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More than 70% of business-to-business (B2B) buyers start their product research online. If you want them to find you and not a competitor, then you need to make search engine optimization (SEO) a part of your online marketing strategy. With WebFX, a trusted B2B SEO agency, your company can access all the benefits of SEO, from leads to sales, and take your revenue to the next level.

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Ready to earn more revenue from the web? Do it with our B2B SEO agency.

Developing, launching, and managing a B2B search engine optimization strategy isn’t easy. It not only requires expertise but also a continuous investment of your time and resources. That’s why many businesses decide to partner with a B2B SEO company, like WebFX.

With our decades of experience, as well as advanced artificial intelligence technology, our award-winning team can help your business. Our 450+ SEO specialists can build a competitive, results-focused strategy that accomplishes what your company wants, from traffic to leads to sales.

Already, we’ve helped our clients earn more than $2.4 billion in revenue, as well as 4.2 million phone calls and 6.3 million leads — and that’s in only the last five years. Are you ready to learn how our B2B SEO agency can help your organization achieve similar growth?

Contact us online or call us at 888-601-5359 to get started with our B2B SEO services!

Accomplish your company’s goals with our B2B SEO company

With WebFX as your B2B SEO company, your business can achieve high-impact goals like improving:

  • Website traffic
  • Search rankings
  • Qualified leads
  • Online sales
  • Industry thought leadership
  • And more

Receive an all-in-one SEO solution with our B2B SEO firm

With WebFX as your B2B SEO firm, your business receives an all-in-one solution to SEO.

As a part of our SEO services for B2B organizations, we provide:

With our dedicated teams of SEOs, as well as designers, developers, and copywriters, you get a turn-key SEO solution. Your team doesn’t have to worry about taking on additional responsibilities because we take care of it for you.

Learn more about our specific SEO deliverables below:

General SEO deliverables

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Competitor analysis and monitoring
  • Search experience analysis
  • Initial visitor profile report
  • Earned media assets
  • Monthly traffic, ROI, and goal reporting
  • Phone call tracking and transcription
  • And more

On-page SEO deliverables

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword optimization
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Web design analysis
  • New content development
  • Existing content updates
  • Duplicate content checks
  • And more

Off-page SEO deliverables

  • Link baiting and content development
  • Competitor search rankings monitoring
  • Competitor ad spend monitoring
  • And more

Technical SEO deliverables

  • Technical SEO audit
  • Robots.txt optimization
  • XML sitemap creation and submission
  • Information architecture audit
  • Schema implementation
  • And more

Local SEO deliverables

  • Google Business Profile optimization
  • Local search optimization
  • New review notifications
  • And more

If you’d like to see everything our SEO services include, browse our SEO plans now.


Overall, our B2B SEO company’s services cover the two core areas of SEO: on-page and off-page.

If you’re not familiar with on-page or off-page SEO, don’t worry. It’s easy to distinguish between the two. While on-page focuses on your website, like your page speed or content titles, off-page consists of everything happening off your website, like mentions or links to your site from another site.

For any SEO strategy to succeed, it must include on-page and off-page SEO.

Both matter because of ranking factors.

Search engines Google or Bing, for example, use these factors to line-up or “rank” the most relevant and trustworthy websites in search results. If your on-page SEO is excellent, but your off-page SEO is nonexistent, that can stick your site on page two versus page one.

That’s why your business should partner with a B2B SEO agency that provides a turn-key solution to SEO. If they only specialize in one area, like off-page SEO, it can prevent your strategy from ever achieving the results you want, like higher-quality sales or increased organic traffic.

With WebFX, you don’t have to worry about this problem, because our services include both.


We drive results on a case-by-case basis.

Check out some of our most amazing case studies that exemplify an amazingly effective marketing campaign.

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Top search results and drive leads with our B2B SEO company’s R.O.C.K.E.T strategy

Before you partner with a B2B SEO company, it’s helpful to learn about their process. With additional insight into how they approach SEO, as well as how they measure results, you can determine if they match your company’s needs.

At WebFX, we use our exclusive R.O.C.K.E.T. strategy. Get an inside look at our process for driving more than $2.4 billion in revenue for our clients.


Research is a critical part of our B2B SEO company’s strategy.

That’s why our team dedicates a significant amount of time to learning about your industry, business, and products. We also take an in-depth look at your competitors. All this research helps us develop a campaign built for success.

  1. Analysis of more than 300 on-site SEO ranking factors
  2. Study of direct and indirect competitors in your industry and search results
  3. Assessment of your site and server according to SEO best practices


Without an optimized website, it’s almost impossible for your site to top search results, especially competitive ones.

As a part of our services, our B2B SEO agency optimizes your website for SEO and search intent. This level of optimization helps your site not only rank, but also engage your audience.

  1. Launch usability and site architecture improvements
  2. Wordsmith informative, yet attention-grabbing title and meta tags
  3. Optimize existing content, as well as images for search intent and select keywords


More than 60% of users prefer businesses that create custom content.

With original content, business buyers can learn about your company and products, as well as get answers to their biggest questions. That’s why our B2B SEO company develops and writes new, fresh content for your site.

  1. Update existing pages to maintain freshness
  2. Develop original, industry- and audience-specific content ideas
  3. Produce optimized content ranging from blog posts to in-depth online guides


Keywords are a core component to SEO and often serve as your strategy’s foundation.

Our B2B SEO firm helps your business take advantage of the most valuable keywords for your industry, audience, and products or services. Targeting short- and long-tail keywords, we can help your company generate leads and sales throughout the year.

  1. Compile a keyword mapping report
  2. Complete a competitor keyword analysis
  3. Set up advanced rank tracking to monitor keyword and content performance

Earned media & links

Earned media and links play a critical role in off-page SEO.

A mention, shout-out, or link from another website to your site sends a positive signal to search engines that people trust you and your content. That kind of trust is invaluable, which is why we help you earn genuine links from sites in your industry.

  1. Promote your content to industry sites
  2. Earn your website relevant mentions from blogs, news sites, and more
  3. Help your business launch viral content or marketing campaigns that earn links fast


SEO is a long-term, ongoing strategy.

If your company wants to maintain its rankings, as well as stay atop of search trends, then you need to look at SEO as a permanent part of your marketing strategy. Our B2B SEO company helps your business do that by taking the lead on testing and improving your site.

  1. Assess the conversion path of different audiences
  2. Develop and test improvements to calls-to-action (CTAs) and more
  3. Use ROI-tracking data from MarketingCloudFX to improve messaging, site design, and more

Do you have questions about our process for B2B search engine optimization?

Chat with our experienced strategists by contacting us online or calling us at 888-601-5359!

One Size Does Not Fit All

Select an SEO service to view custom SEO costs for your campaign

National SEO

Trying to rank a service or product keyword at the top of your favorite search engine? National SEO is the strategy to get there!

Local SEO

Beating out your local competitors can make a huge difference for your business. Make sure your local business shows up with Local SEO.

Ecommerce SEO

Selling products online? Want to keep inventory moving? Ecommerce SEO is the longterm strategy that keeps your warehouse busy!

View our B2B SEO agency’s SEO pricing

When researching a B2B SEO agency, price matters.

While other agencies may require your business to contact them for rates, we make ours available online. Publishing our SEO service prices allows your company to do the research and see if our agency aligns with your business and SEO budget.

View our pricing and plans below:

Additional B2B SEO services

B2B Local SEO Packages

B2B Enterprise SEO Packages

Browse our case studies to see how our B2B SEO company can grow your business

At WebFX, we measure our success by our clients’ successes.

That’s why we’ve compiled several case studies that demonstrate how our B2B SEO company helped companies in the B2B sector grow.

Take a look, and get a preview of what we can do for you:

  1. Reynolds Building Solutions: Learn how we helped this full-service building solutions provider increase its year-over-year (YoY) organic traffic by 43% and boost its YoY organic contact form submissions by 74%.
  2. York Saw and Knife: Discover how our B2B SEO firm helped this industry-leading industrial blade manufacturer improve YoY organic sessions increases by almost 140%. Plus, learn how we maximized the result and cost of their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

A Partner Businesses Trust

WebFX has helped us expand our digital footprint not only in Central PA and the mid-Atlantic, but also throughout the Continental U.S.

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Get the best results from SEO with the best B2B SEO firm

Competing in today’s market requires the best SEO strategy.

A second-page ranking on Google, for example, won’t help your business meet its quarterly sales goals. You need a first-page ranking because that’s where 75% of users find what they’re looking for, whether it’s a wholesale supplier or software provider.

Your business can develop a top-notch SEO strategy with a leading B2B SEO firm: WebFX.

Billions in client results

Like your company, we measure success by the numbers.

Whether you’re focusing on generating higher-quality leads with SEO or securing more website sales, we will tailor your SEO strategy to your goals, and measure our performance by the metrics that matter to your business.

With this client-focused approach, we’ve helped our clients (in the last five years) earn more than:

  1. $2.4 billion in revenue
  2. 6.3 million leads
  3. 4.2 million phone calls

Results like these demonstrate not only the expertise of our B2B SEO company but also reliability. We continually deliver results for our B2B clients, whether they operate in the manufacturing, healthcare, service, or software industry.

Hundreds of satisfied clients

Like your business, we want to deliver on our clients’ expectations, and we do.

Across our more than 25 years of history, we’ve partnered with hundreds of businesses in the B2B sector. Our dedication to delivering results, as well as our commitment to a client-focused approach, is why our client recommendation score exceeds the industry average by 488%.

Browse our testimonials (or even reviews on sites like Clutch), and you can see the WebFX difference.

That difference is why our client retention rate is 91%.

Our ability to deliver results, provide a client-first experience, and adapt to industry changes, makes it easy for clients to stick with our B2B SEO company and make our team their long-term partner for not only SEO but also other digital marketing strategies.

Decades of SEO experience

SEO is a fast-paced industry.

If agencies fail to adapt to algorithm updates and stick to dated strategies, they don’t become a top-rated agency like WebFX. Instead, they go out of business. That’s why our B2B SEO agency’s 25-plus years of history and experience stand out.

Since our start in the 1990s, we’ve adapted to industry changes, helping our clients’ companies grow.

When you decide to invest in SEO services from a third party, like WebFX, it’s essential to choose a reliable partner. If you select an agency with less experience, it can result in a strategy that underperforms and doesn’t drive the leads and sales your company needs.

With WebFX, your business receives peace of mind.

You can trust our team and our agency because of our results, experience, and passion for SEO. Plus, with our 785 testimonials, you know that our B2B SEO company comes with a proven track record for achieving client goals and providing the best possible client experience.

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We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.


FAQs about our B2B SEO agency and SEO services

Do you have additional questions about our B2B SEO agency or services? Browse our FAQ!

Why hire a B2B SEO firm?

Hiring a B2B SEO company can help your business solve several challenges, like increasing your:

  1. Leads, sales, and revenue numbers
  2. Lead quality and sale value
  3. Organic traffic
  4. Rankings in relevant search results
  5. And more

Partnering with a B2B SEO company can also alleviate the problems that come with in-house SEO management. Whether your team doesn’t have the time, resources, or background to manage your strategy, an agency like WebFX can help.

How can a B2B SEO firm like yours help my business?

At WebFX, we can help your business use and benefit from SEO by:

  • Leveraging 25-plus years of experience
  • Creating a custom and scalable strategy
  • Gaining actionable takeaways from competitor strategies
  • Targeting high-value, low-competition keywords
  • Providing a dedicated account manager for a consistent experience
  • Offering access to an easy-to-use reporting dashboard
  • And more

With our B2B SEO company, your organization receives not only a competitive strategy but also a seamless experience. You don’t have to worry about ignored emails, unanswered questions, or delayed reports. Our team provides everything you need.

What specific markets in the B2B sector do you work with for SEO?

In the B2B sector, our agency has worked in several markets, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Property management
  • Healthcare
  • Service
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • And more

If you’re curious about our specific experience in your market, contact us online to learn more.

What do your B2B SEO agency’s services include?

Our B2B search engine optimization services offer a turn-key solution to SEO, and include:

  • SEO audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Content development and launching
  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • Continuous conversion rate optimization (CRO) testing
  • Website call tracking and transcription
  • Monthly reporting
  • And more

If you have questions about what our B2B SEO company’s services include, feel free to contact us online.

How much do your B2B SEO company’s services cost?

Our monthly rates for B2B Marketing depend on your plan and goals. You can browse our SEO pricing at any time, though.

As you compare agency pricing, it’s critical to mention the correlation between cost and quality in SEO.

Factors like agency experience, package features, and strategy complexity can all influence SEO rates. It’s not unusual, however, for agencies to promote low-cost rates, like $99 per month. Prices like these often hint at a lack of experience and, worse, the use of black-hat SEO tactics.

For reference, black-hat tactics describe the use of unethical SEO practices.

As an example, someone may add white text stuffed with keywords to a white page. While crawlers from search engines can see this content, users can’t, which goes against the purpose of SEO: to create search- and user-friendly content.

If you encounter agencies like this, it’s best to avoid them.

Not only can they trash your SEO strategy, but they can also damage your search engine standing. Google, for instance, will sometimes ban websites using black-hat SEO practices from their index. That means your site cannot appear in Google search results.

As Google claims more than 90% of the search engine market, you don’t want that to happen.

Why make WebFX my company’s B2B SEO firm?

As your B2B SEO company, WebFX would offer several advantages, including:

  1. Custom SEO strategy
  2. Turn-key SEO solution
  3. Advanced AI and machine learning SEO software
  4. Transparent pricing
  5. Monthly reporting
  6. Dedicated account manager
  7. Decades of experience
  8. Proven results
  9. Hundreds of testimonials and reviews

With our unique benefits, your business can do (and earn) more from SEO.

Start your SEO strategy with a trusted B2B SEO agency

WebFX team culture

Search engines like Google and Bing offer your business an immense opportunity. With top rankings in relevant search results, your company can reach valuable leads, drive impressive sales, and achieve ambitious goals for growth — and our B2B SEO agency can help you do it.

Learn how our B2B SEO company can help your business benefit from SEO by contacting us online today.

If you’d like to chat with a strategist one-on-one, contact us online or call us at 888-601-5359 to chat now!