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Remarketing With Google Analytics: Everything You Need to Know

Elizabeth has been running pay-per-click (PPC) ads for a few months now in hopes of drawing customers to her store. While she’s driving some customers to purchase, she wonders if she can do more to reach the right people with the right ad. If you’re in the same situation as Elizabeth, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a solution: Remarketing with Google Analytics.

Remarketing with Google Analytics is a way for you to take your campaigns to the next level and drive more leads back to convert.

On this page, we’ll answer some critical questions like:

Plus, you can browse our FAQ section to get answers to other burning questions! Let’s dive in!

What is remarketing with Google Analytics?

Remarketing is a type of advertising that draws back people who engaged with your business. You advertise to people who viewed products, abandoned their cart, or didn’t complete a form.

With remarketing with Google Analytics, your ad’s targeting is based on audience data from Google Analytics.   google analytics information

Why use remarketing with Google Analytics?

Now that you know about remarketing in Google Analytics, you may wonder why you should use it. Why not rely on the targeting options available in Google Ads?

The most significant benefit of using Google Analytics is advanced segmentation. You gather significantly more data in Google Analytics, which means you know more about your target audience. Having access to this detailed data enables you to create more refined and target ads.

You can deliver a more relevant experience to your audience, which allows you to drive better results with your Google Ads campaigns. Additionally, remarketing with Google Analytics doesn’t cost you more money to get audience insights. You don’t have to start a new campaign, but rather, use existing data from your website to target people who showed a strong interest in your business.

You don’t have to spend time using guesswork to create a campaign and wait weeks for it to deliver valuable data so you can refine and improve the campaign. The data is already there for you to market to people you know are interested in what you offer.

How to set up remarketing in Google Analytics

Want to know how to set up remarketing in Google Analytics? Check out these six easy steps:

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Choose the property you want to alter
  3. Click on Tracking Info
  4. Click Data Collection
  5. Set Remarketing and Advertising Reporting Features to ON
  6. Save changes

It’s that simple! Once you take these steps, you can start using remarketing through Google Analytics!

How to set up remarketing audiences in Google Analytics

Now that you know how to set up remarketing ads in Google Analytics, it’s time to look at how to set up remarketing audiences. Setting up remarketing audiences will make it easy for you to market to people who showed interest in your business prior.

Here are the steps you’ll take:

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Choose the property you want to alter
  3. Click Audience Definitions and then Audience
  4. Select the +New Audience button
  5. Click Edit and then Next Step
  6. Choose your audience type or create a new audience
  7. Set your audience’s name
  8. Click Next Step
  9. Determine where you want to use your remarketing audience
  10. Click OK, then click Publish

FAQs for remarketing in Google Analytics

Here are some common questions people ask about remarketing with Google Analytics.

What metrics and dimensions can you use to create a remarketing list?

Your business can create remarketing lists with multiple dimensions and metrics, including:

  • Time on page
  • Geographic location
  • Whether they added a product to their cart
  • Demographic information
  • Device

geography analytics   With so much data from Google Analytics, you have numerous possibilities for crafting remarketing lists and refining your target audience to deliver a more tailored experience.

How long do remarketing lists last?

Your remarketing lists will last forever, but the people included in them won’t stay forever. When you craft remarketing lists on Google Analytics, your audience can be on your list for up to 540 days. After 540 days, your audience gets removed from your list.

Do I have to hit any quotas to use remarketing in Google Analytics?


If you want to remarket through Google, you have to meet specific requirements for cookies and active site visitors. To use RLSA, you need to have at least 1,000 cookies on your remarketing lists before you can use that list. This requirement helps protect the privacy of the people who are on your list.

Additionally, there are different list size requirements for advertising options. To use these lists, you have to have hit these required numbers in the last 30 days:

  • Google Display Network: At least 100 active visitors or users
  • Google Search Network: At least 1000 active visitors or users
  • YouTube: At least 1000 active visitors or users
  • Gmail ads: At least 1000 active users in the Google Display Network
  • Discovery ads: At least 1000 active visitors or users

What types of remarketing can you do?

When you learn how to set up remarketing in Google Analytics, you may wonder what type of remarketing you can do with this data. There are dozens of options available to your business for targeting your audience. Here are some scenarios of when you can remarket:

  • People who visited your site
  • People who visited your site and live in a specific location
  • People who abandoned their carts
  • People who already purchased products

The scenarios you can target are plentiful. To figure out which ones are right for you, you need to decide what you want to achieve and how you want your audience to help you achieve that goal.

Is it better to set up remarketing through Google Ads or Google Analytics?

This question is a hot ticket item when you learn how to set up remarketing in Google Analytics. Many people wonder if Google Ads or Google Analytics is better for remarketing.

The answer? It depends. Both targeting options benefit your business greatly.

These two options enable you to target the right people at the right time. So, how do you choose which one to use? If you want to get more advanced audience segmentation, choose Google Analytics.

Google Analytics will enable you to refine your audience more prominently, which means you can deliver a more tailored ad experience. Additionally, how you want to reach your audience will impact which platform you use. With Google Ads, for example, you have numerous remarketing options, from standard remarketing to dynamic remarketing.

It can also depend on where your data is stored. If your information gets stored through Google Analytics, it may be easier to use that platform for remarketing since the data is already there.

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