Best WordPress Speed Optimization Services to Speed Up Your Site

Is your WordPress website fast enough to aid your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and keep your visitors from bouncing to a competitors’ site? If not, WordPress speed optimization services from WebFX can help! Keep reading to learn more about our WordPress site speed optimization pricing and packages, or give us a call at 888-601-5359 to get started straight away!

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Explore WordPress Speed Optimization Services From WebFX

Bronze Plan

25 Hours

  • 15 hours quarterly
  • $1,800 monthly investment
  • Best for websites under 250 pages

Silver Plan

40 hours

  • 25 hours quarterly
  • $3,600 monthly investment
  • Best for websites under 500 pages

Gold & Ecommerce Plan

50 hours

  • 35 hours quarterly
  • $4,800 monthly investment
  • Best for websites 500 pages+


Create a WordPress website built for speed with WebFX

If your WordPress website doesn’t load quickly for users, you could be missing out on potential leads, conversions, and revenue for your business.

That’s because users will back out of your website if it doesn’t load quickly. Additionally, search engines like Google use your site’s loading speed to determine your rankings in search results.

Improving your site speed keeps users engaged on your page and enhances their user experience on your website. Plus, you can increase your search engine rankings to help even more users discover your business online.

Do you want to learn more about our speed optimization services for WordPress websites? Contact us online or give us a call at 888-601-5359 to chat with us about the needs and goals of your business.

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What do WordPress speed optimization services from WebFX include?

When you partner with WebFX, you’re partnering with an industry-leading web development agency specializing in creating websites optimized for search engines and providing an exceptional user experience for visitors.

Learn more about what our WordPress speed optimization services include below:

A dedicated (and seasoned) account manager

At WebFX, we know that it’s essential to have a dedicated point of contact that sticks with you throughout your campaign. That’s why we provide our clients with a seasoned account manager that you can speak with at any point about your website.

Your account manager will know your campaign inside and out and understand your business’s needs. That means you won’t have to worry about getting transferred between numerous agents to get your questions answered.

A team of award-winning web developers

Our award-winning web developers are some of the best in the world. Our team of over 500 experts has 25 years of experience optimizing websites that boost search engine rankings and encourage users to convert into paying customers.

We can help improve your WordPress website’s speed to decrease your bounce rate and increase your conversion rate because we’ve done it before. Our professional web developers will work together to help your site reach its full potential and keep you informed every step of the way.

An audit of your current server configuration

As part of your WordPress site speed optimization package, we’ll conduct an audit of your current server configuration to determine what your website needs to be speedy.

Once we’ve determined areas for improvement, we’ll work on optimizing areas of your WordPress site to improve your loading speed.

Image optimization

Did you know that your images can slow down your website? Large images can contribute to unusually high loading speeds.

Our WordPress optimization services include optimizing your images to ensure that your website runs as smoothly as possible. Image optimization can involve compressing your images, improving them for search engine performance, and ensuring that their file size is as small as possible to improve your overall WordPress site speed.

Removal of unused code

Unused code can also cause your website to slow down. At WebFX, our web developers are experts at coding WordPress websites and know how to clean up your site’s code to improve your loading speed.

Our team will remove any bits of unused code that’s causing your website to slow down. By optimizing your code for page speed, we’ll have your WordPress site running smoothly in no time.

Plugin optimization

WordPress is full of plugins that can save you time, speed up your website, improve your site’s search engine performance, and much more. However, sometimes your plugins can be a root cause of your site’s sluggish loading time.

Our developers will work with you to optimize your plugins to ensure they function correctly and contribute to faster loading times for your WordPress site.

Ongoing performance testing and reports

At WebFX, we ensure that your WordPress site speed is performing well by regularly testing its performance. That means you won’t have to worry about wasting resources on a speed optimization campaign that didn’t produce the best results for your business.

Plus, our team will keep you informed of your site’s performance every step of the way, so you always stay in the loop.

Why invest in WordPress speed optimization services?

Investing in WordPress site speed optimization services from an experienced agency can bring many benefits to your business, including:

Improving your website’s user experience

Did you know that every $1 spent on user experience can lead to a $100 return? That’s because more than 89% of users will shop with a competitor after a poor website experience.

Providing a positive user experience for your website visitors is the key to unlocking more sales and revenue for your business. Improving your page load speed is a factor that can affect your website’s user experience.

By optimizing your WordPress website’s loading speed, you can help keep more users on your website so they can learn more about your business and convert into paying customers.

Increasing your search engine rankings

Search engines like Google have hundreds of ranking factors that can determine your spot in the search results, and site speed is one of them.

Google’s goal is to provide its users with the best websites to answer their questions and give them the information they want.

If your website fails to load quickly and users leave your site, it sends signals to Google that your website isn’t the best result for users and lowers your rankings.

When you ensure that your WordPress website loads quickly, you can help keep users on your website and send positive signals to Google that your website provides value, boosting your rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Decreasing your bounce rate

Keeping visitors engaged on your website is essential to increase your conversions and sales. The more time a user spends on your website, the more likely they are to check out more web pages and your content to learn more about your business and begin the process of becoming a customer.

If you have a high bounce rate, it can indicate that users are quickly leaving your WordPress site without interacting or clicking on anything on the page. Your slow site loading speed causes users to leave your website and seek out a competitor’s instead.

By optimizing your WordPress site’s speed, you can decrease your bounce rate and encourage users to spend more time on your website, boosting your leads and conversions as a result.

Why businesses choose WordPress speed optimization services from WebFX

WebFX is an award-winning web development agency specializing in developing WordPress websites that perform well in search engines and boost conversions. We’ve helped businesses just like yours improve their website loading speed, and we can help your site too.

Check out just a few reasons why companies chose to invest in WordPress optimization services for from WebFX:

We are an extension of your marketing team

At WebFX, we measure our success by how much we can help your business grow. We take the time to get to know you, your team, and your company to develop a custom strategy that enables you to achieve your goals.

We know that when it comes to WordPress websites, it’s not a one size fits all scenario. That’s why we act as an extension of your marketing agency, so we can get to know your website and industry inside and out to help you earn the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

We have over 25 years of experience

Our team of over 500 have more than 25 developing websites that drive impressive results for clients.

In just the past few years, we’ve helped clients achieve the following results:

  • Driven over $3 billion in revenue
  • Generated more than 7.8 million leads
  • Processed over 12.9 million transactions
  • Received more than 5.2 million phone calls

Do you want to learn more about the results we’ve helped companies achieve? Check out our extensive case studies!

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We are a one-stop-shop “done-for-me” marketing agency

At WebFX, we can take care of all your digital marketing needs. From speeding up your website to implementing an effective SEO strategy to managing your social media campaign, we can do it all.

Plus, our services require little work on behalf of clients. Our team will take care of developing, implementing, and managing custom strategies that suit the needs of your business — and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way with our frequent, transparent reporting.

Check out some of our digital marketing services below:

When you partner with WebFX, you say goodbye to juggling multiple agencies and strategies on your own and say hello to your all-in-one digital marketing solution.

93% of WebFX customers are extremely satisfied with their digital marketing results.

“Working with WebFX, everything is very organized and strategic. We’re only a year into our partnership, and our expectations have definitely been met.”

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Speed up your WordPress site today with WebFX

Are you ready to create a WordPress website that’s built for speed? WebFX can help!

WebFX is an industry-leading agency that knows how to create WordPress websites that load quickly for your visitors. We’ve already helped clients generate over 7.8 million leads and earn over $3 billion in revenue with our top-tier WordPress speed optimization services.

Speak with one of our strategists by calling 888-601-5359 or contact us online to learn more about how we can boost sales and revenue for your company. We can’t wait to help your business grow!