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8 CTV Ad Examples That Show You Why CTV Matters
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8 CTV Ad Examples That Show You Why CTV Matters

Connected TV (CTV) devices are more popular than ever, with new Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming service options popping up consistently. For businesses, that popularity presents new chances to advertise and reach users.

Looking at other CTV ad examples can give you ideas for ads that will help your company find new audiences and leads.

This page will break down the basics of CTV and some popular CTV ad examples to help you get started. Start reading below, or click to jump to a section and learn more:

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What is CTV advertising?

CTV advertising is an advertising type that encompasses ads delivered to viewers delivered to internet-connected devices. CTV ads appear on paid and free ad-supported networks and apps, which users can access through smart TVs and other devices.

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Why use CTV ads?

CTV ads can help you find users who want your products or services. In fact, 66% of people who watched OTT video content discovered a new product or service.

Along with that, CTV ads offer the following perks:

  • Cost-effective ads: With CTV ads, you can use the same video for different channels. If you want to run the same ad across different channels, you can reach more users and build brand recognition without creating multiple ads.
  • Popularity of users: Let’s face it — people love their streaming services. Running CTV ads lets you meet people where they are instead of attracting them to you.
  • Omnichannel experiences: You can give users a well-rounded experience with your brand by adding a CTV campaign. CTV ads can complement any other campaign for a successful omnichannel approach.

8 best CTV ad examples

So, what do these ads look like in practice? Here are eight different CTV ad examples to reference:

1. Buick  — Hulu

Summary: This ad shows a group of people getting into and driving the new Buick Encore GX. The title of the ad is “Imagine That,” and it dives into the new features of the car, including Wi-Fi connectivity, improved backup assistance, and touchscreen interface. The message is that life is easier with a Buick.

First on our list of the best CTV ad examples is this Buick ad. In terms of car ads, this one is creative and to the point. It showcases the car features while being quippy, showing that not only does this brand have great cars, they also have a shining personality.

You want your company’s voice and features to come across positively. Consider how you can explain both while keeping users interested.

2. Chase — Max (Formerly HBO Max)

Summary: This ad for Chase talks about three different kinds of travelers who all use Chase when on vacation. It uses the split screen visual to show how Chase is a multi-functional card with benefits that work for everyone.

Chase is a great example of a colorful, fast ad that users can watch and get the simple message. For one, the relaxing imagery is pleasant to look at, which associates Chase with vacation and freedom. Then, the message of universal benefits encourages users to reach out and learn more.

When creating your ads, think about how the colors and images you choose will reflect on your company.

3. Carbravo — Hulu

Summary: This commercial focuses on two men discussing CarBravo in the grocery store. One man has just recently bought a used car from the company, and so he is feeling the “usedphoria” that comes with buying a used vehicle, shown by his flowing hair.

This ad is a basic yet effective commercial for CarBravo. The message is simple — if you buy a used car from them, you will feel just like the guy in the commercial (though, probably with less volume in your hair.)

Funny commercials are a safe way to get people’s attention. If you want to create a CTV ad, using this one as inspiration can’t steer you wrong.

4. GEICO — Amazon Prime Video

Summary: This ad is set in a restaurant, and the narrator claims that using GEICO is as easy as loving Parmesan. We then see a waiter grating cheese, waiting for the customer to tell him to stop, until they are practically drowning in grated Parmesan.

Again, another comical GEICO commercial. This one takes a break from GEICO’s normal mascot and adds a comedic twist on a common situation. Plus, this ad is short, so it doesn’t interrupt the user’s experience too much, which is always a plus for companies.

5. CBS News — Paramount+

Summary: This advertisement is for new CBS News channel on Paramount+. This ad shows a bunch of cut scenes from the news channel featuring pressing interviews and famous politicians. They also touch on hot button issues like the economy.

This ad is a long commercial for CBS News. It is enticing because of the people and topics in it, but it is a bit interrupting to the streaming experience. However, the way the clips are arranged creates a sense of urgency and education that you can expect from the channel.

While you might not be creating ads for your own streaming service, think about how you can create a highlight reel of what you have to offer at your company.

6. State Farm — Hulu

Summary: This is an ad for the Personal Price Plan From State Farm. Jake from State Farm is trying to convince Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs to change his name to MaAuto to go with Patrick Maholmes, to reference the home and auto insurance bundle. Travis suggests that Patrick should change his name to Patrick Kel-See How Much You can Save By Bundling Home and Auto, but it’s not well received.

This advertisement relies on comedy and the celebrity cameos to help get the message across. Even if you aren’t familiar with football, the joke lands because of the awkward situation and the play on words with the guys’ names.

If you can get a celeb or influencer cameo, great! But if not, a recognizable face from your company or a catchy slogan will work.

7. BVLGARI — Max

Summary: Anne Hathaway walks through a magical golden gate and is greeted with a wonderful, golden scenery. The short ad focuses on her neck and hands, which are adorned with delicate jewelry. The commercial has no audio, just music, and it ends with a shot of the company’s name.

If you want to convey an experience without words, you need powerful visuals. This ad expresses what it feels like to wear BVLGARI pieces without saying a word. You get a sense of wonder and adventure as you follow the subject and see the golden landscape.

Companies who need to sell a sensory experience can use ads like this to intrigue their audience. Think perfume ads — audiences can’t smell it through the screen, but they might seek the product out if the ad is powerful enough.

8. Best Buy — Max

Summary: This commercial takes place in a standard office, where the workers are all seen browsing for Black Friday deals. One employee shares his phone screen with another in a meeting, and another is browsing the deals and clicking back to work whenever someone walks by. In the end, a worker exclaims while the narrator explains that you can get these deals before Black Friday.

Rounding out our list of CTV advertisements is this seasonal Best Buy ad. This example showcases how you can use seasonal messages to get people to convert. Plus, since this is a seasonal ad, they only have to run it as long as it applies.

If you offer seasonal specials, services, or products, give your customers ample time to learn about them. Creating a special ad can help you boost awareness and stay on top of the market.

CTV ad best practices for businesses

So, how can you make sure that you have the best CTV ads? Here are a few best practices to give your ads a competitive edge:

  • Grab users’ attention immediately: Don’t waste time building up the tension in the ad — you want them to be intrigued from the beginning.
  • Make it entertaining: Most of these ads are going to interrupt users as they watch their shows or movies. Make sure your ad is worth the break.
  • Have a specific goal: What is your ad meant to accomplish? How can you make sure it does that?
  • Use a clear call to action (CTA): Some ads will just be for brand awareness, but others can have a specific CTA, like calling to learn more or visiting a website. Think about the goal and then add a CTA if needed.

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