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6 Must-Read Blogs for Logo Designers

1. Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love blog This blog by distinguished graphic designer and book author David Airey covers matters related to the design of logos and brand identities. On this blog, you’ll find a broad variety of posts, including a discussion of thought-provoking ideas like “do good logos need to look good?” and also helpful tips on how to price your logos. If you enjoy Airey’s writing, head over to his other blogs, and Identity Designed, as well as buy his book on logo design.

2. Logolog

Logolog blog This blog features interesting and popular logos. The featured logo designs often have a short discussion of what makes it good and interesting to the site author. Sometimes the blog posts have images of the featured logo’s initial drafts and design-related notes from the designer of the logo.

Some logos covered on Logolog are, FedEx, and logos by Paul Rand.

3. Just Creative

Just Creative blog Highly-accomplished graphic designer and blogger Jacob Cass owns this wonderful blog. He’s written tons of excellent blog posts about logo design, such as this one on what makes a good logo.

4. Brand New

Brand New blog Brand New, a section at the UnderConsideration website, is a long-standing blog (it’s been up since 2006) that covers brand identity designs. On this site, you’ll read opinion pieces about logo redesigns such as Mall of America’s new logo design, and read what the site authors think about the new 21st Century Fox logo.

5. LogoLounge

LogoLounge blog The Articles section on LogoLounge (an online logo database and logo design competition site) features plenty of company logo designs. On this site, you’ll read about the changes made to old logo designs such as this one and news reports such as the top 20 logos according to Entrepreneur magazine. Though not explicitly a blog, this section on LogoLounge does essentially follow the blog content and design format.

6. The Logo Factor

The Logo Factor blog The Logo Factor is the blog of logo design studio The Logo Factory, a company that’s been around since 1996. On the design studio’s blog, you’ll discover plenty of good posts, like their opinion piece on eBay’s new logo and case studies of their logo design projects.

Other Logo Design Blogs

Here are other logo design blogs to check out:

Did I miss any logo design blogs that should be on this list? What’s your favorite logo design blog? Please share in the comments below!

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