Marketing Analytics Pricing: The Cost of Marketing Analytics

How much does marketing analytics cost? Marketing analytics pricing ranges from $250 to $750 per month. If you use marketing analytics to power your ad campaigns, ad costs range from 12-15% of your ad spend. How much your business invests in marketing analytics will depend on your strategy, industry, and other factors.

If you want your marketing to move forward, you need to continually collect data on your campaigns and analyze that data to help you make improvements to your strategies. With marketing analytics, you can uncover critical insights that will help you improve your marketing campaigns and customer experience. If you choose to invest in services for your business, though, you need to check out marketing analytics pricing to see which agencies work with your budget.

On this page, we’ll look at the cost of marketing analytics and break down how much you can expect to pay. Keep reading to learn more!

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Marketing analytics pricing: How much does marketing analytics cost?

So, what’s the cost of marketing analytics? The cost varies depending upon what strategies you’re using for your marketing campaigns.

Here are four different types of marketing analytics services and their cost:

Google Analytics consulting

Are you using Google Analytics to track your search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns? If so, you’ll want to investigate Google Analytics consulting.

Google Analytics consulting starts at $250 a month and is often an add-on to an existing investment in SEO or PPC services. The cost of marketing analytics services for Google Analytics will vary depending upon the agency and your package.

Analytics on audience behavior from Google Analytics

With Google Analytics consulting, you can have a team of professionals analyze your campaigns to determine how to adjust them to achieve your goals.

Here’s what you want to see with your Google Analytics consulting services:

Investing in Google Analytics consulting will help you improve your PPC ads and SEO listings so you can drive better results and ultimately grow your business.

Conversation rate optimization (CRO)

When looking at marketing analytics pricing, you’ll want to consider the cost for conversation rate optimization (CRO). CRO focuses on analyzing your conversion data to understand how you can boost conversions. You can use CRO to earn more conversions like leads or sales.

The cost for CRO services starts at $750 a month. The more you want to optimize on your website, the more you can expect to pay for your package.

So, what should you look for in your CRO package? Here are a few features you want to see that will make the price worthwhile in considering:

  • Website user testing
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Heatmap analysis
  • Audit of current conversion process
  • A/B testing through Google Optimize or a similar program

CRO services are an excellent investment if you’re looking to use your marketing analytics to help you improve sales or leads for your business.

PPC management

When looking at the marketing analytics cost, you’ll want to consider whether you want to invest in PPC management. When you invest in PPC management services, you have a team of professionals managing your ad performance and analyzing data to figure out how to improve your Google Ads Quality Score.

PPC ad for WeatherTech floormats

PPC management services are based on your ad spend, with the percentage you need to pay ranging from 12–15%.

With PPC management services, you want to ensure you get everything you need to optimize and improve your ads. Here are some features you’ll want to see in your package:

  • Ongoing keyword development and adjustments
  • Ad copy performance testing
  • Google Analytics goal tracking
  • Results analysis reporting

All these features will ensure your PPC campaign continually uses analytics to improve your ad performance.

Social media ad management

The last strategy to look at for the marketing analytics pricing is social media ad management. If you’re running ads on social, investing in ad management services can help you gain valuable insights on how to improve your social media ads.

Social media ad for Weathertech floormats

Social media ad management costs around 15% of your ad spend. Investing in social media ad management services will enable you to have a team of professionals optimizing your social media ads to perform better for your audience.

When looking at social media management services, you want to see features like:

With social media ad management services, you’ll have a team of experts that can use your social media ad data to gather insights and make improvements to your ads.

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Why invest in marketing analytics services?

Now that you know the cost of marketing analytics services, you may be wondering why you should invest in the first place. Here are four reasons the marketing analytics cost is worth it:

1. Marketing analytics helps you improve the customer experience

If you’re looking at the pricing for marketing analytics to decide if it’s right for your business, consider the benefits it offers to improve customer experience.

Customer experience is critical for helping you earn sales and revenue. If customers have a poor experience with your business, they’re not likely to purchase from you. Not to mention, they won’t recommend your company to others.

Marketing analytics helps you continually improve the customer experience to ensure your audience has positive interactions with your company. You can identify areas where your audience struggles and improve their experience to help you earn more leads and sales.

When you analyze your data, you can learn what’s preventing users from converting and optimizing your process to help you earn more conversions.

2. Marketing analytics help you improve marketing strategies

One of the biggest reasons the cost of marketing analytics is worth it is the insights you gain into your marketing strategies. Digital marketing is an excellent way to promote your business online, but it’s only worthwhile if it’s working.

If you never look at your marketing data and gather insights from it, you’ll never know if your marketing is truly effective.

With marketing analytics services, you can investigate your data and understand what trends appear with your different marketing strategies. You can identify where your campaigns may fall short and identify opportunities to improve.

For example, if you were running a PPC campaign, you may think it’s working because you’ve seen an increase in sales. After analyzing the data, though, you find that you missed out on many sales because people couldn’t find your call to action (CTA) button.

So, while it may seem like your campaigns are successful, marketing analytics can help you gain a clearer picture of how your strategies perform and where you need to improve.

3. Marketing analytics helps you increase leads, sales, and revenue

When you invest in marketing, the goal is to increase leads, sales, and revenue for your company. As you look at marketing analytics pricing, you’ll find that one of its biggest benefits is that it can help you increase all three for your business.

Marketing analytics helps you uncover insights into your campaign performance. As mentioned earlier, you can identify areas where your audience struggles or loses interest and improve them. When you improve the user experience, you keep prospects engaging with your business longer.

An improved user experience leads to more people completing desired actions like signing up for email lists, filling out forms, buying products, and more. As a result, you’ll see an uptick in your leads and revenue.

4. Marketing analytics helps you make data-driven decisions

The last reason the cost of marketing analytics is worth it is that it helps you make data-driven decisions. When you launch your marketing strategies, you don’t want to run and optimize campaigns based on hunches. You want data that provides you’re making the right choice in terms of optimization.

With marketing analytics, you can use your data to uncover insights about your campaigns. That information can help you make decisions based on the data you collected, so you know the optimizations you make will positively impact your campaigns.

Making data-driven decisions will help you improve your marketing campaigns to drive better results and grow your business.

Marketing analytics pricing: Invest in marketing analytics services from WebFX

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