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When you search for something in Google, it often returns millions of results. As impressive as that is, though, most of those results never see the light of day. In fact, 75% of users don’t ever bother to go past the first page of search results.

That’s why it’s critical for your web content to rank as high in search results as possible. To make that happen, though, you need to master search engine optimization (SEO). But what all goes into SEO for timber companies?

Below, we’ll explore eight ways you can boost your lumber company SEO. Read on to learn more, and then partner with WebFX — the digital marketing agency with over 20 years of experience — for our SEO services. Call 888-601-5359 or contact us online to get started!

8 tips for optimizing SEO for timber companies

At first glance, SEO for lumber companies might seem difficult to manage. But in truth, there are a few simple ways to drive results for your campaigns. Here are eight simple tips for optimizing lumber company SEO!

1. Target long-tail keywords

Keywords are in many ways the backbone of SEO. Integrating specific keywords into your web content can help it rank in search results for those keywords. But when it comes to lumber SEO, not all keywords are made equal.

While it’s good to target a variety of keyword types, you want to focus especially on long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are those that are several words long, and they’re typically much more specific than shorter keywords.

That specificity means that long-tail keywords will be better at reaching the exact audience you want to target. It also means that a narrower range of businesses will target them, leading to less competition.

2. Focus on user search intent

As important as keywords are, the last thing you want to do is blindly shoehorn keyword after keyword into your content and expect results. Keywords are a great way to signal to Google what searches you want to rank in, but to drive results, you have to address user search intent.

User search intent refers to the reason people search for a particular keyword. You can find the user intent for a given keyword by looking at the results that are currently ranking for it.

When you use keywords without writing your content to meet their search intent, you’ll end up frustrating users who visit your site and can’t find information they need. That will lead to high bounce rates, which will cause Google to rank you lower.

3. Optimize the reading experience

Even if your content provides just the right information to satisfy user search intent, it won’t make a difference if the content doesn’t provide a good reading experience. A blog post can give the perfect answer to a query, but if it looks boring or disorganized, it won’t matter.

To keep users from leaving your pages before they even start reading, you need to optimize the user experience for all your content. For written content, one of the best ways to do this is to use white space and break up your content. Here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Use shorter paragraphs
  2. Intersperse images and videos between paragraphs
  3. Use bulleted and numbered lists where you can

4. Craft a compelling title tag and meta description

First impressions are everything. When users first encounter your content, it won’t usually be on your actual website — it’ll be in the Google search results. If you want them to click on the link to your page, you must make it sound as compelling as possible.

That’s why it’s important to optimize your title tag and meta description, which together make up the blurb that represents your site in search results. The title tag is the title that appears for your content and links to the page, while the meta description is the text beneath it.

Carter lumber title and meta

You can make your title tag compelling by including numbers and emotive adjectives, which will help it stand out and sound appealing. The meta description, meanwhile, should be a description of the page that makes it sound interesting and engaging.

5. Improve your page speed

Slow-loading pages can be a huge detriment to SEO for lumber companies. No one wants to sit around waiting on your page to load — in fact, 83% of users expect pages to load in three seconds or less. If you don’t meet this expectation, they’ll hit the back button.

To keep this from happening, you need to keep your page load speeds as fast as possible — ideally at one or two seconds. Here are some ways you can do that:

  1. Cache web pages
  2. Limit redirects
  3. Compress images
  4. Minify code

When you put these things into practice, you’ll see much higher web traffic. And if you don’t feel confident about working with backend site edits, we’d be glad to help with our page speed optimization services!

6. Optimize your images

Images are an important feature of your website. They give you a way to show off your products and services while simultaneously serving to break up text content. But they could be doing even more for you.

You can optimize your images for SEO by adding alt tags, which are short, descriptive blurbs attached to images. Google can’t read the images themselves, which means they can’t benefit your SEO. But it can read alt tags, which allows your images to contribute to your ranking.

You can also compress your images to prevent them from slowing down your website. Unnecessarily large file sizes will only be a hindrance.

7. Implement responsive design

Responsive design is unquestionably one of the most critical elements of SEO for timber companies. It refers to the practice of optimizing your website for both desktop and mobile formats.

Google ranks sites based on their mobile format, even for users who are searching from a computer. That means that without a mobile-friendly website, you won’t have a shot at ranking. Even if you did, you’d be missing out on over 50% of your traffic.

Every page on your site should be optimized to function properly and look good on any type of device, be it a desktop computer or a mobile phone.

8. Earn authoritative backlinks

A final way to give your lumber SEO a boost is to earn backlinks. Backlinks are where third-party websites in your industry link to your content, and when you receive some from reputable websites, it convinces Google that your site is reputable as well. That leads to higher rankings.

The simplest way to earn backlinks is to reach out to third-party lumber websites. A good strategy is to look through their content for broken links, and upon finding some, reach out to them and recommend that they replace the broken links with new ones to your content.

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