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If you run a residential or commercial cleaning company, you know how to clean up homes and offices. You’re experienced with getting up every last bit of dust and grime. But do you possess that same expertise when it comes to cleaning up your search engine optimization (SEO)?

If not, that’s understandable. SEO for cleaning companies is a world of its own, and yet it’s vital for any cleaning service. Without SEO, you’ll never appear in search results, and no customers will ever find you.

Don’t worry, though — SEO for cleaning services doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply by implementing a few tips, you can improve your web traffic significantly. Here are seven ways you can give your SEO a boost today.

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1. Target long-tail keywords

Targeting keywords is one of the most vital components of SEO. The main way you get your web content ranking in search engine results is by incorporating relevant keywords. When people search for those keywords, your web content will hopefully appear in the results.

But it matters which cleaning keywords you choose to target.

You need to target keywords that will actually work. That firstly means they have to be relevant to what your target audience is searching for. Beyond that, though, they have to have low enough competition that you actually have a shot at ranking for them.

But which keywords have low competition? Generally, the competition tends to be lower for keywords that are longer and more specific — in other words, long-tail keywords.

An example of a long-tail keyword would be “Milwaukee cleaning services.” Contrast that with something like “cleaning,” which will probably have far too much competition to rank at the top of search results.

For that reason, you should aim to target plenty of long-tail keywords in your content.

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2. Break up blocks of text in your SEO content

One of the things that affects SEO for cleaning companies is the way users interact with your site. If they stick around to visit multiple pages, that reflects well on you, and your rankings will improve. But when they visit a page and immediately hit the back button, that’s not so good.

One of the biggest things that can elicit a negative response from users is giant blocks of text. If users pull up a piece of content and see a wall of words with no breaks, they won’t stick around. For that reason, you should break up your written content where you can.

To start with, break it up into short paragraphs. To really drive results, though, include things like bullets and numbered lists. If nothing else, use headings and subheadings to divide up chunks of content.

3. Optimize titles, headings, and meta descriptions

The titles you use for your content are important for drawing in users. When they scroll through Google results, the title tag will be what makes them decide whether to click. You should aim to include your primary target keyword in your title.

The same idea goes for your headings and subheadings. Include keywords in them wherever you can, just as you do in your content. Using keywords as headings is a great way to boost SEO for cleaning companies.

Users are also often influenced by content meta descriptions, which are the text blurbs that appear beneath title tags in search results. While meta descriptions don’t impact SEO rankings, they still have an impact on getting users to click.

cleaning service google meta description

It’s good to write your own meta descriptions if you can. Keeping them at roughly 160 characters or less, provide users with compelling blurbs that will make them want to click on your pages. Include your target cleaning keywords for added effectiveness.

4. Create location-based SEO content

Unless you’re a massive chain company, you probably only service homes within a certain geographical region. Your target market for cleaning services will be limited to that region, so take that into account with your marketing.

When people search for residential or commercial cleaning services, they won’t usually search “cleaning service.” They’ll include their geographical area in their search, looking up something like “cleaning services in Salt Lake City” or “cleaning services near me.”

To take advantage of this, emphasize your location on your website and in your content. If you service homes in Salt Lake City, make that a central feature of your advertising. You can also help yourself out by setting up a Google Business Profile with your company’s location.

5. Incorporate links

SEO for cleaning services is all about optimizing for Google’s algorithms, and one thing Google’s algorithms really love to see in your content is links.

That starts with internal links — that is, links that lead to other pages on your site. When you include internal links throughout your content, not only is it good for SEO, it helps keep users on your site longer.

But even more important are backlinks. Backlinks aren’t links in your content, but links to your content. Specifically, they’re links to your pages from other websites. When you reach out to reputable sites and earn backlinks from them, Google will likely boost you in rankings.

6. Increase page speeds

Even if you successfully reach the target market for cleaning services with your content, it won’t matter if they don’t stick around to read it. And blocks of text aren’t the only things that can make users hit the back button.

A sure way to send people back to the search results is a slow page load speed. In fact, 53% of users will abandon a page if it takes more than three seconds to load, and you don’t want your site to fall into that category. Your content should load within one or two seconds.

Some ways you can optimize your content to load quickly are by compressing images and caching pages, though there are other options as well. Either way, you need to make sure your pages aren’t loading so slowly that they’re sending people away.

7. Track site metrics

None of your page speeds or cleaning keywords will be very beneficial unless you can verify that they’re actually working for you. Without proof of results, you’ll have no way of knowing that they’re doing you any good.

That’s why you need to track your website metrics once you have everything in place. Tools like Google Analytics will allow you to view things like conversion rate and page speed, so you can see what’s working and what isn’t, and what you can improve.

Tracking your site metrics isn’t a one-time activity — it’s something you should be doing constantly throughout the course of your marketing campaign. You need to remain consistently on top of any changes in your site metrics, making adjustments whenever necessary.

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