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Beautiful Web Designs That Use Nature Themes

Beautiful Web Designs with a Nature Theme Giving your web design a natural look can make your website friendlier as well as show your appreciation of the environment. Nature-themed web designs can also give your website a unique character. There are many ways you can use nature to make your website stand out or help you get a message across to your website visitors.

Here is a showcase of over 40 exceptional web designs that use nature themes. Here is another collection that you should also view: 30 Beautiful Web Designs Inspired by Nature.

Natural Elements

Using natural elements is a great way to subtly add a little bit of character and “green” into your website design.

Virtual Sky Studio Virtual Sky Studio Circa, the Prince Circa, the Prince Campus Vida Circa, the Prince PHUNK’N CREATIVE Circa, the Prince

Using Clouds

Clouds are also a good use of a subtle nature element, but instead of making a web design go in a “green” direction, clouds give the website more of a calming, peaceful, relaxing feel to it. Jihane AMAL Circa, the Prince Blue Sky Resumes Circa, the Prince Ready Made Designs Circa, the Prince Chirp Chirp Just Made My Day Just Made My Day Elemodo Software Elemodo Software Silly Poems for Even Sillier Kids! Silly Poems for Even Sillier Kids!

Photo Landscapes

Using photos or photo manipulations of landscapes gives you a realistic feel (obviously), but also a more serious and professional feel to your web design.

Larva Labs 08 12 natural webdesigns larva labs ACE Hardware Phoenix ACE Hardware Phoenix Nick Cates Design Nick Cates Design Aussie BBQ Legends Aussie BBQ Legends Villager Restaurant & Catering Villager Restaurant & Catering Discover Tennessee Trails & Byways Discover Tennessee Trails & Byways Studio 7 Designs Studio 7 Designs Story Pixel Story Pixel Parasol Island Parasol Island Corny Corny Surya Asri Surya Asri

Illustrated Landscapes

Using illustrated landscapes gives your web design that green feel, but it also gives a friendlier feel. The benefit of using illustrations is that — depending on the illustration style — you can get different moods and emotions across to your viewers. Goin Nutty Goin Nutty Digiti Digiti GUERRILLA GUERRILLA IndoFolio IndoFolio Pralinen Schachtel Pralinen Schachtel Urban Roots Urban Roots The Shark Lab Aquarium and Research Facility The Shark Lab Aquarium and Research Facility Atomic Cartoons Inc. Atomic Cartoons Inc. Flourish Web Design Flourish Web Design Mark Forrester Mark Forrester Spoof University Spoof University Orange Label Design Studio Orange Label Design Studio Comcast Town Comcast Town The Great Bearded Reef The Great Bearded Reef LePushMail LePushMail RedBrick Health RedBrick Health Carbonmade Carbonmade

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