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Top 4 Omnichannel Marketing Benefits (Plus 4 Quick Tips to Do It Right)

Today’s customers don’t just have one touchpoint with your business. 

They’re searching online, looking at ads, and interacting with social media posts. Or maybe they’re reading blog posts on their computer or viewing promotional emails on their phone. With customers using so many touchpoints and devices to interact with businesses, you need to take an approach that helps you reach them at these different points.

Enter omnichannel marketing.

Below, we explore the benefits of an omnichannel strategy and how you can take an omnichannel approach for your business. Keep reading to learn more!

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4 key omnichannel marketing benefits

Omnichannel marketing offers numerous benefits for your business, including:

1. Increased customer engagement

Throughout the day, customers switch between various devices, from smartphones to laptops to tablets. Encourage them to keep shopping on your website on any device with omnichannel marketing. 

A well-thought-out, accessible website and app combination means they can add items to their shopping carts on their computers now and check out from their phones later. Displaying your products across your website, app, and social media also means you can introduce them to customers in more than one way. 

A customer who’s only ever used your app now has a reason to browse and buy from your website and social media. This level of accessibility leads to higher customer engagement, as customers have more than one way to interact with your brand.

2. Make all shopping experiences more informative

People are spending more time researching before buying. Since there are so many options on the market for products and services, people don’t have to settle for inferior quality –– that means more time is spent researching, vetting, and determining the best fit.

With an omnichannel marketing approach, you help provide information for your audience whenever they need it. From informative blog posts to helpful product overviews on social media, you’re creating multiple points where people can get helpful information.

3. Locate new customer segments

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to shopping — some prefer visiting brick-and-mortar locations, and others enjoy ordering items from the comfort of their own homes. Rather than separating each group, you can combine them using omnichannel marketing.

For instance, a customer shopping in your store can get an instant discount on their purchase when they sign up for your marketing text messages. Or, you can invite people to shop in person or online with these promotional texts. 

Promotional text from Michaels inviting the subscriber to shop their sale

Additionally, you can create an omnichannel experience by allowing people to scan barcodes of their favorite products to add to their app wishlist.

These options cater to every customer segment, allowing you to attract customers who might not have shopped at your business otherwise.

4. Boost customer lifetime value

A disjointed strategy makes it hard for consumers to access and navigate your offerings. This experience can leave a bad impression on new and existing customers, pushing them to explore other options instead of sticking with your brand. Give your customers a reason to stay loyal to you with omnichannel marketing.

Customers who enjoy an omnichannel retail experience make more purchases and will certainly remember your brand the next time they need or want something you sell. You can miss out on 10-30% of potential sales when you don’t meet your customers’ needs in that way. 

Capitalizing on omnichannel marketing ensures you capture those sales and supply your customers with the best shopping experience possible.

4 quick tips to implement omnichannel marketing successfully

Thinking about the benefits of omnichannel marketing isn’t the same as implementing it. As you consider whether omnichannel marketing is the best move for your brand, you can view the following strategies to make integration simple:

  1. Use interactive technology: Boost your in-store experience by adding technology that allows shoppers to learn more about products, earn rewards, and finish up the shopping experience online when needed.
  2. Use multiple marketing strategies: Investing in different marketing strategies helps you create multiple touchpoints for your audience as they go through the customer journey. Investing in diverse marketing strategies allows shoppers to get the information they need, no matter where they’re searching for it.
  3. Personalize interactions with data: Collecting valuable data about your customers’ buying preferences and habits can help you build personalized experiences. This way, you can push the right products and deals to them on the platforms that make the most sense.Email from Doordash inviting the user to order Starbucks
  4. Understand the customer journey: Where do most of your customers find you? How often do they complete purchases on your website? These are just two questions that help you understand the full scope of your customers’ journey. Knowing how their experiences unfold ensures you create the best paths for them to convert.

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