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What is BigQuery? (+6 Benefits of BigQuery Machine Learning)

Did you know that 57% of consumers are willing to share personal data in exchange for personalized offers or discounts? When your audience is willing to share personal information with you, you should use it to your advantage to help you convert leads into sales for your business. With tools like Google’s BigQuery, you can […]

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What Is a Website Domain and How Does It Work?

One of the first and most essential steps for any company’s digital marketing campaign is to create a website. Your website acts as the central hub for your marketing efforts since it acts as your online storefront. But the process of creating a website has several steps, and one of the very first involves purchasing […]

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5 Major Benefits of Ecommerce for Businesses in 2021

Transcript: You need an ecommerce store.  Well, if you’re just a random internet user, I guess you don’t. But if you’re a business owner who sells stuff…you really need to have an ecommerce website.  Look at Amazon as an example. In 2018, small to midsize businesses in the U.S. sold over 4000 items every minute […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing

“Create great content.” This simple phrase is the key to building links, attracting visitors, making money online, ending poverty and achieving eternal happiness. Okay, so it can’t do all those things, but content will forever be king when it comes to online marketing. There’s no disputing that. But here’s the catch: building great content is […]

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Types of Ecommerce Websites: Which Is Right for You?

There are as many as 24 million ecommerce websites online today. These ecommerce websites encompass a wide variety of site types, ecommerce platforms, business models, and industries. Understanding the various types of ecommerce websites and businesses can help you choose the option that’s right for you. Keep reading to learn about the most common types […]

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5 Alternative Search Engines Where You Can Easily Rank

Google processes about 3 billion queries per day which is part of what makes it such a valuable marketing tool. But there are search engines other than Google in the world. Google has lots of competitors, and they all have their own share of the search market. For example, Yahoo! has 309 million searches per […]

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