5 Marketing Ideas That Will Generate Revenue for Industrial Companies

As an industrial company, it can be a challenge to market your capabilities. A strong marketing strategy is key to your success, though, as each and every lead has the potential to generate millions of dollars in revenue.

Your strategy must be precise and carefully executed if it’s going to yield the best return on investment, financial and otherwise. So whether your manufacturing company is trying to attract new leads or convert existing ones into paying clients, these strategies will help you reach your goals.

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Our top 5 industrial marketing strategies

Though there are many marketing options out there, we've found that some work better than others when it comes to industrial companies. Below, we've made a list of our top 6 marketing strategies that can help generate revenue for your industrial company.

1. Start a company blog

You know a lot about manufacturing, and you use this knowledge to serve your clients. But why stop there? Your expertise and areas of specialization make your insights valuable to a number of companies — including prospective leads. Start a blog and pass this information on to current and potential customers.

Share news about your industry. Write about topics that may be of interest to businesses dealing with production and logistical issues. Take a look at what other bloggers are writing about and respond to their ideas with your own perspectives.

When you regularly update your blog, you give readers a reason to keep coming back to your website. Then, when they’re in need of manufacturing services, they’ll know exactly who to contact.

2. Publish evergreen content

A blog is an essential marketing tool, but the posts are often time-sensitive and relate to current trends. Evergreen content, on the other hand, can remain useful for years to come.

When you research and write comprehensive pages on important topics, you can become an authoritative source for anyone else writing on the subject. If properly optimized for search engines, these pages can also rank well for keywords and phrases to your company.

This content could be an infographic illustrating a typical workflow or a timeline of manufacturing innovations over the years. You may have to do a lot of research to supplement your own understanding to make it truly valuable, but in the end, you’ll have a high-quality piece of content to help cement your reputation as an industry expert.

3. Host webinars and other events

someone watching a webinar

The goal of your marketing strategy is ultimately to connect with potential clients. This used to mean coming up with new sales pitches and reaching out to other businesses, but thanks to the Internet, it can now mean hosting events where participants can share ideas and insights without trying to sell to each other.

These low-pressure events can be a great way to generate leads and bring in more business. So whether your event takes place online or in person, make it as interactive as possible.

Include time after each session for questions and answers. Provide plenty of content for attendees to take with them or download. Also, keep people’s schedules in mind. Some great prospects might not be able to attend a session, but they’ll gladly download video and audio files of the event and make themselves available for subsequent outreach.

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4. Create optimized landing pages

Your sales cycle is long because of the logistics involved in securing a contract. As a result, the marketing process can be broken down into several lead generation and lead nurturing steps.

A landing page is often the first stage of this process, so be sure that yours are compelling to site visitors and make it easy for them to become leads.

Introduce your company, products and services, and unique value proposition. Include a call to action, either to fill out and submit a form or to download free content, and make sure you collect names, job titles and emails so you can follow up later.

5. Leverage existing customers

Your reputation is built on many things, including satisfied customers. That’s why glowing recommendations from loyal and happy customers can work wonders for your trust and credibility.

When planning your next marketing campaign, take advantage of the opportunities that can come from existing customers. Write case studies to highlight your company’s most successful collaborations. Don’t just talk about what you did—talk about the end results, including cost savings or faster time to market.

Also, end every project by asking customers for referrals. If they’re happy, they’ll gladly pass along those names, and the recommended prospects will feel better knowing you’re not just making a cold call.

Ready to improve your marketing strategy?

Your industrial company needs a solid marketing strategy to build and maintain a strong customer base. The ideas above will help you start attracting new leads and getting more revenue out of every marketing dollar.

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