2023 Sales Trends To Sharpen Your Approach

2023 Sales Trends To Sharpen Your Approach

Following current sales trends can help you stay ahead of competitors and learn what customers want. To close more sales in the coming year, you must incorporate trends and advancements into your strategy.

Here’s a quick look at the 2023 sales trends we will cover:

  1. Customer relationship management (CRM) involvement is growing
  2. Existing customers are going to be higher priority
  3. Companies must sell the problem
  4. More touchpoints are becoming necessary
  5. Company culture matters more than before
  6. Social selling is a must
  7. Artificial intelligence (AI) is entering the sales world
  8. Influencers run the show

Keep reading to break down each trend in more detail, or call 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about improving your sales approach through digital marketing!

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What is the fastest-growing sales trend today?

Personalization is quickly becoming the fastest-growing sales trend. Before we dive into the other trends, we must talk about personalization.

Customers are brighter and more thoughtful than ever. They don’t want a sweeping approach with ads or marketing materials — they want to feel seen by companies. Here are some quick facts about personalization:

It’s crucial to remember how personalizing your marketing and advertising can impact sales. If you want to make the biggest impact during a sales pitch, all your content should be about the individual.

8 current sales trends for 2023

Follow this sales trend analysis to get ahead for 2023.

1. Customer relationship management (CRM) involvement is growing

A CRM is a system for handling all aspects of customer relationships. CRMs are becoming more popular across all industries, but they can be particularly helpful for sales.

As personalization and customer service become more prominent, companies are choosing CRM services to help them manage customer relationships. With an effective CRM, you can:

  • Organize and store customer data, including their contact info, purchase history, account details, and more
  • Follow up with leads through one platform
  • Integrate your email services to monitor communications
  • Message and call leads through a trackable interface

A CRM like Nutshell can integrate with your existing sales software.

"Stress-free sales and marketing" Nutshell header

2. Existing customers are going to be higher priority

Finding new sales is not always the answer — 49% of marketers have shifted their objectives to focus on growing business with existing accounts. Instead of pushing new sales, this trend encourages teams to look at their existing client base and expand their services.

You can accomplish this step with two strategies:

  • Upselling: Show your customers the premium or higher-value option that could fulfill their needs even more.
  • Cross-selling: Point your buyers towards complementary products that will enhance their experience. This strategy offers customers a more comprehensive solution.

3. Companies must sell the problem

Before, selling was all about listing your features and benefits and proving why your company is the best. Now, you want to outline the problem and paint your product or service as the solution.

This step requires a strong understanding of your target audience’s challenges and how your product suits them. Again, clients want to feel like you know them. If you show that you understand their problems, your product will look like a natural next step.

When offering a demo or pitching, be sure to address the following questions:

  • What challenges does this client face?
  • Are there any industry-specific needs that our product helps with?
  • How does our product help this client?

4. More touchpoints are necessary

It’s normal not to make a sale on first contact with a lead. It can take you a few times to warm them to your company and show your complete line of benefits and services. You can expect to meet with each lead more than once.

Part of building customer relationships is having regular touchpoints, starting as early as pre-closing. Communicate with your lead, be there to answer questions, and keep the line open. This process will pay off as you build accounts and relationships.

5. Company sales culture matters more than before

A charming sales team is always a plus, but what makes a good sales culture?

Your company’s sales culture is founded on your values, which tell your story. If you want people to warm up to your company and spend their funds with you, you need to tell them who you are. Your sales team is often your first impression with leads and existing customers.

Be sure to outline your company values and culture and communicate that with your leads. They want to know who they’re working with as much as they want to be seen.

6. Social selling is a must

Currently, 90% of companies use social media. If you aren’t taking advantage of social selling, you are missing out on more revenue and connections with your audience.

Some key benefits of selling on social media include:

  • Brand awareness: As you post online and build your brand, you can expose more people to your company. Even if they don’t convert immediately, they will remember you when they need your service.
  • Lead quality: Social media helps weed out leads who are only browsing your services. When a lead contacts you through a social platform, they are likely looking for more information.
  • Connection: You can use posts, comments, and direct messages to reach out to leads and make contact.

YouTube is one platform where sales teams can answer questions, detail product or service offerings, and build culture. Companies like BestBuy use this tool to their advantage:

BestBuy's YouTube header

7. AI is entering the sales world

AI is a standard part of many marketing practices. As technology advances, so do the opportunities for sales teams.

With AI software, your team can boost productivity by automating repetitive tasks. You can:

  • Set appointments
  • Send notifications
  • Record customer data
  • Send emails to leads

You can even use AI to track your leads and improve your customers’ experiences.

8. Influencers run the show

If you aren’t already using social media for your business, it’s time to catch up with other marketing and sales teams. Influencer marketing can help you reach a wider audience on social media and put your product or services in front of prospects.

Influencers can:

  • Boost your sales
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Heighten your social media approach

Influencers also promise a strong return on investment (ROI). Businesses can make up to $5.20 for every dollar invested in Instagram influencer marketing. If you want to market your services and connect with your audience, connect with an influencer.

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