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Alice wants to build a customhouse, so she goes online to find a good home building business. She expects to spend awhile researching, but an ad at the top of her first Google search catches her eye.

While Alice may have continued researching further, that first ad she saw had an immediate impact on her. She was looking for home builders, so a home builder paid ad was highly effective at drawing her interest.

If your home building company isn’t running paid ads, you’re missing a prime opportunity to catch the attention of people like Alice.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which allows you to market your business at the top of Google search results, is an essential part of any solid digital marketing plan. But how can you take your home construction PPC from good to great?

Read on to get seven tips for improving PPC for home builders. Then consider partnering with our team of over 500 experts for our PPC services. Just call 888-601-5359 or contact us online to get started!

1. Target branded keywords

One of the most important stages of any PPC campaign is keyword targeting. Targeting keywords is how you tell Google which searches to display your ads for —you want those keywords to be relevant to your business, so you reach the right audience.

One of the most relevant types of keywords you can target are branded keywords. Branded keywords are phrases that incorporate branded terms, like the name of your business.

The advantage of targeting branded keywords is that they help you reach people who are already searching for you. If someone searches for your company name directly, they’re likely interested in your home builder company — a PPC ad drives them straight to your business’s site.

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2. List negative keywords

Negative keywords are another way to better home in on your audience. Unlike normal keywords, which tell Google which searches to target, negative keywords tell it which searches not to target.

For example, say you target the keyword “local home building services.” You might be located in Pennsylvania, but your ads could end up targeting a variation of that keyword, like “Michigan local home building services.” That’s not relevant to you, so you don’t want to target it.

The solution is to add “Michigan” as a negative keyword in Google Ads. That will keep Google from displaying your ads for it.

3. Craft CTA-centered landing pages

Once you’ve set up your keywords, you must create ad content — and a critical part of that is the landing page. Landing pages are where the ads take users when they click on them, and they’re intended to persuade users to convert.

Thomas Sattler Homes home builders

For your landing pages to be successful, they need to be three things:

  • Unique: Each landing page should be created specifically for the ad that links to it. Don’t use the homepage of your website as a landing page for an ad, as these pages aren’t tailored to your ad content and can cause visitors to get distracted.
  • Simple: A landing page should be centered around a single call to action (CTA), with minimal text on the page. Too much information will overwhelm users and push them away.
  • Compelling: Use your landing pages in a way that attracts users and persuades them to convert. Create text that highlights the benefits of partnering with your company, and use visuals of your team building a home or a finished product home to entice your audience.

By applying each of those three features to your landing pages, you’ll drive conversions at a much higher rate.

4. Create custom audiences

Not all your audience targeting operates through keywords. Within Google Ads, you can create custom audiences to further target more relevant leads for your company.

You can build custom audiences by drawing from various characteristics of your current target audience. You can target characteristics like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Location

If your audience mainly consists of men in Chattanooga, for instance, you will want to set up your ads to target Google users who meet those two qualifications. Custom audiences are a fantastic way to reach a more relevant audience for your home builder PPC campaign.

5. Harness RLSA

PPC for home construction works best when it’s aimed at users who already have an active interest in your business. As it happens, few users fit that description better than those who have visited your website in the past — which makes those users excellent targets.

Google Ads allows you to set up remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). This feature tracks which users visit particular pages on your website, and then targets your ads toward those users.

Past visitors to your site are among the most likely to convert since they previously expressed interest in your company.

6. Use ad extensions

A basic PPC ad usually consists of two components — a headline that links to the landing page, and a short description line underneath. But with Google Ads, you have the option of providing more information to draw in users.

Ad extensions are a feature of Google Ads that allow you to tack on extra information at the bottom of your ad. Possible ad extensions include:

  • Phone number
  • Links to pages on your site
  • Address

Nashville listings home builders

Ad extensions appear beneath the meta description of an ad. By enticing users with more information that gets them to click, your ads can generate greater success.

7. Monitor results

PPC for home builders isn’t a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process, and launching your ads is just the start. After launching, you must monitor the progress of your ads and rework them as necessary to drive better results.

You can track your ads’ success by looking at key metrics in Google Ads like click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate. From there, you can tell which ads are doing well and which ones underperform. For those that underperform, you can either pause them or reoptimize them to perform better.

Regardless of your process, be sure to keep a close eye on your campaigns to make sure they’re driving the results you desire.

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