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An open notebook with various logo sketches on the left and a stylized graphic of a blue and yellow hummingbird on the right.

70 Excellent Logo Design Tutorials and Resources

An effective logo sets the tone and public perception of your brand, and therefore careful thought and creativity must be put into constructing it. In this article, you’ll find a large collection of tutorials and resources on the topic of designing logos by some of the most well-respected logo designers in the industry.

Logo Design Tutorials

Step-by-step logo

Designer/Author Chuck Green shows us the general process he takes when designing a logo. Step-by-step logo - screen shot

Big Bocca – Illustrative Logo

This downloadable tutorial goes through the process of designing an illustrative logo.

Big Bocca - Illustrative Logo - screen shot.

Piranha’s Revenge – Illustrative Logo

Artist Von. R. Glitschka discusses his creative process for designing an illustrative logo.

Piranha’s Revenge - Illustrative Logo - screen shot.

Logo Frustration

Take a peak into a real-world project to see an actual logo designer in action. Logo Frustration - screen shot.

Creating the Logo / Identity for “Blackberry Creek Community Church”

You’ll see, from start to finish, the creation of a logo for the “Blackberry Creek Community Church”. Creating the Logo / Identity for “Blackberry Creek Community Church” - screen shot.

Drawing a Good Logo

UX Developer Nathan Smith discusses his method for creating an iconic logo design. Drawing a Good Logo - screen shot.

The process of redesigning a logo

Kristof Saelen discusses an effective course of action for updating an existing logo. The process of redesigning a logo - screen shot.

Day 30: Designing a Logo

Learn how to create a logo design in Illustrator via this step-by-step tutorial.

Day 30: Designing a Logo - screen shot.

My logo design process

Graphic Designer David Airey shares his logo design process, including the very important step: the design brief.

Constructing the Perfect Logo

This short tutorial goes over the general methods for constructing a logo. Constructing the Perfect Logo - screen shot.

Logo Design Galleries for Inspiration


LogoPond is a logo design gallery where users can upload and share their logos. Members can leave comments/critiques, so it’s a helpful place for getting feedback.

LogoPond - screen shot.

Logo Of The Day

Logo Of The Day features one logo a day picked by a panel of judges. Logo Of The Day - screen shot.

The Identity Archives Project

The Identity Archives Project is a searchable database of logos and brand identity designs, it’s useful for getting inspiration on particular topics such as “technology” or “web 2.0”. The Identity Archives Project - screen shot.

Logos & Logotypes on deviantART

deviantArt has a section on user-submitted logos/logotypes that you can browse through for logo design inspiration. Logos & Logotypes on deviantART - screen shot.

Logo Faves

Logo Faves is a logo design gallery that seeks to present the best logo designs. Check out their “Highest Rated Logos” section to see what the top logos on the site.

Logo Faves - screen shot.


FAVEUP is a design inspiration gallery that has a wonderful Logos section. Users are able to vote on designs that are featured on FAVEUP. FAVEUP - screen shot.

Logo Galleria

Logo Galleria (currently) has over 400 logos featured in their gallery.

Logo Galleria - screen shot. is a frequently updated logo design gallery featuring thousands of logos. Check out the Top Rated section to see what their users like the most. - screen shot.


Logospire is a logo design gallery where users can vote on, comment on, and upload logo designs.

Logospire - screen shot.


LogoMoose is a logo design showcase site. They have a monthly “Logo of the month” award for submitted logo designs. LogoMoose - screen shot.


LogoSauce is a logo design gallery.

Check out the “top 6” section to view the most popular designs on the site. LogoSauce - screen shot.


Update: This website no longer exists.   lo80s is a highly-categorized logo design gallery.

You’ll find categories like “Symbols” or “Household Items” on here.   lo8os - screen shot.


LogoSurf is part of BuzzShout is a logo design aggregate that displays tons of logos in one page to reduce the number of clicks you have to perform to see logo designs. LogoSurf - screen shot.


logoed is a blog-style logo design showcase for graphic designers that posts logos from various designers.


goodlogo!com is a database of logo designs.

Check out the Logo Top 250 section to see the most popular logos on the site.

Logo Design Articles

30 Brilliant Vector Logo Designs, Deconstructed

Graphic and web designer, Chris Spooner, analyzes how one would construct the featured logo designs. 30 Brilliant Vector Logo Designs, Deconstructed - screen shot.

branding firefox

Acclaimed creative team Hicksdesign discusses the method in which the Firefox logo was selected. branding firefox - screen shot.

What Makes a Great Logo

This is an excellent article on the fundamental elements of a good logo design.

how do designers create unique identities?

Logo designer and author Jeff Fisher ponders on the ways designers go about creating unique brands that stand out from the crowd.

Logos with a meaning

This article on creativebits examines logos that have a symbolic meaning to them, such as the FedEx logo and Sun Microsystems logo.

Logos with a meaning - screen shot.

5 vital logo design tips

Acclaimed graphic designer David Airey shares his tips on designing logos. 5 vital logo design tips - screen shot.

LogoBee’s Top 10 Logo Design Tips

Logo design company, LogoBee, shares some basic things to consider when creating a logo.

Color as Logo

Peter Windett discusses using color as your logo.

The Five Types of Marks

This back-to-basics article discusses the five main categories of logos. The Five Types of Marks - screen shot.

Logos, Flags, and Escutcheons

A classic piece on logo design: Paul Rand discusses the meaning of logos and what makes it effective.

What makes a good logo design?

David Airey shares his thoughts on what makes a logo design great.

What makes a good logo design? - screen shot.

7 Logo Design Trends that have Withstood the Test of Time

Styles and trends of logos have changed throughout the years, but as this article shows, there are certain logo design elements that are as popular today as they were back in the day.

The Secret Life of Symbols

Maggie Macnab discusses the history of symbols and what they mean to us as a culture.

Branding Basics Create a Great Logo and Tag Line

This article shares some basic tips on creating a logo and a tag line for it.

How Google Got Its Colorful Logo

Wired News tells us the history of Google’s legendary logo. How Google Got Its Colorful Logo screen shot.

The Power of RED

This article discusses the meaning of the color red and the emotions and perceptions it invokes upon the viewer.

Logo Design Revisited.

Designer Dmitry Kirsanov revisits and analyzes some of the logos he’s done in the past.

Logo Design Revisited. - screen shot.

Logo Design Showcases

Top 10 Rock Band Logos

Top 10 Rock Band Logos - screen shot.

Logo Design History

Logo Design History - screen shot.

Logo Design & Branding Trends 2009

Logo Design & Branding Trends 2009

10 handwritten logo designs

10 handwritten logo designs - screen shot.

10 Examples of Simple, Effective Logos

10 Examples of Simple, Effective Logos - screen shot.

20 Inspirational Logo Designs

20 Inspirational Logo Designs - screen shots.

50+ Kick Ass Logos for Inspiration

50+ Kick Ass Logos for Inspiration - screen shot.

35 Green, Leafy Logos

35 Green, Leafy Logos - screen shot.

30 Dual Element Logos

30 Dual Element Logos - screen shot.

15 wonderfully simple logo designs

15 wonderfully simple logo designs - screen shhot.

The Logos of Web 2.0

A showcase of logos that have the “Web 2.0” look and feel.

Logo Design Flickr Groups

Design the Logo

Design the Logo group is a popular Flickr group with over 4,000 members and 8,000 items. Design the Logo - screen shot.

Brands, Marks & Logos

This 2,000+-member strong Flickr group showcases brands, marks, and logos from around the world.

Brands, Marks & Logos - screen shot.

Identity + Logo Design

With close to a thousand members, the Identity + Logo Design group on Flicker is a great place to hang out and gather design inspiration. Identity + Logo Design - screen shot.

Logo Design Books

Designing Brand Identity

An excellent book on the topic of creating effective and successful strong brand identities. It also outlines strategies for maintaining your brand through time and throughout the company.

designing brand identity

Logo, Font & Lettering Bible

A wonderful and pragmatic guide to working with logos. If you are new to the world of logo design and want to read about designing logos – this is a great starting point. logo lettering bible

Logo Design That Works: Secrets for Successful Logo Design

This book analyzes 100 logos to see what features makes for an effective logo design.

It also examines the evolutions of popular logos throughout the years, and why changes to them were made. logo designs that work

LogoLounge: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers

This book is a showcase of logos from around the world. It’s a great book to have around to gather inspiration: I look through it before sketching and firing up Illustrator to get the creative juices flowing.

logo lounge

Design Matters: Logos 01: An Essential Primer for Today’s Competitive Market

This book is about designing effective logos in today’s competitive market where consumers are baraged with plenty of options. How do you stand out from the sea of other logos? Read this book to find out.

design matters logos

30 Must-Have Logo Books

Here is a great set of books compiled by freelance graphic designer Gino Orlandi.

Logo Design Blogs and Sites

David Airey: Logo Design Category

David Airey has a section on his personal site that has a bunch of great logo design related posts. David Airey: Logo Design Category - screen shot.


Denis Radenkovic runs a weblog where each post is focused on a particular logo which is analyzed and critiqued. Logolog - screen shot.

Logo Design Blog

Logo Design Blog shares news and information on logos and logo design companies.

Logo Design Blog - screen shot.


LogoLounge.Com is a site dedicated to logos and is a great hang-out for logo designers. LogoLounge.Com - screen shot.

Brands of the World

Brands of the World is a site that indexes the most popular, famous brands and logos around the world. Brands of the World - screen shot.

The Logo Factor

The Logo Factor is a logo design weblog that discusses news and information on designing logos.

The Logo Factor - screen shot.

Brand New

Brand New is a site that shares opinions on brand identity, usually in the corporate setting. Brand New - screen shot.

Logo Notions

Logo Notions is a web column by Jeff Fisher that has essays on the topic of designing logos. Logo Notions - screen shot.

Got more?

Leave your favorite logo design tutorials and resources, or talk about the ones above, in the comments.

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