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PIM Software: Top 4 PIM Solutions for 2024

From Amazon to Facebook Marketplace to your website, you have dozens of options for selling your products online. When you’re trying to reach people across the web, you may opt to sell on multiple platforms to increase your product reach.

With product information management (PIM) software, you can help your business manage your product data more efficiently. But how do you find the best PIM solutions for your business?

Keep reading to learn information like:

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What is project information management (PIM) software?

Product information management software, or PIM software, is a tool that enables you to record and control all the data regarding your products. This tool enables you to keep track of critical information about your products that you need to list on different platforms online.

PIM solutions make it easy for you to sync data across platforms, so you’re consistently delivering the correct information about your products. It also helps you provide accurate information and have cohesive product listings across the web.

What information should my PIM software store?

Before we dive into our list of the best PIM software for 2024, it’s critical to know what you want to see from your software.

Here’s a quick list of features you want to see:

  • Storage of core data like product name, title, and description
  • Pricing/cost
  • SKU number
  • Dimensions
  • Warranty and packaging
  • Product listing copy
  • Information for specific types of channels (Amazon vs. Facebook Marketplace, for example)
  • Product metrics

Generally, you want your PIM software to serve as the hub of information storage for your business.

8 best PIM software options for 2024

Ready to find the best PIM solutions for your business?

Here’s a list of the top software options for managing your product data:

  1. Salsify
  2. Akeneo
  3. Plytix
  4. Pimcore
  5. PIMworks
  6. Widen
  7. Catsy
  8. Feednomics

Keep reading to learn more about the best PIM software for 2024!

1. Salsify

Cost: Contact for quote

First on our list of the best PIM software solutions is Salsify. Salsify offers product information and experience management solutions to help you handle your data better.

Homepage for Salsify PIM software

Salisfy offers ProductXM, which enables you to do the following:

  • Deliver better shopping experiences: With all your data managed in one place, you can understand what your audience likes and deliver a better shopping experience for them as a result.
  • Increase speed to market: Launching a new product? Salsify can help you launch your products faster and maintain all your product information in one place to launch on multiple platforms at once.
  • Customize your product data: Salsify gives you the freedom to customize your data management how you want. You choose the data you want to record and track, so you have the data that matters most to your business and products.
  • Access to digital catalogs: Salsify makes it easy to create custom catalogs with all your product information. You can use these catalogs to organize your data and keep it up to date.

If you’re looking for PIM software that helps you manage your data and deliver a better shopping experience, Salsify is an excellent option.

2. Akeneo

Cost: Contact for quote

Another excellent product information management software option is Akeneo. Akeneo offers enterprise solutions for managing your product data with ease.

Akeneo PIM software homepage

With Akeneo, you get all the features you need to help you manage your product information, including:

  • Automation: Akeneo enables you to automate simple tasks to simplify product management. You can easily manage product aspects like size, color, and material. This feature allows you to create custom rules to update in bulk faster.
  • Management of digital assets: With Akeneo, you can manage essential product assets like images and videos with ease. This software enables you to organize and transform your multimedia for every product listing.
  • Single-system record filing: Whether you use a website, direct mail, or print catalogs, Akeneo can help you create an omnichannel experience so that all your data is streamlined in one place.
  • Data management: Akeneo makes it easy for you to manage your data. You can track all changes to your products and catalog and roll back to original versions as you need. It makes it easy to manage your product data and make changes across all selling channels.

If you need enterprise-level solutions for managing your product information, Akeneo is an excellent option.

3. Plytix

Cost: Contact for cost

If you’re looking for the best PIM software, check out Plytix. Plytix is an excellent option if you’re looking for product information software that offers team collaboration features.

Plytix software homepage

Plytix is a great option if you’re looking for something easy to use and intuitive. You’ll get tons of great features like:

  • Automated feeds: Plytix enables you to create automated feeds to help sell your products. Plytix creates a central hub to help you get your products out to all the channels you want.
  • Product catalogs: Plytix provides you with product catalogs, called Brand Portals, that you can use to have an updated catalog for your business. You can automatically update product information to ensure you deliver an accurate product listing.
  • Product sheet creation: Providing your audience with the necessary details about your product is critical. Plytix provides you with templates to help you create a product sheet with ease, so you can get more people buying your products faster.

Plytix is a great option if you’re looking for software that’s easy to use and offers collaboration features to allow multiple people to manage product data.

4. Pimcore

Cost: Contact for quote

If you’re looking for the best PIM software on the market, consider Pimcore. With Pimcore, you can manage your data more efficiently and see better results with your marketing.

Pimcore software homepage

There are numerous great features you’ll get with Pimcore, including:

  • Workflow management: With Pimcore, you can help boost the productivity of your data management. You can set up a workflow that allows your data flow to work seamlessly so that you can manage your data more efficiently.
  • Integrate product assets: When you upload product data, you have numerous assets attached to your product. With this PIM software, you can integrate critical data like your images, videos, and more into one listing.
  • Data import and export: If you’re looking for an easy way to transfer data, Pimcore makes it easy for you. This software enables you to import and export data with ease to keep track of your data.

If you’re looking for PIM software for 2024, Pimcore is a great option to use for your business.

5. PIMworks

Cost: Contact for quote

Next on our list of best PIM software options is PIMworks. This software is a great option to help you manage valuable data about your products and customer experience, so you can improve both.

Homepage for PIMworks software

If you choose PIMworks as your project information management software, you’ll get the following:

  • Overview of product pages: PIMworks gives you an overview of all the data associated with your product pages. You can tweak details and update information to make it more accurate.
  • Marketplace integrations: Want to expand where you’re selling your products? PIMworks offers marketplace integrations so you can sell your products across the web and easily transfer the data.
  • Centralized asset management: PIMworks provides you with a centralized look at all your product assets. From your data to your visuals, you can make changes in one place with ease.

6. Widen

Cost: Contact for quote

Another one of the best PIM software options is Widen. This PIM software option is great for businesses looking to manage everything from content on their websites to product information.

Widen homepage for their software

If you opt to use Widen as your project information management software, you’ll reap the following features:

  • Content organization: Widen enables you to create a searchable database of your content. You can easily sift through videos, photos, and product information to find what you need.
  • Content distribution: Want to deliver your content to multiple people? With Widen’s content distribution feature, you can deliver content to anyone without skipping a beat.
  • Brand management: With Widen, you can manage your brand across multiple platforms using one tool. This tool is a great option to help you manage your image better.

7. Catsy

Cost: Contact for quote

Next on our list of PIM software for 2024 is Catsy. Catsy is a great software option for helping you centralize, optimize, and publish more content.

Catsy homepage for their project management software

Here’s what you get with Catsy:

  • Data organization: Catsy is the perfect PIM software for helping you organize data. With its DAM feature, you eliminate siloed product information to create a single source for understanding your data.
  • Catalog syncing: Need to sync multiple catalogs together? Catsy makes it easy for you to sync data between catalog sources to create an easy, central source of data.
  • Easy collboration: If you have multiple teams and team members working on product data, Catsy makes it easy for you to manage. You can easily collaborate with team members and share data so everyone has the same insights.

8. Feednomics

Cost: Contact for quote

Last on our list of PIM software for 2024 is Feednomics. Feednomics is a great project management software solution for businesses that need help managing their ecommerce product data.

Feednomics homepage for their software

Feednomics includes numerous great features like:

  • Advertising management: Want to promote your products across platforms? Feednomics can help you optimize and sync product data across your advertising channels for ease of use.
  • Marketplace connection: If you want to sell on multiple marketplaces, Feednomics can help you do it. This platform enables your to catalog and list all your products across marketplaces using one central platform.
  • Data synchronization: Keeping all your data current across all platforms is crucial for your business’s success. Feednomics offers data synchronization to ensure your data is accurate across the board.

Want to sell more products?

Once you’ve looked at the best PIM software options and chosen the one you want, you can start importing and managing your data to help you sell better. But if you need more help selling your products, WebFX has the resources you need to sell more.

As a full-service digital marketing company, we offer dozens of digital marketing services to help you promote your products to qualified leads. With the help of your PIM software, you can use your product data to deliver valuable information for your audience.

Additionally, we offer ecommerce PIM services to help you measure the ROI of your catalog to help you earn more revenue!

Want to learn more about how we can help you leverage product data to sell more? Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist!

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