See Inside WebFX June 2019: The Dog Days of Summer

The WebFX team is made up of more than 450 subject matter experts in digital marketing, SEO, web design and web development, social media, and more. Together, they've helped WebFX's clients earn more than $3 billion in revenue from the web — and that's just in the past five years.

Bring Your Pet to Work Month

Few things make FX-ers happier than the tiny pitter patter (or massive manic stomps) of our furry friends rounding the corners of the office! June is filled to the brim with joy due to #BringYourPetToWorkMonth. Our new pet desk areas make working with your fur child all the more simple, or the more seasoned FX companions can stay right at the feet of their parents in the open office space!

Every day from 12 – 12:30 the pets take a “lunch break” out back in one of our outdoor spaces so the rest of the team can come to meet them and play. We’re hoping this month never ends!

Outdoor Spaces

Speaking of outdoor spaces, this summer has been all the more epic due to our outdoor work and play spaces! The back patio is complete with a gas fireplace (perfect for roasting s’ mores – we tested it), ample seating, neighborhood chipmunks, and is an official “FX Quiet Zone” for digging in on projects. The front “Green” is perfect for grabbing a quick lunch break or hosting a happy-hour after work with friends.

We’re excited to use them even further at our upcoming parties and events!

Veggies Day – Salad Bar

Did you know June is National Fruit & Veggies month? Now I know we’re not all equally excited about produce, but WebFX found a pretty cool way to celebrate with a lunch-time breakout event. We hosted a “bring-your-favorite-topping” salad bar which team members were able to contribute their most loved salad toppings to, in addition to eating a delicious healthy lunch!

Among the assortment of goodies were asiago cheese crisps, blackberries, hard-boiled eggs, and a dressing so delicious it was taken hostage halfway through the day.

The IM Olympics

As our Internet Marketing Team grows in size (110+ at the moment) it’s been even more exciting to see what crazy ideas their coaches come up with for group activities. One of the most exciting to date was the “IM Olympics” which took place this month! Teams competed in multiple events including balloon popping, cup flipping, tower building, human knot untangling, and other equally bonding activities (check out the footage to see friendships destroyed in real time).

An outstanding evening I’m sure we’ll be repeating again in the future!

Bondfire Evening

Ah, summer. A time to kick up your feet, relax with good friends, and stuff yourself entirely too full of anything that can be roasted over a campfire. Our Marketing and Talent Acquisition teams did just that with their first “Bondfire” event!

Not sure if it was the pounds of “dirt” dessert, the crisp perfection of a few select mountain pies, or the excellent FX-er company – but the level of fun was rivaled by only the average caloric intake.

Check in next month to see what July brings us #InsideFX!

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