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In any industry — including orthotics — communicating your brand to clients matters. Whether you manufacture orthotics for providers or sell devices directly to customers, you need to build a relationship with your clients for success. That’s where social media comes into play.

Social media for orthotics can help you connect with your audience on various platforms. You can run ads, share posts, and talk with clients directly, all while learning what content they want to see from your company.

To get you started with social media for orthotics manufacturers, this post will cover:

  • What is social media marketing for orthotics?
  • Why use social media for orthotics?
  • 3 social media examples for orthotics companies
  • How to use social media platforms for orthotics

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What is social media marketing for orthotics?

Social media marketing for orthotics involves using different social networks to advertise your business and connect with customers. Through social media, you can share updates, speak directly with your clients and prospects, and more.

Your social media approach might include:

  • Creating orthotics-related content related to your products and services
  • Commenting and interacting with customers
  • Gathering reviews
  • Hosting live videos or filming video content for viewers
  • Running paid advertisements for your orthotics

With social media, you can include more personal, relevant content that speaks to your business and builds brand awareness. You can also use your social accounts to drive leads to your website and earn more conversions over time.

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Why use social media for orthotics?

So, why do 91% of companies use social media these days? The advantages of social media platforms for orthotics include:

  • Brand awareness: With social media, you can include more personal, relevant content that speaks to your business and builds brand awareness. Even if users don’t engage with every post, just seeing your name more often can encourage them to reach out later on.
  • Audience connection: On social platforms, you can talk to customers through direct messages or comments. Since 57% of customers prefer to contact companies through email or social media, these accounts are crucial to maintaining connections.
  • Improved conversions: If you sell orthotics, you can use in-app shopping features to help people find and purchase products without leaving the app. You can also use your social accounts to drive leads to your website and earn more conversions over time.

Like other lead generation strategies, social media can help you make a better impression on prospects overall while advertising your products and services.

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3 social media examples for orthotics companies

Your social media presence will look different depending on your goals, business, and platform. Let’s look at a few social media examples for orthotics companies from others in your industry.

1. YouTube

YouTube is a hub for long- and short-form videos, which you can use to demonstrate products, talk about your company, and comment on industry topics. For example, this video from Dr. Scholl’s shows how to use their orthotics for pain relief regarding plantar fasciitis:

youtube video for orthotics

You don’t have to make elaborate videos to do well on YouTube. A simple how-to demonstration or product explanation can give your customers valuable information and show that you know what you’re talking about.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a great space for sharing short clips or messages from your company. Hangar Clinic is one example — they share news articles from their website and other leading industry sources:

twitter example

Twitter focuses on brief messages rather than long posts, so you could share quotes from your posts, product images, or other attention-grabbing items.

As seen in Hangar Clinic’s profile, you can also designate your profile type as “Health and Medical” to let people know what kind of work you do.

3. Facebook

Facebook gives you more flexibility in what you can share on your profile. With Facebook, you can post links, videos, images, polls, text posts, and more. You can also host live videos and streams for your followers.

Upstep Custom Orthotics is one company that uses Facebook to their advantage:

facebook example for orthotics

They also have their shop linked to their profile, encouraging users to check out their products without ever leaving the Facebook site.

How to use social media platforms for orthotics

Now that we’ve covered the basics of social media for orthotics manufacturers and providers, let’s dive into some steps for optimizing your social media accounts.

Find your audience

To reach your audience, you have to know where they are! If you sell orthotics directly to customers, you might be looking for older adults. Since 68% of U.S. adults between 50-64 use Facebook, you could target your efforts to that platform.

Finding your target audience can be helpful for using the right social platform and creating content. A retired man might need a different orthotic option than a middle-aged woman who works on her feet all day.

Understanding who your audience is will help you make content that speaks to their needs.

Create captivating posts

Your content and frequency are important to keeping viewers interested. You don’t have to post every single day — having a consistent schedule with meaningful content is more significant.

As an orthotics company or manufacturer, your posts could revolve around:

  • Common reasons people get orthotics
  • How to choose the correct product
  • Your product line
  • Your company’s updates and expertise

This post covers what to post on social media in detail, from the platform dimensions to creating ideas.

Be consistent

The key to social media success is consistency. If you post regular content pertaining to your business, you will look more professional online, and users will be more likely to investigate your business further.

If you don’t update for a while, take too long to respond to messages, or neglect your social media all together, you might miss out on customers who want to engage with your company. At the minimum, you miss the chance to share company news and push your branding.

A social media agency can help you post consistently without overwhelming your staff. When you want to streamline your social media tactics, WebFX can help you get started.

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