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Today, every industrial company needs a website to get more customers. Even if you’re the industry leader in your region, you can still grow by getting customers from other areas.

All you need is a beautifully designed website and the right Internet marketing strategies.

That’s because Internet marketing is one of the most powerful forms of advertising in the world. It gives you the ability to reach millions of people without ever leaving your headquarters, and you can generate new leads from anywhere in the world at any time of day.

Plus, considering how little it costs in comparison to broadcast and print marketing, it can actually save you money as you continue earning it.

The results are a bigger bottom line and a more profitable company, all from the comfort of your desk.

You can start using SEO servicescontent marketing, and other forms of Internet marketing by using a handful of smart ideas.

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1. Competitor research

The industrial sector is one of the most competitive business fields in the world. That means if you want to start marketing your company online, you need to know what your competition is doing first.

To find out what they’re doing, you can use a handful of online tools. All of these tools will show you different information, but it’s all vital to setting up your company’s approach to Internet marketing.

To start, you can check out these tools:

  1. SpyFu shows information on keywords your competition targets for new customers.
  2. BrightEdge shows information about your competition’s SEO ranking.
  3. BuzzSumo shows information on how your competition uses social media.
  4. Ahrefs shows information on how many links your competition has earned.

It’s important to note that almost all of this information is based on keywords, or terms that users type into search engines to learn more about your industry. If you want to compete online, you need to use keywords to your advantage.

Once you get a feel for the landscape, it’s time to look at different Internet marketing strategies and how you can use them to succeed.

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2. SEO

SEO is a big marketing buzzword these days. It refers to making your website show up in Google search results so people can find you by searching for keywords related to your services.

So if you create concrete products like cooling towers for power plants, you could use the keyword “nuclear power plant cooling towers” on your site to attract that kind of traffic.

In addition, SEO includes fine-tuning specific factors on your site so Google and users can understand what your site is about.

If you don’t use these SEO ranking factors to your advantage, your competition will. That means you’re already behind your biggest competitors, and it’s really hard to play catch-up.

3. PPC

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a marketing system that lets you pay for an ad on a search engine or social network that sends someone to your website.

PPC systems are different for every company you use, but they typically follow the same auction-based system.

The system looks like this:

  1. You choose a keyword to target
  2. You create an ad for that keyword
  3. Someone searches that keyword
  4. The PPC system looks at who bids the most and lists ads according to their bid
  5. The ad that gets a click pays for the ad
  6. The ads that don’t get clicks do not pay for the ad

The biggest advantage of this kind of marketing is that you pay so little to earn a new business lead, which has a huge potential payoff.

Even if you wind up paying for your ad, you’re almost always paying pennies at a time. That means if you get a paying customer from a PPC ad, your ROI for that ad is thousands of dollars — and maybe more!

4. Content marketing

Content marketing involves creating informative, authoritative parts of your site that tell potential customers about your services.

Content can be blog posts, articles, product listings, pricing, graphics, videos, audio, and more. Basically, it’s anything that you create and place on your site.

Blog posts are great for showing potential customers that you stay up-to-date with your industry. You can also use them to introduce members of your company and chief-level executives.

Articles are perfect ways to answer common questions that your customers have. That way, you can be sure you’re attracting qualified business leads who know their stuff.

Product listings and pricing are good additions since most people are concerned with products and costs. They want to know what you sell and how much you charge, so you might as well show them.

Last, graphicsvideos, and audio are fun, informative ways you can spread your brand’s name through social media and other outlets to generate brand awareness. Marketing strategies that deal with these three ideas tend to be more light-hearted and accessible than others, encouraging more people to check out your site.

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