And Then There Were Two: Microsoft & Yahoo Partner, RIP Yahoo Search

It’s official, Yahoo Search is dead and Bing will rule.

Well, the #2 spot in search at least.

Earlier this week Microsoft and Yahoo came to terms on a deal that will join their search forces against Google. The legal details are pretty boring, but here’s what everyone who works on the web needs to know:

1) Bing will replace Yahoo Search

Microsoft’s Bing technology will power all of Yahoo’s search properties.

So if you go to and do a search, Bing technology will find your results and send them to Yahoo for display.

Optimizing for Yahoo just became pointless. Because both search portals run on the same algorithm you’ll get the same results in both places in about 7 months.

Your Bing rankings just became about 5x more important!

2) MSN adCenter will replace Yahoo Search Marketing

For those of you who do PPC advertising on Yahoo and MSN, MSN will take this over too.

Which is awesome because Yahoo has been neglecting its paid search interface for some time. I work in all three PPC engines and Yahoo’s hasn’t been updated in about 2 years, while Microsoft and Google keep their interfaces and products fresh and usable.

This transition won’t happen until about the beginning of 2011. Your Yahoo PPC campaigns will run as they are until then.

3) Optimizing for Bing is Now SUPER-Important

I’m eating my words from my rant about how insignificant Bing was a few weeks ago.

Now, with anywhere from 25-30% market share, showing up on Bing and having a Bing PPC campaign is VERY worth it.

30% of searchers is a big number and you should actively work to increase those Bing rankings.

The details of this monster deal must be hashed out by late October, after which time Yahoo search rankings and PPC ads will be phased out.

RIP Yahoo, long live Bing?

Google’s still #1 though.

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