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Get Optimized With the Best SEO Companies in Canada

With the help of this list of the best search engine optimization (SEO) companies in Canada, you’ll find the perfect partner for growing your search engine presence and generating organic traffic. Learn more about the best SEO agencies in Canada now!
Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Top SEO agencies in Canada

When it comes to SEO companies in Canada, you’ve got options. From British Columbia to Quebec, check out our summary of the top SEO companies in Canada. Learn more about each of these SEO agencies below, then keep reading to see why they’re some of the best agencies in Canada.

Rankings as of November 2023


  • Services:  National, local, ecommerce, and enterprise SEO
  • Location:  Toronto, Canada
  • Pricing:  Starting at $100-$149/hour


  • Services:  Competitive SEO analyses, SEO strategy
  • Location:  Ottawa, Canada
  • Pricing:  Starting at $150-$199/hour

Jelly Digital Marketing & PR

  • Services:  SEO audits, multimedia content creation
  • Location:  Langley Township, Canada
  • Pricing:  Starting at $100-$149/hour

1st On The List

  • Services:  UX optimization, SEO content creation
  • Location:  Vancouver, Canada
  • Pricing:  Starting at $150-$199/hour

Konstruct Digital

  • Services:  SEO ROI tracking, ecommerce SEO
  • Location:  Calgary, Canada
  • Pricing:  Starting at $100-$149/hour

The Status Bureau

  • Services:  Link building, Shopify optimization
  • Location:  Edmonton, Canada
  • Pricing:  Starting at $100-$149/hour

Gustin Quon

  • Services:  SEO A/B testing, industry SEO
  • Location:  Winnipeg, Canada
  • Pricing:  Starting at $100-$149/hour

Brand Vision

  • Services:  SEO audits, technical SEO
  • Location:  Montreal, Canada
  • Pricing:  Starting at $100-$149/hour

Let’s Get Optimized

  • Services: Keyword research, Google My Business optimization
  • Location: Halifax, Canada
  • Pricing: Starting at $100-$149/hour

[Summary] Top SEO agencies in Canada

Ontario WebFX Toronto, Canada $100-$149 / hour 4.9
seoplus+ Ottawa, Canada $150-$199 / hour 4.9
British Columbia Jelly Digital Marketing & PR Langley Township, Canada $100-$149 / hour 4.9
1st On The List Vancouver, Canada $150-$199 / hour 4.9
Alberta Konstruct Digital Calgary, Canada $100-$149 / hour 4.9
The Status Bureau Edmonton, Canada $100-$149 / hour 5.0
Manitoba Gustin Quon Winnipeg, Canada $100 – $149 / hour 4.7
Quebec Brand Vision Montreal, Canada $100-$149 / hour 5.0
Nova Scotia Let’s Get Optimized Halifax, Canada $100-$149 / hour 5.0

Experience the benefits of working with a top SEO agency in Canada

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