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4 Major Types of Video Marketing You Can Do on Your Own

You don’t have to be an expert video content creator to take advantage of different types of video marketing for your business.  Making professional videos can be as simple as using your smartphone camera.  Seriously…you don’t need high-tech cameras, professional lighting, and a film crew to make great videos. Just focus on the content in the videos and your audience will likely be engaged. To help you start producing videos like the pros, here is a list of four different types of video marketing you can do on your own (and some stellar examples of each). 

1. Educational videos

Educational videos teach your audience something new. This type of video marketing helps to build trust between you and your audience because you’re establishing yourself as an expert in your industry. Let’s dive into different types of educational videos you can create for your video marketing strategies. 

Tutorial videos

With a tutorial video, you have the opportunity to show off your brand and your products while teaching people how to use them. Home Depot does a great job of this in their video content marketing, explaining how to complete DIY projects (like the wall planter featured below) and showing which of their products are needed to get the job done.

Industry update videos

Showing that you follow and understand trends in your industry will give you credibility and add a layer of trust between you and your customers.  Whether there’s a new technological breakthrough, or a trend affecting large portions of the world and your industry, this type of video marketing can keep both you and your customers informed.  Wireless company AT&T has a whole playlist on YouTube dedicated to different updates in their industry.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are meant to simplify the explanation of a product, service, process, or any other complicated topic.  These videos are usually animated and typically don’t run longer than a few minutes.  In the example from Microsoft, the company uses animation to explain how their products work together to protect from digital threats.

2. Company culture videos

Company culture videos help show off your company’s personality. With this type of video marketing, you’ll want to shoot videos with your mission and values in mind.  These videos establish trust between your business and the public, especially if you focus on a commitment to your mission and values. Culture videos are also great for recruiting new hires. If your company looks like a great place to work, people will want to apply. Let’s take a look at some examples of company culture videos. 

Event videos

Event videos can give people a lot of information about your company without having to say anything. If your team volunteers together, creating a video of your team doing volunteer work can show that you care about your community.  If you’re having a big work party, you can capture how happy your employees are at your business. If you’re hosting a big conference, you can establish authority and credibility by sharing speeches or interviews from industry leaders who attended the event. In the example below, Apple posts videos from their events to their YouTube channel for their video marketing strategy. 

Brand videos

Brand video content marketing gives you and your employees a chance to sit down and talk about your company’s mission and values.  Whether you want to explain your company’s dedication to customer experiences or you want to talk about your history, you should use your brand video to explain what’s unique about your company. When creating this kind of video marketing, ask yourself why customers should choose your business over your competition.  McDonald’s uses a short brand video to showcase their commitment to sustainability. 

3. Product videos

Product videos for your video marketing strategy help you showcase your products and get people interested.  How you feature your products is up to you, but you can also follow in the footsteps of the companies in these examples. 

Product demo videos

Product demo videos help viewers understand how your product works.  Whether the video includes you talking about your product, or just focuses on your product’s features, you want to make sure you show off what your product can do.  Nespresso uses a short video without any narration to explain the features of their coffee machine

Product launch videos

When launching a new product, video marketing can help create a lot of hype.  Whether you decide to tease new features in a video marketing campaign or tell the story of how your new product came to fruition, you should focus on getting people as excited about your new product as you are.  Launch videos can be live (part of a big event like Apple’s conferences) or prerecorded —the choice is yours! Check out the example of a product launch video from Goodyear below. 

4. Testimonial videos

With testimonials in your video marketing strategies, you show that people love your company.  In combination with other content you’ve created, these videos help establish trust.  If people are singing your praises, your business must be good, right?  Let’s look at two different types of testimonials. 

Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are perfect for pushing people from the consideration stage to the purchase stage of the buying process If someone is researching products from you and a competitor, and you have glowing testimonials from customers, they’re more likely to choose you.  Amazon uses testimonials from its sellers to help establish trust.

Employee testimonials

Your employees know what it’s like to work for you, so they’re the best people to talk about working for your company. Job candidates can meet their future coworkers with this type of video marketing. If you include clips of your office and events, they’ll also get to know the company more.  LoyaltyOne uses employee testimonials to show off their team and their offices. 

That’s a wrap on 4 major types of video marketing! 

Now that you know the different kinds of video marketing you can use, you’re ready to start planning your next video.  Here are a few quick tips for producing stellar videos:

  • Find a quiet location for shoots. Nothing ruins a perfect take like loud noises. Unless you’re shooting an event, you’ll want to find a quiet location to ensure you don’t pick up background noises or other voices.
  • Use natural light to your advantage. If you’re in a room with windows, position yourself so that the light is in front of you and not behind you. If the light is too bright or creates weird shadows, try adjusting your position or the curtains if you have any. 
  • If shooting a person talking, keep the camera at eye-level. If the camera is too high or too low, this makes for an awkward shot. 
  • If shooting a product, get some close-ups of the product in action. Close-ups can help focus on certain features, give context to an explanation, or cover up any cuts you make when editing. 
  • Keep your camera steady. If you need to purchase a tripod for your cell phone or camera, you can find some affordable options online. 

For pro-tips on how to shape your video strategy, check out our video marketing tips blog post.

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