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Cloud Hosting SEO: Does Cloud Hosting Impact SEO?

It’s never too early to begin thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. Most SEO tactics happen once your site is up and running, but you can also influence your SEO as early as when you’re first creating your site. 

To start with, your domain name can have a major impact on your SEO. But what you may not know is that your website hosting can affect your rankings as well.

Specifically, you can impact your SEO by using cloud hosting for your website. But how does cloud hosting impact SEO? What’s the significance of cloud hosting SEO? Read on to find out!

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How does web hosting work?

Before we dive into cloud hosting, it’s important for us to define web hosting as a whole and briefly cover how it works.

Web hosting refers to the physical storage of your website on a server. Though your website is digital, your files must be stored on a physical drive somewhere, just like anything else you pull up on your computer. Your web host is the company or entity that lets you store your site on one of their servers.

Whenever someone pulls up your website, their browser sends a request to the server for your website files. It can then pull up the website on the user’s device.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting refers to a specific type of web hosting that takes place on multiple servers. Whereas most web hosting stores your website on a single server, cloud hosting lets you store it on multiple servers in multiple locations.

That doesn’t mean your site has one primary server and then a few backup servers, either. It means each server where it’s stored holds equal precedence, and any of them can be used to load your site when users visit it.

How does cloud hosting impact SEO?

There are numerous advantages to using cloud hosting for your website. But does cloud hosting impact SEO at all?

The short answer is yes. Cloud hosting can impact your site’s SEO in several ways. More specifically, it can improve it. Here are a few of the most significant benefits of SEO for cloud hosting!

1. Increased site uptime

One of the biggest benefits of cloud hosting is that it can improve your site’s uptime — that is, it can prevent your site from going down as often.

Sometimes servers go down. That’s largely unavoidable, and when it happens, the sites on those servers go down, too. But when your site is stored on multiple servers, that ceases to be an issue, because it’s unlikely that all those cloud servers will go down at once.

Whenever your site goes down on one server, users can continue to access it from another server. 

So, how does this impact your cloud computing SEO?

Google rankings don’t tend to favor sites that go down all the time. So, by keeping your site up more often, you can help its rankings.

2. Better hosting locations

It’s important to remember that web hosting isn’t all digital. It takes place on physical servers in real locations — and those locations matter.

When Google ranks websites, it tends to favor the ones that are hosted closer to the person making the search. So, if your website’s server is far away from a searcher’s device, it may not rank as high as a site hosted more locally.

However, you can avoid that issue when you use cloud hosting. You can store your site on multiple servers across multiple locations, giving you a wider range of influence without requiring you to go out and buy multiple domains.

3. Improved page speeds

Another way you can benefit from SEO for cloud hosting is through improved page load speeds. Cloud hosting can help your site load significantly faster, in large part because most cloud hosts use a content delivery network (CDN) to improve page speeds.

This benefit is huge for your SEO, because page speed plays a major role in Google rankings. A slow-loading page will deter users from visiting it, because no one wants to wait a long time for a page to load. If it takes too long, most people will hit the “back” button.

That will cause the page to lose most of its traffic, leading to lower rankings. But with cloud hosting, your SEO will get a significant boost.

4. Increased mobile-friendliness

In addition to improving your page speeds, cloud computing SEO can also boost your site’s mobile-friendliness. Mobile-friendliness is an important factor to Google, since it uses mobile-first indexing –– it ranks sites based on their mobile format.

A site that isn’t mobile-friendly won’t rank very high, not to mention that it will lose traffic from anyone visiting it on mobile devices. You can fix that issue by using responsive design on your website, but cloud hosting plays a role as well.

Most cloud hosting providers offer advanced mobile analytics along with their hosting services. Those analytics give you far more insight into how you can improve your site’s mobile layout, enabling you to make it more mobile-friendly.

5. More site security

Cloud computing SEO carries the advantage of being more secure.

Cloud hosting typically comes with various tools to help protect your website against bots. These tools can ward off spambots — preventing them from infesting your comment sections — and scraping bots, which will try to create duplicates of your content.

Both of those actions would hurt your rankings, so by preventing them, cloud hosting can boost your SEO. Additionally, it can secure your site against malware attacks. That means it keeps your site data safe and protects site visitors’ information.

With cloud hosting, you can avoid having Google lower your rankings, which is what it would do if it detected malware on your site or recognized duplicate content there.

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