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As a lawyer, you need a website that inspires trust and provides a positive first impression. You need your website to be easy to use, show up in search results, and support your law firm’s professional reputation.

When you work with the best law firm website design companies, you’ll get all that and more. Keep reading to learn more about what’s it like to work with WebFX, an experienced legal web design company, or request a free quote today.

Our law firm website design services

We offer a variety of legal web design services to ensure you get what you need for an effective online presence. Our web design services for lawyers include:

  • New website design: Our award-winning web design team can build you a brand-new website that’s customized according to the unique needs of your firm. We offer professional styling, integration of various features, and more.
  • Website redesign: We can also redesign and upgrade your current website to accommodate a branding change, add new features, or boost your website’s performance.
  • Rapid website design: With our rapid web design services, you get a new website that’s ready to go in 30 days. Choose one of our professional templates, and we’ll customize it to your firm and get it ready to launch fast.
  • Landing page design: Well-designed landing pages are essential for the success of your marketing and advertising campaigns. We can create landing pages for your website that help you make the most of your marketing efforts.
  • User experience (UX) analysis: Improving your website’s user experience leads to happier website visitors and more leads and conversions. We’ll assess your site’s UX and implement changes to enhance it.

Hear What It’s Like to Work With WebFX!

“Our account manager and the WebFX team have the tools, tips, and tricks to provide solid analysis and actionable updates and content to our website. They are studying our industry to ensure we are all on the same page and growing our audience.”

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What our web design services include

When you work with the law firm website design experts at WebFX, you’ll get a website that’s designed to get results and meet your organization’s unique needs. Here are some of the elements our web design services include.

Custom style

When you work with us, you won’t get a cookie-cutter design that looks like every other legal website out there. We’ll create a custom design that matches your brand’s style and meets your unique needs. When it comes to web design for lawyers, it’s crucial that your website stands out from the competition and provides a positive first impression for visitors.

Responsive design

Today, more than half of web traffic comes from mobile devices, so your website needs to look good on mobile. Responsive design ensures your website looks professional and functions correctly no matter what device someone uses.

Responsive design allows your website to adjust to the screen on which someone accesses it so that it works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and various other devices.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Even the best-designed website won’t do you much good if people can’t find it. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps ensure your audience can find your site by using numerous tactics to help you rank well in search results.

Since 93 percent of Internet sessions begin with a search engine, considering SEO in web design for lawyers is essential.

We integrate SEO into your website’s design, and as a top-rated SEO agency, we can continue to work to ensure people find your website in search results.


Website security is essential for protecting you and your website visitors. Adequate security will also inspire trust among your visitors and make your website appear more professional. When you work with us, we’ll ensure your site meets all the necessary security requirements.

Website copywriting

Clear, well-written copy is a must for any website. It’s especially important when it comes to web design for lawyers, as it gives potential clients the information they need and positively influences their perception of your law firm.

Our copywriting team can provide you with the professional, SEO-friendly copy you need.

Why WebFX?

As an attorney, your website’s design is important for your success, so you need to work with a web design firm you can trust to do the job right. Here are seven reasons why WebFX is one of the best law firm website design companies.

1. An award-winning team

Our web design team has won more than 50 design awards, competing against thousands of talented designers. We’ve also received numerous awards for excellence in marketing and communications. When you choose WebFX web design for lawyers, our award-winning team goes to work for you!

2. Decades of experience

We have more than 25 years of experience in digital marketing. We’ve worked with clients across numerous industries and proven our abilities over the years by getting results for clients. Check out our portfolio to see some of our work.

3. A legacy of client satisfaction

Our net promoter score, the leading measure of client satisfaction, is 394% higher than the industry average, and 93% of our customers are extremely satisfied with our work. To hear directly from our clients, check out the more than 1020 testimonials we have on our site.

4. A dedicated project manager

When you work with us, you’ll get a dedicated account manager who will be with you throughout your project, whether you just need web design or want to go beyond and add services like SEO or content marketing. They’ll get to know you, be available to answer your questions, and provide regular project updates.

5. Limitless customization

We won’t give you a cookie-cutter strategy or website. Your dedicated account manager will develop a custom strategy for your project, and you’ll get a finished product that matches your brand’s personality and helps you reach your unique goals.

6. Professional style

When new users visit your website, 94% of first impressions relate to its design. A professional-looking design style that matches your brand is crucial to the success of your website. The web design team at WebFX offers custom styling that will leave visitors thinking of you as professional and competent.

7. A focus on results

At WebFX, our focus is always on getting results for our clients. Over the last five years, we’ve generated more than 7.8 million leads and $3 billion in sales for our clients.

8. A full suite of digital marketing services

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency, so we offer everything you need to grow your practice online. When you work with one agency for all of your Internet marketing needs, your marketing efforts will be better aligned and easier to manage.

In addition to our web design services, we offer:

WebFX: Expert web design for lawyers

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