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WebFX + Nutshell: Your End-to-End Marketing and Sales Solution

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We’re thrilled to announce that WebFX has  acquired Nutshell, a powerful CRM for revenue-driving sales teams. As a happy customer of Nutshell for the last 9 years, we’re thrilled to welcome them to WebFX. Nutshell and WebFX are aligned in a shared mission to drive revenue for customers through powerful digital services and software.

Why Nutshell?

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We have long been raving fans of Nutshell’s powerful feature set and extraordinary customer service.

In fact, we’re actually old friends. Nutshell and WebFX’s founding teams both worked out of the Murata Business Center in Carlisle, PA back in the day. The friendships formed over a decade ago remain strong and have come full circle in creating this partnership.

We’ve seen firsthand how powerful of a solution Nutshell can be for businesses. For marketers like ourselves, CRM is the culmination of all of our hard work — where leads arrive and where leads become revenue. Nutshell’s built from the ground up with revenue generation in mind and loaded with features that make both marketing and sales teams better. Adding Nutshell to the WebFX umbrella alongside MarketingCloudFX creates a true end-to-end revenue marketing solution for growing companies.

Here is what has impressed us the most over the years about Nutshell:

The future of Nutshell + WebFX

nutshell webfx acquisition
An obligatory boat party to celebrate the partnership

We’re already hard at work building new features alongside the Nutshell team. Our future roadmap includes

  • Deeper data integrations
  • Enhanced security
  • Creative ways to activate your data into marketing campaigns
  • More detailed lead attribution and tracking

Follow along with our progress at Nutshell’s blog or start a free trial of Nutshell to experience the platform firsthand.

Bringing Nutshell into the fold is a big step in our continued quest to provide Digital Marketing That Drives Results® for businesses. We’re excited to have a world-class CRM as part of our offering. Request a custom digital strategy from us to learn more about how WebFX + Nutshell can grow your business.

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