The Best PPC Tools & PPC Tech for 2023

The landscape of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be extremely difficult to navigate, especially without a strong knowledge of how the different ad platforms work. The complex workings of PPC can make campaign and ad management a headache even for the most experienced marketers if they don’t have the help of the best PPC tools and tech.

Luckily for you and marketers everywhere, PPC campaign management is not something you must do alone. Since the creation of PPC marketing, advertisers have been searching for and creating software and tools designed to increase efficiency in numerous PPC-related areas.

There are far too many PPC technologies to keep track of in today’s world, so it can be challenging for a marketer with little experience to know which software or tool will actually be beneficial to them.

That’s where we come in. This article (and bonus video below) will break down some of the best and most popular PPC software, both paid and free, that’s available to marketers today.

So, without further ado, here are some of the top PPC technologies. We’ve sorted them by the various aspects of PPC that marketers use them for, including:

  • Campaign and bid management
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword planning
  • Landing page selection
  • Ad optimization
  • Reporting

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PPC tools for campaign and bidding management

Here’s a list of helpful PPC tools for campaign and bidding management!

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor, formerly known as AdWords Editor, is a desktop application available for download that specializes in creating, tracking, and editing your ads within Google. Because this is a Google-made tool, it works alongside Google Ads, allowing users to build and assign bid strategies directly to their Google Ads campaigns.

The desktop feature also allows users to build and revise ads offline, preview ads before implementing them, monitor ad performance, and make bulk edits to ads. This tool is free to anyone that uses Google Ads, making it an excellent option for businesses not looking to spend a lot on advertising.

Unfortunately, the fact that it’s free means that it doesn’t have some of the automated insight or suggestion capabilities that other paid tools do.

Bing Ads Editor

While Google may be the top platform for PPC advertising, there are plenty of advantages to using Bing as a supplementary ads platform. Like with Google, Bing Ads Editor is a free tool for anyone that uses Bing Ads. This means that all you need to do is start advertising through Bing to gain access to this application’s features.

Bing’s ad editing software carries similar features to that of Google’s in terms of its offline editing ability and lack of automation. It additionally allows users to research keywords, manage bids, track how their ads perform, and even gain insights on how to improve ad performance.


Adzooma is a paid rule-based automation tool that is wonderful for saving users time on tedious PPC tasks like ad optimization and setting bid strategies. This software differs from the previous two because it works with most top PPC platforms, including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Due to its machine learning capabilities, Adzooma is constantly using campaign data to learn how to improve results. For example, if you’re a robotics company using PPC, you can use Adzooma’s technology to get more leads from your PPC ads!

The tool utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help weed out any ads that aren’t performing well, allowing users to focus more on the ads themselves. It also allows users to adjust bids and solve any problems manually based on their campaign insights.


AdEspresso provides a single platform for users to build and improve upon their ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. This is a paid platform with four purchase options for different levels of use.

In addition to ad creation, AdEspresso also features a split-testing tool that allows advertisers to test the effect of slight changes to ads on the performance. Some examples of items that users could test include headlines, descriptions, images, landing pages, and more.


Captivise is a free PPC management software best known for its simple interface and features that are easy to use. Developed initially as a proprietary tool for a digital marketing agency to manage Google Ads Campaigns, Captivise is now known for its ability to manage bids while also maximizing profit and ROI.

MarinOne Search

MarinOne Search is a paid bid management tool that uses machine learning on large amounts of data to adjust bids and allocate funds for users’ PPC campaigns. Users can also adjust Marin’s algorithms to tailor to specific parts of a user’s campaign.

Additionally, this software allows advertisers to track ads across multiple channels like search, social, and display. Its features support ads on an abundance of platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon!

PPC tools for competitor research

Here are some PPC tools to help with gaining insights into your competitors.


Although most people primarily identify Ahrefs as a tool for SEO purposes, it carries many great functions that we can use for PPC advertising. First of all, Ahrefs can tell users how much traffic comes in for each keyword, and even breaks that number down into traffic from paid and organic search.

Marketers can also use this tool to analyze competitors’ keywords and search ads, giving them advanced insight into what is and isn’t working for their competitors. The tool even allows users to opt in to notifications each time a competitor begins a new PPC campaign. Ahrefs also does a fantastic job of providing users with keywords closely related to their own for research purposes.


iSpionage is a PPC tool with free and paid options that tells users what ad copy, keywords, and landing pages make their competitors the most money. This is highly beneficial for learning which keywords you should and shouldn’t compete for and how much competitors are spending in Google Ads.


SEMrush is another tool that allows users to research the ins and outs of competitors’ PPC campaigns and then pull insights to use on their own PPC campaigns. Like iSpionage, SEMrush shows users what keywords the competition targets and how much the competition is spending on ads.


SpyFu is a free tool with paid add-ons that works similarly to other tools like SEMrush and iSpionage. Using their PPC research tab, users can get insights into the number of clicks and price per click that competitors get for each keyword.

SpyFu also allows users to export and download a list of the keywords that their competitors profit the most from.

PPC tools for keyword ideas

The following PPC software tools are excellent for keyword research.

Google Keyword Planner

The original keyword finding and planning tool, Google Keyword Planner, has had a relative stranglehold on the keyword tool market since its development in 2013. Since then, Google has continuously worked to make the tools better, adding new reports, metrics, and tools to the planner all the time.

In Google Keyword Planner, finding the right keywords to target within your niche is as simple as right-clicking on the ad or campaign you want keyword suggestions for.

From there, you can add any suggested keywords you like directly into your marketing campaign! There aren’t many other tools that can offer the keyword insights that this planner does.


KWFinder is an excellent all-in-one keyword tool that draws keyword suggestions using an abundance of considerations like local search, competitor’s keywords, long-tail keywords, and much more!

All marketers need to do for this tool is enter the domain of their website, their businesses’ niches for operation, and some keyword ideas for their website or page. From there, KWFinder will provide thousands of suggestions to choose from, as well as search volumes, average CPC, and keyword difficulties for any suggestions.


Mergewords is a combination tool that allows users to easily create long-tail keywords by merging different groups of words together. This tool will take the keywords you enter and spit out every possible combination of these keywords.

From there, users can choose which long-tail keywords actually make sense for their company and apply those keywords to their marketing strategy. This is the perfect tool for developing long-tail keywords during the initial keyword research phase.

PPC tools for landing pages

If you need help designing landing pages, try some of the tools below!


This tool provides users with over 200 high-converting and responsive templates for landing pages. The tool is extremely easy to use and requires no coding, making it perfect for people with no development background who still want to build their own landing pages.

Leadpages is a paid tool, but it’s worth it because it does all the development work for you. All you need to do is enter the content you want, and bam, you’ve created a landing page for your site!


Unbounce is another paid tool specializing in creating customized and personal landing pages for businesses to use during their PPC campaigns. The tools help users build landing pages for each PPC campaign, ultimately hoping to boost conversions.

Unbounce is quite a bit more expensive than Leadpages, but it differentiates itself by building the landing pages from scratch and specifically for each campaign instead of using templates.

PPC tools for optimization

For general optimization help, try some of these tools!


Optmyzr is a costly PPC tool that has many advanced features for campaign creation and management. This tool allows users to build, deploy, track and manage campaigns across numerous platforms, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Optmyzr uses machine learning techniques to provide suggestions and ideas for your campaigns and allows users to apply those suggestions efficiently. While it’s not the most prominent feature, Optmyzr also has fully customized reporting available.


Tenscores is a relatively cheap PPC optimization tool that works to improve the quality score of your ad and reduce the cost of acquiring a lead. This tool will point out the weakest-performing ads and uses AI to fix ad structure by regrouping.

Webtrends Optimize

Webtrends Optimize is a paid platform that focuses specifically on optimizing the conversion rate of your ad. It allows the creation of custom reports, which advertisers use to learn what they must do to better user experience and boost conversions.

PPC tools for reporting

The below tools are fantastic for helping you create PPC reports.


Octoboard is a paid reporting tool that is fantastic for marketers and clients who just don’t have the time to create visuals and dashboards from scratch. This tool offers customizable and plug-n-play reporting templates that marketers can then send to an unlimited amount of people.

One of the most notable features of this tool is its ability to create and send reports out automatically. Octoboard’s integrations include sites like Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Tableau is a paid data analytics and visualization platform that allows you to bring in data from Google Ads and analyze it directly in the tool. From there, users can create appealing visuals and dashboards to share with bosses and clients.

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