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Digital Marketing Ideas Businesses: 5 Fresh Marketing Ideas

Digital Marketing Ideas Businesses: 5 Fresh Marketing Ideas

To stay relevant in the digital world, you must come up with digital marketing ideas to help you connect with your audience and get them to engage with your business. If you haven’t started creating your digital marketing strategy, now is the time.

A competitive online marketing plan filled with creative digital marketing ideas will help you drive success for your business.

On this page, we’ll provide you with five digital marketing ideas to help you get started with your online campaign, and by the end, you’re sure to understand the important role of digital marketing.

Let’s dive in!

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1. Check out local search marketing

If you’re looking for digital marketing campaign ideas, start with local marketing.

No matter your business’s size, you’re always going to have customers in your area. If you want to attract these leads to your business, you must invest in local search marketing. Local search marketing starts with claiming your Google Business Profile listing.

When users conduct local searches, it generates the local SEO 3-pack.

This 3-pack contains Google Business Profile listings. When you claim your Google Business Profile listing, you’ll want to fill it out completely. Add your address, contact information, and hours of operation.

You want to ensure that your information is accurate and up-to-date.

Filling out your profile information will help you appear in more relevant local searches. People will see your local listing and be more likely to engage with it because it has all the information they need.

By claiming and optimizing your local listing, you’ll reach more local leads interested in your business. This is a great creative marketing campaign idea that will help your business grow.

2. Invest in your website’s design

Your site is the heart of your digital marketing campaign.

If you want to see positive results from your campaign, you must invest in optimizing your website for visitors.

A great digital marketing campaign idea is investing in your website’s design. When users find your website, they will judge it immediately by the appearance. You want to make a positive first impression, so invest in a functional, attractive, and easy-to-use website.

Your site should be presentable and leave users satisfied, rather than frustrated.

As you set up your website’s design, you’ll want it to stay on-brand.

It’s a reflection of your business, so it should enforce your brand image.

You’ll want to implement your brand colors and styles into your website’s design, for example.

Aside from branding, you’ll also want to design a user-friendly site. It should be easy for your audience to navigate your site. Make your navigation simple and easy to use.

If people can’t navigate your site to find information, they will leave your site for a competitor’s.

People don’t want to waste time trying to figure out your website. When you have navigation that is clear and easy to use, your audience is more likely to stay and engage with your site. In addition, you should also have calls-to-action (CTAs) on your page.

This is a great digital marketing campaign idea to help you get your audience to take action.

CTAs guide your audience on how to take the next step.

It’s essential to integrate these buttons into your design to help your business earn more conversions.

People won’t always know how to proceed next. By designing CTA buttons, you guide your audience on how to take the next steps if they like what they see on your site. It’s a crucial design element when it comes to driving results from your strategy.

Lastly, you’ll want to integrate responsive design into your website.

Responsive design ensures that your site adapts to whatever any user’s device. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, your website adjusts to fit their device.

Investing in your website’s design will help you drive better results for your business. This is one of the many digital marketing ideas that will help your business obtain more leads and grow.

3. Create valuable content

Content marketing is one of the best digital marketing ideas for helping boost traffic to your website, as well as to obtain new leads. When you create content, you share valuable information with your audience that they seek.

It helps you attract leads looking for industry-related material and gets them familiar with your business. There are many forms of content you can create to obtain new leads.

This includes blogs, videos, infographics, and ebooks.

You’ll want to use a variety of these formats to keep your audience interested and engaged with your business.

When you create content, you share valuable information with your audience. You want to keep it industry-related to ensure you’re attracting leads interested in your products or services.

Content helps you appear as an authority in your field. Your audience will see that you are knowledgeable and an expert about your industry.

A dental marketing idea for content, for instance, may include creating blog posts about how to floss, when to invest in braces, or how much different dental work costs.

Mayo Clinic’s blog is also an excellent content healthcare marketing example. Its blog, Sharing Mayo Clinic, tells heartwarming success stories of its patients and their family members, and staff.

When it’s time to convert, your audience will choose your business over the competition because you provided helpful information.

These users will trust that you are knowledgeable and an expert in your field. This will help you obtain more leads for your business.

By creating content, you will establish yourself as an authority in your field.

You will help your business grow by obtaining more qualified traffic that is interested in your company.

4. Build a social strategy

As you’re looking at different digital marketing ideas, focus on ones that help you connect with your audience and earn more valuable leads.

Social media marketing lets you connect directly with your audience and provide them with useful information about your business. There are numerous social media networks you can use to reach your target audience. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

All are great platforms to help you connect with your audience.

Your target audience will help you determine which platforms are right for your business.

You’ll want to reach them on platforms they engage on the most. You can look into each social media platform to see which demographics engage on those sites the most.

Once you have your platforms selected, you can start posting engaging content. Your platform determines the type of content you can post, whether it’s a link to a blog post or a video.

Get to know your social platforms to learn what you can and can’t post.

In addition to organic posting, you can also run paid advertisements with social media advertising services. Each social media platform has an advertising program you can use to reach leads that aren’t following your business. It’s an excellent opportunity to reach other members of your target audience.

If you’re looking for innovative digital marketing ideas, turn to social media.

These platforms offer many opportunities for you to create unique and engaging content that gets your audience interested in your business.

5. Obtain email subscribers and nurture them

When you’re looking for creative marketing campaign ideas, you can’t overlook email marketing. It’s one of the most effective lead generation strategies, but to start using email marketing, you need to obtain email subscribers.

The easiest way to obtain valuable email subscribers is through your website. You can integrate an e-mail sign up bar to attract people to sign-up for emails.

When you place this bar at the top of a page, like your blog, it’s hard for people to miss it.

You don’t want to buy lists of subscribers. While this may seem like an easy way to obtain subscribers, it doesn’t produce an effective list of people interested in your business.

You may have a few people that will engage with your emails, but most people will delete them or mark them as spam.

Organically obtaining email subscribers will help you produce better results with your email marketing campaign. You’ll get leads more interested in hearing from your business.

Once you have subscribers, you can start sending them creative marketing pieces.

You can market upcoming events, sales, new products, or industry information. It’s an excellent opportunity to get creative with your marketing and motivate your audience to engage with your content. When you launch email marketing campaigns, segment your audience.

People subscribe to your business for different reasons.

You don’t want to send a blanket email that covers everything you have to offer, as this won’t engage and interest your audience. By segmenting your audience, you provide them with a tailored experience.

You can use your innovative digital marketing ideas to create pieces of content that get your audience interested in your business.

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Put your digital marketing ideas into action today

Now that you have five creative digital marketing ideas, it’s time to put them into action.

Digital marketing is an exceptional investment for your business that will help you grow your revenue, sales, and more. If you’re struggling to come up with digital marketing ideas for your business, contact us online to see how our digital marketing packages and custom strategies can help your company reach its goals for growth!

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