See Inside WebFX January 2018: We Are #FX

Here at WebFX, we’re lucky enough to have multiple teams of superstar family members grouped together by common passion, interest, and talent. While there are many similarities between these hard-working champions, it’s our differences that make this family the most rich, diverse, and amazing to be around. We are bakers, we are runners, we are crafters, we are chefs… We Are #FX

Darrian McClellen, Social Media Specialist by day, DarryCakes bakery by night.

Working in an Italian restaurant at age 16, Darrian was given the opportunity to train with a “straight-out-of-Italy” grandmother.

When the restaurant needed someone to make and sell their Biscotti around the holidays, Darrian received hands-on “cookie training” and has been in love with baking ever since. “It helps me get my mind off of things for a while and helps me feel productive in a not-at-all productive way at the same time,” Darrian said when asked why she enjoys her hobby. She absolutely loves when people give her new ideas or requests for culinary creations!

Off-the-wall suggestions can help pull her from a “baking funk.” Darrian loves sharing her hobby with everyone and considers it the coolest aspect. “From leaving treats in the kitchen to making a special basket for someone who’s having a particularly bad week or donating my time for special fundraisers, I just love that it’s something everyone can enjoy!”

Will Gordon aka “Flash Gordon” – Professional Internet Marketer with a passion for running.

Will has 6 reasons he runs:

  1. To stay in shape.
  2. To combat anxiety and depression, “natural endorphins are a great side effect!”
  3. In 2010 his best friend convinced him to run a marathon, the friend never ran, Will did (and never stopped).
  4. He wants to do it in every state, sampling local cuisine along the way.
  5. Loves craft beer – hates the beer gut.
  6. Inspiration from his PapPap, army veteran, and Will’s real-life hero.

Without any formal training, Pap ran a mile in under 4 minutes and 15 seconds in high school and only lost one race. “He’s run many marathons, including Boston 15 times. Besides running, he’s made a huge impact locally in Harrisburg/Linglestown as Doctor and an all-around gem of a person.

He’s my inspiration to not just be a better runner, but to be a better person. I thought, if I could run like PapPap, I could be more like PapPap.”

“It’s my meditation. It’s my mental health.

It’s my escape and my paradise. Runner’s High is a real thing and it is absolutely euphoric. I also have a competitive personality and enjoy the drive of trying to get better and beat personal goals (tip: You are only ever racing against yourself).” In his opinion, the coolest thing about running is the places it’s taken him, the unique experience it’s provided, and the people he’s met along the way.

Kacey Royer, Earned Media Analyst, founder of Found Wanderer – Homemade Jewelry.

Kacey has always loved using her hands to create.

“Sitting down in front of my crystals and stones gives me such a surreal and peaceful feeling.” She emphasizes the necessity of finding a hobby to keep you grounded and mindful. In Kacy’s opinion, a process must happen in order to be satisfied with the final piece, “Although this process is enjoyable for me, it does take a lot of grit and motivation to come up with a design that I am happy with.” Being an entrepreneur has taught Kacey a tremendous amount about her personality and who she is as a woman, which she feels is truly invaluable.

The coolest aspect of jewelry creation for Kacy is how many people she’s able to reach. “I have a map that hangs in my studio where I keep track of all the places I have shipped my pieces to.

I have also been able to send my jewelry to some pretty unique individuals, ranging from contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, The Elvis Duran Morning Show hosts and crew, as well as Vinessa Shaw from Hocus Pocus and Liliana Mumy from Tim Allen’s Santa Claus movies (just to name a few)! I think it has been really cool to use my love for communicating and building relationships online both at WebFX and with my business!”

Scott Wilson, Earned Media team member – adventurous home cook.

When Scott reached 5K steps in the #LiveWellFX program, he chose a home smoker as his reward, “My wife said it was the happiest she’s seen me since our wedding day.” He loves how simple the smoker is to use, and how it makes him look like a master chef, “despite any real talent” (highly debatable). “I’ve only been doing this a few months, but the food makes me look like an expert…

what comes out is incredible. Meats are fall-off-the-bone tender with a great smokey flavor. If it sounds like I’m trying to sell you on this…

yep, I totally am.”

Scott wishes people knew they too could earn a smoker through #LiveWellFx! Additionally, that it’s not just for meat. He’s experimented with everything from chicken wings, salmon, and mac-and-cheese, to olives and apple dumplings!

In Scott’s opinion, he realized the coolest thing about his hobby “When I took my first bite and realized that all of a sudden I could make food just as good as anything I’d had at a BBQ fest… that was pretty cool.”

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