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A person interacting with a digital interface, selecting a glowing blue virtual shopping cart icon among several floating icons, representing online shopping or e-commerce.

Frequency of Digital Commerce and Consumption

The current and future landscape for people to make informed purchasing decisions is known as digital commerce. More than ever, people can learn about their product choices, how others have experienced these products, and even the history of the companies selling them. Digital commerce spans across all forms of transactions involving modern technology, and thus makes the act of purchasing products especially convenient.

We can shop for a new lawnmower on our smartphones while waiting in our doctor’s office, or compete in a bid-war for a Lebron James jersey while doing the laundry. Given our booming era of digital commerce, we investigated the frequency of purchasing and consumption behavior. We looked at four popular areas of digital commerce: Amazon, Ebay, mobile devices, and microtransactions.

Studying the frequency of consumer behavior and statistical reports, we put together a series of GIFs, illustrating each frequency.


As the largest internet-based retailer in the United States and with nearly $89 billion in revenue last year, Amazon is the epitome of digital commerce.

amazon-18 (1)
amazon-17-kindles (1)
amazon-kiva-robot-2 (1)

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Every second, 63 products are sold on Amazon


Another child of the dot-com bubble, Ebay’s notoriety derived from online auctioning. Ebay pulled in $19 billion in revenue last year and remains a vital part of digital commerce in the United States and abroad.

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: During the NBA Finals, $21 was spent every minute on Lebron James merch

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets granted consumers the power of an advanced operating system, where video consumption and commerce thrived.

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Every second, an avg. of 121 purchases are made in a restaurant in the U.S.


The term “microtransactions” was created to describe a new form of digital commerce where mobile-app users and video-game players buy virtual goods with real money. This confusing phenomena has erupted into a risky yet lucrative field of digital commerce and consumer behavior.

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Every second, Japan spends an avg.

of $58 in microtransactions on mobile apps   As the world of digital commerce continues to expand, so do our options for digital consumption. Whether it’s accessing and downloading a video, buying a jacket, or selling our own jacket, more people are integrating in the rapid and diverse world of digital commerce. Which frequency facts did you find most interesting or insightful?

Let us know in the comments below, and if you enjoyed the GIFs feel free to share them on social media! Sources

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