SMB Martech Agency: Unlock a 20% Greater ROI With WebFX

Marketing technology, or martech, is the key to help you make your marketing campaigns more efficient to drive better results. With the help of our SMB martech agency, you’ll gain access to software and expertise that helps you drive more leads and revenue to grow your small-to-midsized business.

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Wondering if our SMB martech services fit in your budget? See our pricing and packages below!


$875 / month

  • 10,000 first-party data profiles
  • 250,000 non-marketing customer journeys
  • 300 calls tracked
  • 8 lookalike or custom audiences


$1,375 / month

  • 15,000 first-party data profiles
  • 500,000 non-marketing customer journeys
  • 300 calls tracked
  • 15 lookalike or custom audiences


$5,975 / month

  • 100,000 first-party data profiles
  • 1 million non-marketing customer journeys
  • 1000 calls tracked
  • 30 lookalike or custom audiences


Drive Revenue With Our SMB Martech Firm

Want to see what it’s like to partner with our SMB martech agency? Here’s a quick overview of what you get when working with an award-winning SMB martech company that delivers custom client campaigns!

Your Deliverables

  • Setup of lead capture forms and reporting
  • Lead sourcing
  • Lead scoring
  • Web visitor company tracking
  • Web visitor company tracking history report

Our Process

  • Create lead capture forms to help you obtain qualified leads
  • Score leads to help you focus on closing sales with the most qualified prospects
  • Report campaign data through dashboards to track progress
  • Track lead sourcing to understand what drives leads to your business

Our Clients’ Results

  • $3 billion generated in revenue for clients
  • 7.8 million leads generated for clients
  • 5.2 million phone calls generated for clients
  • 12.9 million transactions managed for clients
  • 1,020 client reviews, including an overall 4.9 rating on Clutch
  • 91% client retention rate — almost 50% higher than nationwide average

The SMB Martech Agency That Makes Marketing Easy

Marketing technology –– or martech –– is critical for helping your business improve your marketing efficiency and drive better results. Finding the right software and learning how to use it is a challenge for your small-to-midsized business (SMB), especially when you’re focusing on other aspects of your business.

With the help of an SMB martech agency, you can have a team of professionals helping you maximize results with martech.

On this page, we’ll look at the benefits of partnering with a martech agency for SMBs and tell you why WebFX is the best option for your business!

Don’t want to wait to start boosting leads and revenue for your SMB? Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our martech services!

3 benefits of partnering with an SMB martech agency

On the fence about hiring an SMB martech agency? Here are three benefits you’ll reap by working with an experienced small business martech company:

1. An SMB martech agency can help you use martech software

When you consider partnering with a small business martech agency, consider that an agency can help you use martech software. One of the first challenges of using martech is finding the right software. You must scour the web looking for software that provides you with what you need.

Then once you find it, you must learn how to use the software. This task is time-consuming, as you must take the time to figure out all the software features. When you’re busy trying to manage your SMB, you don’t have time to figure out martech software.

An SMB martech agency can help with that problem. SMB martech companies often offer their own software and know it in and out, so they’ll know how to optimize it to drive the best results for your company.

2. An SMB martech agency will know how to maximize results with your martech

When you invest in SMB martech, you want to maximize results to help your small business grow. If you aren’t experienced with marketing tech, you may not know how to maximize it to drive more leads and revenue for your business.

With the help of an SMB martech agency, you can get the most out of your martech. An experienced agency will know how to use marketing tech and optimize it to help you achieve the best results. They can set up efficient automations to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing.

3. An SMB martech agency will save you time

When you’re busy running your business, you don’t have extra time to dedicate to learning your martech software. You need to learn how to use the software, which takes time.

By partnering with an SMB martech agency, you save time. An agency will already know how to use their martech, so they can start driving results for you immediately.

Hear From Our Clients

“I’ve been working with WebFX for several years, and my company has changed and grown significantly in that time. They have guided my SEO and PPC strategies to help fuel this growth, and WebFX takes on each project as though they are part of my company. I’m very pleased with their services and would definitely recommend them.”

Auto Parts Store

“WebFX might be the best SEO agency in the world. Over the past couple years, we’ve seen exponential growth in both organic traffic and organic revenue. They provide solid advice, help when and how they can, and are just pleasant to work with. We’ve worked with a few different agencies over the years, and frankly some have just been bad experiences. WebFX, however, has been a shining example of what great agency partnerships can do to help your business grow.”

Environmental Ecommerce

“WebFX is equipped with the tools and staff to help with SEO. We’ve seen positive results year over year and continue to grow thanks to WebFX!”

Insurance Company

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Why choose WebFX as your SMB martech agency

If you’re looking for a small business martech company, look no further than WebFX. With over 20 years of experience, you can feel confident our SMB martech agency will help your business grow.

Here’s why you’ll want to partner with us:

We offer in-house martech

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with WebFX as your SMB martech company is that we offer in-house martech. We offer two tools to use for your marketing stack:


MarketingCloudFX is your all-in-one marketing automation platform that makes it easy for you to manage your marketing. Our marketing platform offers numerous features, including:

  • EmailMarketingFX: This feature enables you to create, send, and monitor your email marketing campaigns. You can use this feature to help you segment your subscriber list, send personalized emails, and more.
  • AnalyticsFX: AnalyticsFX provides insight into how you perform in search engines. You can track keyword rankings and your position in search engines.
  • LeadManagerFX: With this feature, you can get an overview of your performance in search engines. You can see how leads arrive at your website, what pages they visit, and more.
  • VisitorRecorderFX: With VisitorRecorderFX, you can see how people interact with your website. This feature helps you understand where you need to improve your website to deliver a better experience for your audience.

Our marketing software makes it easy to track and manage your online marketing. You can gather valuable insights that help you make smarter marketing decisions to drive more qualified leads and revenue.


In addition to MarketingCloudFX, we also offer Nutshell, our proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) software. With Nutshell, you can track your customer data to deliver more relevant marketing information.

This software includes features like:

  • Lead source tracking
  • Pipeline tracking
  • Lead activity tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Integration of website forms
  • And much more

With Nutshell, you can manage your customer data to deliver more personalized marketing materials, which leads to more leads and revenue for your business.

We have over 20 years of experience in digital marketing

When you partner with a small business martech agency, you want to choose one that’s experienced. An experienced agency will deliver top-notch marketing software that helps you achieve the results you desire.

At WebFX, we have over 25 years of experience in digital marketing. Our team of over 500marketing experts has over 1.6 million hours of expertise, so you can feel confident our marketing software is backed by experience.

We create campaigns our clients love

When you partner with a martech company for SMBs, you want to choose one that delivers a campaign fit for your business. You want to work with an agency that will craft a campaign you love.

At WebFX, we have a history of creating campaigns our clients love. We take the time to get to know your business, goals, and industry. Based on that information, we craft a custom campaign built to help your SMB succeed.

Our client-first approach to marketing has our clients raving about the work we do. We have a client recommendation score 488% higher than the nationwide average.

Don’t believe us? Check out our 1,020+ client testimonials that attest to the excellent work we do!



We keep an open line of communication

When you partner with an SMB martech agency, you want to know what your agency is doing for your business. At WebFX, we keep an open line of communication with all our clients.

We provide you with a dedicated account manager to contact with any questions or concerns. You won’t have to sit on hold and wait to speak with someone about your campaign performance.

You’ll also receive monthly reporting to see how our martech is impacting your marketing campaigns and discover where you can improve to drive better results.

We offer multiple strategies to market your SMB

Marketing technology is valuable for helping you improve your marketing campaigns, but you need strong campaigns to start with. As a full-service digital marketing company, we offer dozens of marketing services to help you promote your business, including:

As a martech agency for SMBs, we provide everything you need to market your business ­­–– from marketing packages to marketing tech.

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“We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

Bill Craig

WebFX President

What to Expect from WebFX as your SMB Martech Agency

WebFX is an award-winning SMB martech agency that provides you with everything you need to launch a successful campaign. When you partner with us, you can expect:

  • A team of over 500 marketing experts backing your campaign
  • A dedicated account representative to serve as your go-to for all questions about your campaign
  • 25+ years of experience in digital marketing powering your campaigns
  • In-house martech that uses data to drive results
  • Monthly reporting to keep tabs on your campaign progress
  • And more!

If you’re looking for an SMB martech company that offers everything you need to skyrocket your marketing growth, WebFX is the solution!

Explore our SMB Martech Company’s Plans & Pricing

Number of keyphrases optimized (Keyphrases with less than 1M results)Up to 150Up to 200Up to 250Up to 300Custom
Pages OptimizedUp to 30Up to 40Up to 50Up to 60Custom
Technical Website Analysis & Opportunity ReportCustom
Keyword research & selectionCustom
Keyword mapping to target pagesCustom
Title Tags & Meta descriptionsCustom
Robots.txt optimizationCustom
XML sitemap creation & submissionCustom
Quarterly Earned Media Content Assets – Content, Linkbuilding, Consulting, or CRO Assets6 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO Assets12 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO Assets15 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO Assets24 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO AssetsCustom
Google Business Profile optimization (if needed)Custom
Information architecture auditCustom
Canonicalization analysisCustom
Initial external link analysis and disavowCustom
Link redirect auditCustom
Internal linking restructuring & optimizationCustom
Duplicate content analysisCustom
Header Tags Optimized (Ex. H1s)Custom
Setup of website sitemapCustom
Image optimizationCustom
Custom 404 error page setup and optimizationCustom
Schema Implementation (JSON-LD)Custom
Google Analytics setup w/ conversion trackingCustom
Google Analytics traffic analysisCustom
Google Data Studio Reporting Dashboard Setup8 dashboards8 dashboards10 dashboards10 dashboardsCustom
Initial visitor profile reportCustom
Ongoing quarterly keyword ranking reportingCustom
Ongoing monthly traffic, goal & CPL reportingCustom
Ongoing user experience reporting (bounce rate, device category, etc.)Custom
Ongoing quarterly competitor conquest reportsCustom
Keyword rank checker access with weekly updates (if requested)Custom
Ability to check location data accuracy across 40+ local directoriesCustom
A/B Testing of SERP title & description to improve clickthroughCustom
Notification of new reviews (major review platforms)Custom
CalltrackerFX access
Learn more
Analyze your leads to project the # of leads competitors receive on a monthly basisCustom
Predict your and your competitors’ market share on a monthly basisCustom
Competitor intelligence login to view competitor dataCustom
LeadManagerFX access
Learn more
CompanyTrackerFX access
Learn more
ContentAnalyticsFX access
Learn more
Dedicated Internet MarketerCustom
Online Project Management PlatformCustom
450+ SMEs behind campaign driving resultsCustom
Website conversion analysis implementationCustomCustomCustomCustomCustom
Initial campaign investment:(Two month duration)$7,750$12,750$15,750$18,750Get Quote
Progressive monthly optimization:(6 month commitment – Subsequent 4 months)$2,500$5,000$6,500$8,000Get Quote
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Learn More About SMB Martech Agencies

Have questions about martech? We’ve got answers!

Should I invest in martech?

Yes! Martech is a key component to helping you manage your marketing. When you have dozens of tasks on your to-do list, it’s difficult to find time to manage repetitive marketing tasks.

Martech enables you to automate simple marketing tasks, so you can focus your time and energy on more pressing marketing to-dos.

Additionally, martech makes it easy for you to track your campaign progress to see if you’re getting a good ROI with your marketing. It’s a great way to help you improve your marketing to continually drive more leads and revenue for your business.

How do I find the best martech software?

When you’re looking to automate your marketing, you want to find the best software for your business. So, how you determine what software is good for your business?

First, you need to determine what you need from your martech software. Do you want to track lead data, automate email campaigns, or something similar? When you know what you want your martech to do, you can narrow your focus to companies that offer the martech you need.

Additionally, you’ll want to consult your budget. Focus on martech options that fit with your budget, so you’re not overspending to track and automate your marketing campaigns.

Choose WebFX as your SMB martech agency

If you’re looking for a small business martech agency, look no further than WebFX. We offer martech that helps your business optimize your marketing strategies to drive better results.

Our team of experts knows how to drive results through marketing. We’ve driven over $3 billion in revenue and over 7.8 million leads for our clients in the past five years alone. You can feel confident our martech will help your SMB drive your desired results.

If you’re looking for an SMB martech company to help you grow online, look no further than WebFX. Ready to get an edge on your competition? Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our martech services!