing efforts like SEO help search engines rank your content, meaning your website is more likely to get clicks and views from qualified leads. 

You can check out how your website’s SEO ranks to identify areas for improvement, like site speed, meta tags, images, and more. 

Top 6 web design tips for cleaning services

If you want to improve your cleaning service’s website, WebFX has a few design tips that can make a huge difference in your site’s performance.

1. Have a professional design

If you don’t have any design experience, you may be tempted to use a free site and pre-made templates and designs to create your website. While these are cost-effective, they likely won’t result in a website that wows your audience.

While more expensive than doing it yourself, professional website design services are your best bet. In addition to a personal domain name — rather than one with the host’s domain name — you’ll gain advantages from unique features and elements that elevate your website and give you a greater chance of converting visitors.

2. Use real images instead of stock photos

As a cleaning service, you want to portray an element of trustworthiness and professionalism. Using real photos in place of stock images can help users view your brand as more personable and transparent. For example, you might post a group photo of your team members on your About page to showcase them. 

You might also take photos of:

  • Employees working
  • The cleaning products and tools you use
  • Your physical locations
  • Company vans or cars with your logo

These real images will also give visitors the impression that your company is well established, even if you’ve only been in business a short time. 

3. Create clear, accessible CTAs

Calls to action (CTAs) are an essential part of online marketing. They direct visitors to the actions you want them to take, whether that’s calling you, signing up for a newsletter, or buying a product online. The clearer and more accessible your CTAs, the easier it is for visitors to convert.

You might want to employ a few different tactics for CTAs on your website. If you have a current deal or promotion, a pop-up asking for users to enter their email addresses to get a discount code or coupon is a great tactic. You might also use floating contact forms that are visible no matter where a user goes on your site or add a few actionable CTA headers on each page. 

4. Develop content to nurture leads

Some people searching for a cleaning service online might need those services immediately, but many will merely be doing reconnaissance. Your website design should cater to those who want services soon in addition to those who are in the research stage. 

Not everyone that visits your website will be ready to convert immediately, so develop content that nurtures your leads and ensures future conversion. You might offer a cleaning newsletter covering different topics each week or how-to videos offering useful information for your visitors.

5. Highlight good reviews and customer testimonials

Another tip to help your cleaning service website convert more visitors is to place positive reviews and testimonials in highly visible areas on each page. You can guide a visitor’s first impression of your brand with strategically placed testimonials that highlight the positive aspects of your company. 

Consider placing reviews at the top or bottom of your site and have clear navigation to a testimonials page where visitors can learn more. If you work with residential clients, you might post reviews that highlight your trustworthiness, while commercial clients might respond better to reviews discussing your reliability. 

6. Improve load times

What’s more frustrating than a website that takes ages to load? According to the 83% of users who expect pages to load within three seconds, maybe not much. Too much waiting, and your potential and current clients might book cleaning services with your competitors.

Testing your website’s load time is important to help you understand whether you need to speed it up. Use a tool like the Pingdom Website Speed Test to analyze your site’s load speed as you make changes, like compressing images and minimizing redirects. This way, your updates will be as impactful as possible.

We’ll help you create a website that stands out.

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Generate leads with professional web design from WebFX

There’s a lot that goes into curating a website that encourages visitors to convert. In addition to professional design, graphics, and content, maintaining and tracking your website’s performance can take up a good deal of time. 

With more than 28 years of experience in the digital marketing field, WebFX has a web design team with extensive knowledge that can ensure your website perfectly represents your goals as a company.

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