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Using social media and its trends can help your pharmaceutical company market its goods and services. This guide will cover how to transform your marketing through social media strategies and campaigns. 

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Best social media platforms for pharmaceutical companies to use

Pharmaceutical marketing can be challenging, as each social media platform has specific rules about prescription drugs and services. Pinterest and LinkedIn have banned paid ads for prescription drugs, supplements, and other similar substances. Instead, consider creating organic content on the top platforms below.

1. Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that mainly targets adults from 30 to 65 years old. When targeting this age group, think about what conditions they might struggle with. What products do you have that are relevant to their questions and concerns? 

Facebook has a wide variety of content formats to reach its users. You can increase user engagement using content like infographics, images, videos, polls, and advertisements. It’s all fair game.

2. Instagram

Unlike Facebook, most Instagram users are under 35. To capture the attention of younger minds, consider more visual content — after all, that’s what Instagram is all about. Target topics that are more their speed, like stress relievers, migraine prevention products, and fitness tactics.

By showing user-generated content like pictures, infographics, and videos, you can build the authenticity of your brand to encourage long-term customer relationships.

3. Twitter

You can only say so much on Twitter, with 280 characters to work with. It’s fast-paced, so this is the perfect platform to share industry news and company updates. Use branded hashtags or link to blog posts in your tweet to provide further resources.

Twitter is also a vital customer service platform, so be sure to have one or more employees managing replies and questions. By responding to all comments — even the negative ones — your company can build credibility within your industry.

4. YouTube

YouTube remains one of the top Internet platforms today. As the second largest search engine besides Google, YouTube caters to most adults under 65 — 95% of ages 18 to 29, 91% of ages 30 to 49, and 83% of ages 50 to 64.

YouTube features a wide variety of content to consistently reach all these populations. Many users visit the site to watch celebrity interviews, funny clips, how-to videos, or informational content. You can use this platform for your marketing strategy by creating videos related to your brand about your products or the conditions your products treat.

Four social media strategies for pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical marketing can be tricky to promote on social media, as it is not the most creative-prone market and has plenty of regulations standing in the way. Successfully implementing this strategy is more about knowing your audience and how best to meet their needs.

Our digital marketing experts have compiled a helpful list of four social media strategies that can provide a good look into effective marketing tactics:

1. Educational content

Patients and health care professionals often turn to social media for education on various topics. They might want to learn more about a health-related issue, update themselves on health care news, or try to diagnose themselves. 

In fact, 90% of social media users between 18 to 24 said they would trust any medical information they found on social media. For this reason, be sure your company posts reliable and easily digestible information for these users.

2. Audience adaptation and interaction

Like British music producer and reality television star Simon Cowell once said, your audience holds power. Create content and personalized campaigns to focus on those who follow you. This can also influence the social media algorithm, allowing your posts to appear organically on the feed of individuals who aren’t following you.

Additionally, you should incorporate content for your users to interact with — whether that be polls on your Facebook or Instagram stories or short informational Reels or TikToks. In any case, it’s important to provide a space for potential patients to ask questions and interact with your company directly. Authenticity and connectedness are essential in the medical community, so take advantage of these available spaces.

3. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a new way to reach leads on social media. While pharma involves rules and regulations on what you can and cannot discuss in this marketing industry, when influencer marketing is done right, it can provide awareness for your company.

Utilizing influencer marketing tools is a great start. Instead of trying to get a major celebrity to advocate for your product, focus on micro-influencers to interact with your target audience on a relatable level. Again, a connection with your viewers is key.

4. Lead generation

Lead generation is an effective strategy to draw patients to your product or service. This method involves identifying, attracting, and converting interested parties into prospects. Many online channels have used paid ads, free product trials, or email campaigns through social media to achieve these objectives.

Whatever you choose, the lead generation end goal is to grow a healthy business.

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