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7 Email Service Providers You Can Use for Free in 2024

Did you know that 58% of adults check email first thing in the morning?

Implementing an email marketing strategy is a great way for you to connect with prospects on a channel where they’re likely to engage. But before you can start launching your email campaign, you need to choose one of the many email service providers available to your business.

So, which one is best for your business?

Keep reading to discover:

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What are email service providers?

Email service providers are servers that enable companies to send emails to a list of subscribers. At a basic level, these providers allow companies to store email addresses and send emails to those addresses.

Types of email service providers

There are two types of mail service providers: webmail and email clients.

With email client software, you must install the software on your computer to manage your emails. Think of programs like Microsoft Outlook that require you to download the software to use it.

On the other hand, Webmail applications don’t require downloading software, and you can only access it through the Internet. These applications exist on the cloud and allow you to manage email from the web. Think of mail service providers like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

7 email service providers you can use for free in 2024

Looking for the best email service providers for 2024? Here’s a list of the best ones you can use for free:

  1. Gmail
  2. Microsoft Outlook
  3. AOL Mail
  4. Yahoo! Mail
  5. Mozilla Thunderbird
  6. iCloud Mail
  7. Zoho Mail

Learn more about these top mail service providers below!

1. Gmail

First on our list of free email service providers for 2024 is Gmail. Gmail is a webmail application provided by Google that enables you to create and send emails with ease. Businesses and customers alike enjoy using Gmail to send and receive important messages.

Gmail's email server

Gmail is very versatile and provides an all-in-one platform for communicating. You can easily chat, video chat, and share larger files with people on your email list. You also have access to Google Calendar, making it easy to add reminders for events or sales to your calendar so that you don’t forget.

In addition to all these features, Gmail offers some other top-notch features, including:

Is Gmail the best email service provider for me?

Gmail is an excellent option for your business if you’re already familiar with using their products suite. It’s one of the most commonly used mail service providers, so you can feel confident that any bugs or problems will resolve quickly.

2. Microsoft Outlook

If you’re looking for one of the best free email service providers, look no further than Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is an email client that provides many similar features to the web-based Gmail.

Homepage for Microsoft Outlook's email service program

This mail service provider offers a calendar and message filter features like Gmail. It can also integrate with other apps, like Skype, Facebook, and PayPal, to create a seamless experience.

Here are some notable features you’ll get if you think Outlook is the best mail service provider for you:

  • 15 GB of free storage
  • Anonymity features for emails
  • Email organization options (filtering, etc.)
  • Access and integration of other Microsoft apps

Is Outlook the best email service provider for me?

Outlook is an excellent option if you’re looking for integration features with your provider. Microsoft Outlook can integrate with numerous platforms, making it an excellent choice if you already use other popular platforms and programs like Facebook or Trello.

3. AOL Mail

If you remember the days of IM-ing your friends through AOL, you might have thought that AOL’s days were over. But AOL is still in the communication game and offers AOL Mail as a way for people to communicate with one another through their webmail application.

AOL homepage for their email service

AOL Mail comes with all the features you need in an email service provider. They offer spam filters and virus protection to ensure you don’t open harmful emails. It also offers similar features to Gmail with instant messaging options.

This provider is one of the best email service providers because it offers everything you need, including:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Customization capabilities
  • Importation of email contacts from CSV, TXT, and LDIF file types
  • Embedded spellchecker

Is AOL Mail the best email service provider for me?

If you’re looking for unlimited storage with some great bonus features, AOL Mail is an excellent option for your business.

4. Yahoo! Mail

One of the best email accounts you can have if you need to send many attachments is Yahoo! Mail. This webmail application offers over 1 TB of free storage for your emails to keep all your emails in one place for a long time.

Yahoo! login page for their email service

Yahoo! Mail makes it easy for you to find every attachment you’ve ever sent or received, so you can retrieve what you need fast. It offers tabs in your inbox to quickly sift through documents, photos, and videos to find what you need.

You’ll get tons of great features with Yahoo! Mail, including:

  • Custom background themes
  • Social media integrations
  • 1 TB storage
  • Email filters for organization
  • Application security

Is Yahoo! Mail the best email service provider for me?

If you send a lot of attachments, Yahoo! Mail is the best option for your business. It makes it easy to find documents, photos, and videos as you send them within your company or receive them from customers.

5. Mozilla Thunderbird

Do you have multiple accounts you need to manage? Then Mozilla Thunderbird might be one of the best free email service providers for you. This client-based software enables you to create a customized email inbox to organize your communications.

Homepage for Mozilla Thunderbird's email service

One of the most notable features of Mozilla Thunderbird is that you can open multiple emails in different tabs. If you need to look at different messages all at once, you can open them in separate tabs to see all your communication.

Here are some other notable features of Mozilla Thunderbird:

  • Extensions you can use to enhance your email
  • Custom themes
  • Multiple email tabs
  • Integration with Google Calendar

Is Mozilla Thunderbird the best email service provider for me?

If you find you need to look at multiple emails at once, Mozilla Thunderbird is the best email service provider for you. It’s one of the only free email service providers that offers advanced email organization to make your life easy.

6. iCloud Mail

If you’re looking for one of the safest mail service providers, look no further than iCloud Mail. iCloud Mail is Apple’s mail provider reserved exclusively for Mac and iPhone users. They offer free accounts with 5 GB of storage for your emails, files, and more.

Apple's iCloud email service

iCloud Mail is one of the best free email service providers because of its ease of use. Whether you’re using it on an iPhone or desktop computer, you can easily create, send, and receive emails without a hitch.

You’ll get some great features with iCloud Mail, including:

  • Easy-to-use search feature
  • Email security
  • One-click “unsubscribe” feature
  • Labels for VIP senders

Is iCloud Mail the best email service provider for me?

If you primarily use Apple devices and want a secure email option, iCloud Mail is the best option for your business. You’ll receive an email provider that works great with your device and sends messages securely over the server.

7. Zoho Mail

One of the best email accounts comes from Zoho Mail. Zoho Mail is a business-friendly webmail provider that enables you to integrate critical file managers, like Google Drive. It creates a seamless process for you to send files within your company.

Homepage for Zoho's email service

Additionally, if you’re looking to create a custom domain name for your company, Zoho enables you to do that. You can use your business’s name as your domain to create a more branded feel for your email.

Here are some other great features from Zoho Mail:

  • Encrypted emails
  • Notifications for undelivered emails
  • Built-in task manager
  • User-friendly interface

Is Zoho Mail the best email service provider for me?

If you’re looking for one of the best free email service providers for small businesses, Zoho is the right fit for you. It enables you to create custom business domain emails to make a professional and polished email system.

Start sending top-notch emails through your mail service provider today

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