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In an industry like HVAC, it’s no surprise that you have stiff competition, both with your business and your website.

Here are a few things to know about social media marketing before getting started with a campaign for your HVAC company.

What social networks should I use to promote my HVAC company?

With so many social media channels, it’s hard to decide which ones are best for your company. Though any combination of platforms can work to your advantage, some work better than others for the HVAC industry. Continue reading below to learn which channels are best for your company, or call 888-601-5359 to get a free evaluation today!


Facebook lets you create a profile for your business and connect with both current and potential customers, showing them everything you post to your account.

On Facebook, you can post links to your company’s blog, industry news, photos of your latest work, customer testimonials, and more.

Facebook also has a messenger feature, which allows you to communicate directly with potential customers that want to talk to you.

In addition, Facebook also has PPC ads that you can send to specific audiences based on demographics, locations, and other criteria.


Though Twitter only permits 280-character tweets, it’s still effective for promoting your brand.

For example, you could tweet why it might be time to replace your heating system, how to maintain your heating system, or cost-effective central air options.

Like Facebook, Twitter also provides an ad service with targeted PPC ads you can use to customers find you.


YouTube is a great platform for HVAC because it allows you to explain your business, HVAC issues, or other industry information in the form of a video.

Not only can you create videos that depict your work, but you can also post testimonials from previously satisfied customers or your own employees.

You can also share any YouTube video on other social media platforms to earn more followers and interact with potential customers.

Social media is the ultimate platform for sharing your content, and when you share that content (especially if it’s quality), you’ll gain more traffic to your website, which can help you gain quality links.

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Why should my HVAC company use social media?

78 percent of Americans have at least one social networking account. So when you choose to market on social media, you can potentially market to more than three quarters of the United States.

When you market on social media, you’ll see a number of benefits for your HVAC company, including, but not limited to:

1. Brand awareness

With social media, you can promote and create awareness for your brand.

You can do so by posting quality information that is useful and helpful to your potential customers.

For example, you could share a blog about the advantages of split AC units, how often to change a furnace filter, comparisons of gas and electric heat, and so much more. That shows readers that you know your industry, your customers, and their HVAC needs.

When you share quality information, other industry leaders can share your content too, which shows your brand to more social media users.

2. Customer service

With instant messaging and comments, social networks allow you to provide immediate customer service.

For example, if a customer comments on one of your posts on Facebook asking how long it would take to install a cooling system in their home, you can quickly reply with a guess, quote, or even requesting that they call you for that kind of information.

3. Proof of your quality staff and work

Images show potential customers the caliber of your work.

You can share images on any social network, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Photos are a great way to display your work to customers and give them an idea of what you do.

You can also share pictures of your employees, so potential customers can identify your top workers on sight, they hire you.

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