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What Is a Good Conversion Rate? (And How Does Yours Compare?)

A good conversion rate is above 10%, with some businesses achieving an average of 11.45%.

The average conversion rate is between two and five percent for all advertisers, from brand names to small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs).

Earning a top-notch conversion rate helps you receive a competitive edge in the marketplace. So, if you’re asking yourself, “what is a good conversion rate and how can I improve mine,” this blog post is for you!

Here’s a quick overview of everything we’ll cover:

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What is a good conversion rate?

A good conversion rate is above 10%, with some businesses achieving an average of 11.45%.

But what is this considered the best conversion rate for your company to strive for? Well, to attain a great conversion rate, you want to earn more than the average conversion rate, which is usually between 2% to 5%.

To earn a good conversion rate, you’ll want to achieve double or triple the average rate, which is why striving to earn 10% is considered a good rate.

Average conversion rate by channel

If you’re looking to improve your conversion rates across channels, this table can help. It summarizes the average conversion rates for different channels, from Google to Bing to Amazon. Plus, it covers paid and organic conversion rates. Check it out!

ChannelAverage Conversion Rate
Organic 16%
Amazon Advertising 9.47%
Google Ads 3.75%
Microsoft Advertising 2.94%
Social media 0.71%

Average conversion rate by industry

If you’re curious about conversion rates specific to your industry, browse this table:

IndustryAverage Conversion Rate
Ecommerce 1.84%

Calculating your conversion rate

To figure out your conversion rate, you just need to take your total number of conversions and divide it by the number of people who interacted with or clicked on your content.

Conversion rate formula

Total Number of Conversions / Total Number of Clicks = Conversion Rate

Is your conversion rate that important?

The more you think about your conversion rate, as well as what a good conversion rate is, the more you start to wonder, “Is my conversion rate that important?” Yes and no.

Like any digital marketing metric, you can look at your conversion rate from multiple perspectives. That’s because CRO can sometimes result in an influx of unqualified leads.

While not always the case, the scenario of increasing your conversion rate at the cost of lead quality demonstrates the importance of making lead quality a part of your CRO strategy.

You want to increase the conversion rate of qualified leads versus any lead. Focus on tests and changes that will attract your ideal lead or shopper, versus anyone in your market. Look at your results and investigate how they impacted the experience of qualified leads versus everyone that visited your site and participated in the experiment.

When you take this kind of focus, you can maximize the accuracy and value of your conversion rate.

If you’re partnering with an agency that specializes in conversation rate optimization, like WebFX, you can trust that our team will focus on improving the conversion rate of your most valuable audience members because that is what will grow your business.

5 ways to increase your conversion rate

So, how can you achieve that 10% conversion rate for your business? We’re giving you five top tips for how to increase your conversion rate so you can improve your bottom line!

  1. Experiment with different calls to action (CTAs) and offers
  2. Launch A/B tests
  3. Implement a remarketing strategy
  4. Limit the number of fields in your forms
  5. Create special landing pages for your ads

1. Experiment with different calls to action (CTAs) and offers

If you’re failing to convert enough website visitors, it could be because your CTA or offer is falling short.

To gain more conversions, your CTA or offer needs to resonate with your audience and show them that you provide the solution or product they need.

Experiment with difference words or phrases to see what messaging prompts your audience to take action. For example, if your business offers a free trial of your software, you may compile the following offers:

  • “Try it today”
  • “Start your free trial now”
  • “Get a free 14-day trial”
  • “Start a free (no credit card required) trial”

And if you’re free trial CTAs are still falling short in landing you conversions, you could try experimenting with a different offer, like viewing a free demo or walkthrough with your team so your audience can see your software in action for themselves without any commitment.

2. Launch A/B tests

A/B testing is a must when it comes to improving your conversion rate. It’s a strategy that allows you to test variations of an element on your website to see which one gets more conversions.

You can test anything from a design to website copy to video. Here are a few quick tips to help you get started with your first A/B test:

  • Decide which conversion behavior you want to test, like purchases or sign ups
  • Locate the area of your website where your audience is failing to convert, like your shopping cart checkout or on email sign up form
  • Come up with an element you want to test to fix the problem, like a new button or sign up form with different questions
  • Get an A/B testing tool to help you run your experiment
  • Decide how long you want to run your test
  • Analyze your results after the test to determine which variation received the most conversions and implement it for all website visitors to see

3. Implement a remarketing strategy

Another one of our top tips for increasing conversions is to launch a remarketing strategy. Remarketing enables you to promote your products or services to people who previously interacted with your brand.

Whether they visited your homepage, added a product to their shopping cart, or browsed your services, you can use remarketing to remind them of your company and encourage them to come back and complete a purchase.

A platform like AdTechFX allows you to easily leverage valuable first-party data from your website visitors to launch powerful remarketing advertisements that target the people who already showed an interest in your brand.

If you want to learn more how AdTechFX can help you increase your conversion rate, contact us online or call us 888-601-5359 to chat with one a member of our team!

4. Limit the number of fields in your forms

Needing to fill in too much information can lead to some of your prospects dropping out of a conversion.

To keep your prospects engaged and encourage them to complete their purchase or sign up, make the process as easy as possible for them.

Limit the number of fields they need to fill out in your forms so that they only need to complete the most necessary information you need from them to complete their purchase.

If you still want to collect more information from your leads and customers, consider sending them an email with a survey to fill out after they’ve converted.

5. Create special landing pages for your ads

If you want to gain more conversions and sales from your ad campaigns, you’ll want to consider creating special landing pages for each ad.

Your landing page is the page users will visit after they click on your ad. You want your landing page to be relevant to your ad and provide your audience with the information they’re looking for.

For example, let’s say you run an advertisement for vacation rentals in Miami, Florida. When a user clicks on this ad, they’ll expect to be taken to a page that lists some vacation rentals in Miami. If your ad takes them to your home page instead, they won’t see the information they need and may leave your website and not complete a purchase as a result.

To set your ads up for success, make sure your landing page will resonate with the users who clicked on your ad to make it as easy as possible for them to convert.

25 Free Tips to

Double Your Leads

without having to double your traffic. Learn how to increase your website conversion rate today!

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[Summary] Key takeaways and tips

Here’s a quick summary of the key takeaways and tips we’ve covered on how to earn a good conversion rate for your company:

  • Experiment with different CTA phrases and words
  • Change up your offer
  • Highlight the benefits and solutions of your products or services
  • A/B test different elements of your website
  • Launch a remarketing strategy to convert the people who previously expressed an interest in your products or services
  • Make your forms easy to fill out by limited the number of required fields
  • Create special landing pages for your ads that will resonate with your audience and give them the information they want

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FAQs about conversion rates

Do you have more questions about conversion rates? Browse our FAQ!

What is a good conversion rate for PPC?

The average conversion rate for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is 2.35%. If you’re looking to achieve a good conversion rate for your PPC ads, aim for a conversion rate of 10% or higher.

You can improve your PPC conversion rate in a few ways, including by experimenting with different landing pages, ad targeting, offers, and ad copy.

What is a good conversion rate for Google Ads?

The average conversion rate for Google Ads is 3.75%.

Top conversion rate for Google Ads

If you want to build a good conversion rate for your Google Ads campaigns, go for a conversion rate higher than 5.31%. For perspective, the top 25% of companies advertising with Google Ads maintain a conversion rate of 11.45%.

You can increase your Google Ads conversion rate with tactics like designing a custom landing page, refining ad campaign targeting, and writing different ad copy. You can also run experiments in Google Ads, which helps you compare the performance of your changes.

What is a good conversion rate for Amazon?

The average conversion rate for organic Amazon listings is 10 to 15 percent, while the average conversion rate for Amazon ads is 9.47%.

A good conversion rate for Amazon ads and organic listings is generally above 12% or higher.

If you want to improve your Amazon conversion rate, optimize your organic listings for search and experiment with different highlighted product features. You can also work to build more product reviews and ratings.

Don’t settle for a “good” conversion rate

A good conversion rate is great, but could you do even better? At WebFX, we’re here to help you find out. With our conversion rate optimization services, our experienced digital marketing team can develop and launch CRO tests that help your company take its conversion rate to the next level.

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